Re: the front shape is more beautiful than corvette & Camerro

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by Carrera4s, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. the front shape is more beautiful than corvette & Camerro
  2. yeah right. it's all blocky. Vettes and Camaros are smooth and a lot more aggressive looking.
  3. how can it look better? it looks the excact same as every other mustang ive seen. the only difference is the air scoop. id rather be driving a vette<!-- Signature -->
  4. the biggest difference is probably just that this one says Bullit on it... Ha!
  5. What's the point of giving this car a special name, but no power.

    MUSTANGS SUCK.....................................<!-- Signature -->
  6. 94Formula, what do you drive??


    You are dumbass<!-- Signature -->
  7. I have a '94 firebird formula firehawk. It has many upgrade done to it. I dyno'd it at 623 HP. A stock trans am could kick this car's ass, so your the dumbass. Even the cobra is easily smoked because of its low horsepower and 5-speed. 5-speed sucks.

    MUSTANGS SUCK................<!-- Signature -->
  8. Man you should get hooked on grammer lessons instead of rattle traps like that dressed up fire chicken your talking about.
  9. A Camerro? What a car buff you are! It's CAMARO Corky, Did you ride the short bus to school? The spelling is on the web-site, but yet you still manage to #$%# it up somehow! Hey FordMonster, trucks are cool, but you're gonna have a hard time keeping up with me and the rest of my fellow Ford haters becuase Ford is always:

    Fucked On Race Day!
    F O R D

    Eat shit, and when I say shit, I mean the Mustang Bullit!

    By the way, no Ford will ever be "more beautiful than Corvette and Camerro"(Camaro) I now realize how dumb Ford owners really are!<!-- Signature -->

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