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Discussion in '2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R' started by Audiquattro4, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. You really are stupid, arent you? You really belive a Z06 is more prestigous that than car? And that this car sucks compaired to a Z06. Can you name one way which this car sucks compaired to a Z06? No? Shut the #$%# up then. All those cars are less expensive but guess what they also are all much less exotic, less powerful and slower.

    Compair a M-series to this? The M-series cars go 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and cost atleast 65,000 for the M3. Dont even start on price for the M5. This car goes 0-60 in 3.5 which is 1.3 seconds faster, and getting this low in numbers that a huge difference.

    And someone who wants a Ford that can out perform a 2003 Viper SRT-10 will buy this car. You may not be very educated so let me fill you in:

    The Mustang Saleen SR starts at $150,000 so dont complain about this price.
  2. if a 1980 mustang thats 20 years old sells for about $1000, what makes you think this will sell for $150,000, it wont, well as a 20 year old M3 can sell for $10,000, dont belive me? check it out some time, they are collocter cars.
  3. the cobra woundnt stand a chance against a M3, the M3 handles like its on rails, drive one some time, youll know what i mean, well the cobra dosnt even have an independant rear suspention, so you have to M3 flying around the track with the best of them, while the only circles the cobra runs around the M3 are smokey burn outs in corners.
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    This car laps ANY stupid Z06...
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    well that was an intelagent post...............
  6. it pisses me off when people say ford is crap. those people need to stop and think. where would the car industry be today if henry didn't build the model t?
  7. just curious
    where did you come up with the info that this is one of the three best handling cars in the world and how was the handling tested? what are the other two in the top 3 then too?
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    maybe if the ZO6 was running on all flat tires...
  9. it would be better to say ford since the 70's is crap
    the shit started when the camaro came out and the mustangs couldn't win races anymore and then there was everyones favorite exploding car the pinto
    mustangs of the 80's UGLY AS SHIT (i'll admit the camaros of the time weren't to good looking either but shit what was???)
    and the new ones hp and torque is overated (this one was over rated by 40 hp and abotu 40 ft. pounds of torque) even the advertised perfomance can't match the new camaros of the same year.
    so yesss
    in my opinion the first henry ford was a genius everyone after him was terrible
  10. This is pretty stupid on biased this thread has gotten.

    Has anyone even bothered to get a side-by-side comparison of the two?

    Its getting annoying how many people, argue for their favorites but don't give much respect to other cars.

    Great mustang too.
  11. U look D***head y don't u go cry under a rock!
    Audi were named most under rated car (and r still better than HSV!) but never ever bag out fords!
    Who is with me!
  12. This is a car for ppl who hate fords! I hate fords but respect this beast
  13. Personally i would go buy a Tigr z100 for under £40 000 have change and go buy a nice new Honder civic type R for £16000 and then buy a nice new Tele! thas me tho
  14. Hey, here's something for your earhole. The price may be a little high but, there was a testing of this in either Mustangs and Fast Fords or 5.0 Mustangs, nevertheless it has over 400 hp on the dyno. The car has a major output and screams to be worked on. This car also has a major racing chassis and is a sick handling car. It has a great 1/4 mile time too. Don't knock it 'til ya try it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  15. And by the way, that Tremec tranny I think is a TKO which can take upwards of a 1,000 hp. Another bang for the buck. My bud has one on his 89' 5.0 with over $25,000 in the motor at about 1,200 hp. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> He likes the tranny very much. Tremec makes a great tranny for any car.
  16. the 150K 2005 ford GT could burn almost any car out there. you'd be retarded not to spend over 60K on one of those
  17. And there are a few cars out there that could burn a ford GT for less than $60,000, you'd be even more retarded not to get a $30,000 Caterham instead (that is if you want a car that's a downright killer on the track), and then there's just about EVERYTHING else that matters aside from track performance, and the Ford GT can't compare to many cars that cost less than $60,000 in those areas.
  18. umm...i may be mistaken but i thought the cobra R had fully independent front AND rear suspension...
  19. Look dude, I was reading this thread and everytime I get to one of your post I have to laugh because you are smoking some serious bat sh!t... I mean, you must be joking about the M3, it is a nice car and all but you have to be sniffing glue to think that the M3 can out handle the Cobra R... Probably the normal Cobra but not the Cobra R...

    Motor Trend's issue called "Detroit Muscle" tested the three badest American Muscle cars that year...

    The Cobra R, the Corvette Z06 and the Dodge Viper ACR... In the track test, the lap times were close between the Z06 and the Viper but the Cobra R was leading them both by a full 2 1/2 seconds...

    The M3 couldn't handle the Viper or the Z06 around the track... And it definitely couldn't handle the Cobra R...

    The Cobra R would toss the M3's salad...

  20. The M3 could OUTHANDLE the Viper and Z06 around the track, unfortunately it's not fast enough to run laps as fast.
  21. These cars are very nice yes, and they were put into limited production, and yes they were intended for the collectors out there. But, the only way you could get one is if you had a special dealers licence. I have friends that work at Ford dealerships and they told me that directly.
  22. They may have just been messing with your head, since they knew you weren't serious about buying one.
  23. hehehe...Thats so true!!! Im getting tired of all the european car buffs who spout shit and sure the M3 can handle fairly well, but it doesnt have the power to pull itself out of a corner.

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