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  1. actually someone has ran 8.95 on the same ligenfelter. the slicks use were DOT street approved tires, so they are street legal. weight is also a big factor in acelleration and 1/4 mile. the skyline weighs nearlly 3400 lbs were as the corvette weighs 3100 (ZO6).
  2. That same vette spends a considerable amount of its time ON THE STREET. Go research stuff, download the motortrend video, do something.
  3. Being legal and being a good idea are two very different things. Most people that have driven on them will tell you that "cheater" slicks, although legal, are quite squirrely under normal driving conditions. So would you normally wander around with cheater slicks?

    Would you mind posting a spot of this 8.95 on cheater slicks? I'd like to see some proof on it.

    I've also never seen a low 7 time for the GTR. HKS's RB26DETT powered Drag 180 is down near 7.4, and to date, that's the best time I've heard on an RB26........
  4. its not really a matter of whether slicks are legal on the road or not, beucase they are. its just not driveable seeing as you know if you came upon a puddle of water....
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  6. that's cool. shiet i aint got time to modify my car now that school's back on. just check on some of the forums i regularly post on. peace.
  7. If I remember correctly, the new ligenfelter is modded, so lets compare it to Godzilla<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    0-60: 1.2
    1/4 : 9.3

    I think those are the stats, anybody correct me if im wrong
  8. yo its over. your kinda late. check out the posts before. but nice stats. that's one skyline i havne't heard of yet.tuning company name is godzilla?
  9. Jeeze, well the same lingenfelter just ran a high 8.
  10. This is getting moronic. Well of course one would win given more favorable conditions. I mean, if a student driver was driving the 427 of course the blitz would win.

    BTW - where are you reading this, I know under equal conditions the 427 would win a drag race. But I never ever said that the 427 would take the blitz on a track, I even posted that I didn't know.
  11. this is getting absurd. the weight of both cars is about the same. the blitz skyline has just as much horsepower. both would accelerate approximately the same given sea level elevation (or not too high elevation). i'm pretty sure the blitz skyline uses a fixed torque split ratio front rear so awd not being able to handle the giant torque from this isn't a real issue. in fact the only different about the two cars would be suspension set up. in this case perhasp the 427 might win since the blitz skyline has a stiffer chassis nd suspension more adept for track racing and the occasional fast one at the the strip, whereas the 427 is more for drag racing than anything else. PUT BOTH ON SLICKS AND WATCH THEM RUN SIMILAR NUMBERS. this is getting really really really really stupuid. remember guys. physics. two cars that have 800 some odd horsepower and doing about the same amount of work in the about hte same amount of time, which is defined as the ability to move an object from point a to point b.this arguement of the 427 being somehow faster has everything to do with the 0-60 numbers that the blitz runs on street tires, and nothing to do with real life.
  12. one more thing i'd like to add in tandem to my previous statement. teh 427tt uses racing four speed automatic transmission which is FURTHER proof with a very high speed/high load torque converter. this is obviously meant for drag racing, as an automatic transmission woudl provide a more consistent launch and numbers than a manual. further evidence that the skyline is more of the track car, but comparing ideal launches on slicks at same elevation levels,they shoudl be about thes same.
  13. Show me a link that prooves it
  14. When you say street tires you mean autocross right? Because the corvette had street tires too, they just happened to be DOT approved street slicks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>. The skyline still had autocross tires which are not slouches in drag racing.

    You and I both know that there is much more to drag racing than power weight ratios. Differences between these two cars that have everything to do with why one would be faster than the other, assuming they both had drag ET's, same fuel, ect. ect.

    Power loss due to AWD vs. RWD
    automatic vs. manual
    160 ft/lbs torque
  15. yea i know about that. i addressed most of them. a drag skyline would use a static torque fix 60/40 front rear. like i said a automatic provides much more consistent e.t's than a manual would so this is where thsi skyline might come into disadvantage. in teh motor trend aritcle i seem to recall that the lingenfelter tan that quarter mile number on mickey thompsons... anyhow the skyline is geared differently than the corvette to take advantage of its higher revving power. all in all horsepower is an abstract concept so two identical cars making the same horsepower geared the same way (everything else controlled) will run the same generally regardless of torque. all in all the skyline would also have a stiffer suspension and chassis (its made for road racing). yes aero also makes a difference, and i'm aware o the skyline's high coefficient of drag, but i dont fully udnerstand it if some skylines can run extremely fast fast numbers. there must be some design in the car or an aero piece that is able to divert air flow or something...
  16. When torque numbers get up there on normal cars the amount stops mattering at a certain point. Torque means that you get to ignore all track conditions minus rain. And when you have enough to overcome wind/incline/whatever then thats enough.
  17. yep. i wouldnt' try drag racing on teh track with rain though. espeically not with huge toruqe and some slicks. haha
  18. 800TT did and some how faired pretty well.
  19. that was damp. i really doubt they'd try that with puddles of water on the track. it was a joke.
  20. The difference between dry and damp is crazy. Expecially in drag racing.
  21. i never really got the whole stat thing for hte 800tt. i thought they did it on concrete or something like that and used a radar speed gun instead of going to he strip. i would think at the strip even a small pool of water not to mention rain would ake the car crash. on concrete on im not sure since the concrete road would have a lot of imperfections and i dunno maybe boost grip. i'm not too sure the how this all works out. i'll try to find out a real reason to this happening. i know this has been a point of emphasis for viper fans that even with teh water it can go faster what can it do on perfectly dry surfaces. but if you tionk about it, a wet surface provides another 'surface' so the slicks should be getting no power or very little power to the gorund in the first place. i dont believe hennessey motor sports has a anti-physics device. i'm not debating whether or not the figure is real. just wondering how it works to get that fast.
  22. the torque and horsepower curve on a ligenfelter is much flatter due to more cubic inches. the cars are not always at peak horsepower and peak rpms. this is where the ligenfelter has an atvantage.

    check out extremitit or something like that, there fastest car on that site is a supra. quess what, it has a v8 in it. check it out for yourself.
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  24. this subject is and forth it to end it. first off, the corvette and skyline are great, altough i just like the skyline more because its very reliable and its more tuneable.If you all want to find out who has the better car, then call up the blitz team and tell you to meet them at a test track and watch yourself get stuck in the melting gravel the blitz skyline has just made.Not to diss the vette, but the skyline would overall beat it on the tracks. You cant doubt the skylines specs.I wonder if the blitz skyline has a restrictor anyway, I know dissing the skyline is fun and all but please, get on your little bicycle and take your jap car hating ass out of the library seeing that you dont even have a computer to write to us on. And btw, to the guy who made a bias insult about america's economy and jap cars sucking, blah blah blah, im american(along with many people) and i love jap cars >:D I spit on the tires of the vette and hug my skyline or supra or some other car that is think this post was for fun.Whatever.

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