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Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by deuginthesky, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Hey Buddy, first of all. The Viper engine will last as long or even longer than a German or Italian engine. The Viper's engine is very understressed and thats one of the reasons why it WILL NOT brake down after 80k miles(as you say), and plus, who buys a supercar to have it as daily driver??
    Another thing, when you say that American engines suck and you put a Chrysler Voyager as an example(not voayager), it goes to show you're just stupid. The Voyager is an ECONOMY MINIVAN, its not even considered a car, talk about a GM 3800 engine, or an LS1 or LT1. Why talk about the crapiest thing in the U.S. market when you're comparing it to the best from the other side of the pond??!!
    ... ignorant people.
    And for last, Mercedes Benz DID NOT take over Chrysler, Chrysler took over Mercedes Benz.

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  2. Too funny

    I never compared the crapiest US car to a good german car. But the Chrysler Voyager was the only attempt of bringing US car engineering to german highways that i know.
    And the Viper engine is understressed? Pretty funny. Maybe in the US. But a broken viper engine after 100k km is a common problem in Europe.
    And for last:
    It officially was a fusion between Mercedes and Chrysler, what would mean equal rights in management. But how you explain that there is hardly any Chrysler manager left on the board?
  3. Re: The

    The Lotec has 1300+ hp, so what, the Viper whatever has 1600, so what?!?

    The Thrust SSC has 110'000hp, if you wanna talk power, why dont you talk about this instead?

    Also that rocket mobile base thing did about 90'000hp.

    What im saying is that no matter what car you show up with, theres always something more powerful, and that includes the Sirius and the Viper.

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