Re: the corvette could this ass anyday

Discussion in '2001 Honda Dualnote Concept' started by LamboOwner, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Nissan March already put this concept in production.
  2. Stupid-ass. How can you even begin to compare, or even use in the same sentance, the Callaway Corvette??? Does this thing look like it was designed to be in competition with the Sledgehammer? NO. I'm not trying to defend the Honda (I don't care for economy cars anyway) but how can you sit there, drowning in your ignorance, and say it sucks compared to the Vette. WE DON'T NEED YOU TO TELL US. I think it's kinda obvious.

    "The biggest proof that there IS intelligent life out there is the fact that they've NEVER tried to contact us" -Mel Gibson.........(and it's probably because of people like you).
  3. Oi Chump! I have 3 words for you:

    Go F*** Yourself
  4. Dude, except for the UNDOCUMENTED top speed, this would blow away the Sledgehammer in every performance category.

    And Calvin (Bill Watterson) said that LONG before Mel Gibson ever did (1985).
  5. well said, my friend
  6. In response to someone's comment about vette's not putting out 400 bhp and the reply:
    Vettes COMMONLY on the road DO NOT put out 400 bhp - the z06 is rated 405 at the flywheel, not rear wheels, and the late 60's/early 70's vettes that were equipped with the 427, 435 (which you forgot to mention) and the 454 ARE NOT commonplace on the road.

    All in all, the original post IS correct - if honda were to manufacture this, due to their customer numbers, this car would most likely be common on the roads, where as the z06 and the early model vettes WOULD NOT BE.
  7. i dont like this car, i like the engine but thats it
  8. Toyota pulled off the hybrid sports car very well, it looks good, has a good engine, a quik 0-60(4.0) and 3 seats
  9. Well then Toyota (once again copying Honda, as with the Prius) pulled off a lower capacity car that's somewhat slower (1/2 second slower to 100km/h) congratulations Toyota, you came up with a better looking failure.

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