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  1. The original Pony Car

    Well, actually the Barracuda is. But this brotherhood started it all. Hip, hip, hurray for Mopar Power!
  2. Actually the 1965, i believe it is, Mustang is the first, the Camaro/Firebird, GM's response, is second, with probably the Cuda and Challenger in third. By the way, i do hate Ford. =D
  3. The first Barracuda came out 3 weeks before the 64 1/2 Mustang, but was over run by the 450,000 Stangs sold in the first half of one production year. Wonder they don't call them "Small, Man-Eating Fish Cars," huh?

    PS - I Love Ford, not a big Mopar fan; but I'd have more fun losing to a Cuda than winning against a Civic.
  4. I understand what youre saying, but Cudas werent really considered ponycars until the 70s. Yea, it was the 64 1/2 mustang.
  5. oldsmobile came out with the cutlass and 442 in 65, the last real muscle olds came off in 72, after that was crap and dropped the value and name wayyy down. but this is a sweet ass car<!-- Signature -->
  6. as far as i'm concerned, only a car with a 426 under the hood is a true muscle car.
  7. I met someguy at pick and pull and he told me he got a 318 to put out 450 hp... If 450 hp isnt muscle, i dunno what is...<!-- Signature -->
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><the original pony car is not the Barracuda or the challenger r/t it is the ford mustang in 1965 the mustang was born and on the hood is a pony emblem due><!-- END QUOTE -->
  9. The original pony car was the 1965 Mustang, this is a musclecar anyway, the original of which is the 65 GTO. If this was the original anything that would be damn sad seeing as pony cars and musclecars as we like to think of them only lasted intil the mid seventees.
  10. 65 GTO is the first musclecar.
    64.5 Mustang is first pony car.

    Somewhere i read the first cuda was out 2 weeks before hte mustang and the cuda was the first pony car, but i dont think the first cuda was considered a ponycar. The mustang was... *sigh*<!-- Signature -->
  11. I thought that the Mustang was the ONLY Pony car.
  12. people, if u all didnt know, the first "pony" car was the 64 GTO so get ur facts right.
  13. GTO was NOT a pony car... musclecar yes, ponycar no...

    It was WAY too big to be considered a ponycar. Ponycars are pretty much confined to Mustangs, Camaros, and 70-74 Cudas and Challengers...

    Any others?<!-- Signature -->
  14. ya know, a "pony" car in my book, is a car wit monstrous horse(ponies) and the GTO was the first muscle car, so what does that tell ya?
  15. The Dodge Challenger was not the first pony or muscle car, but it sure is the finest of all American muscle. By definition, a pony car is a smaller car (hence the "pony" part), which makes it handle better and respond better to large engines than heavier cars. A Hemi Challenger was a very capable performer which finds competition (stock) amongst big block 'Vettes and big block Cobras, and Hemi 'Cudas, of course. Sure the import guys are gonna praise some newer cars, but its nothing a blown 528 Hemi can't fix.
  16. heh, dont u mean a blown 426? lol
  17. he means aftermarket... i think...<!-- Signature -->
  18. Besides the popular 426 Hemi V8, and the 488 aluminium V10, there is a 528 cubic inch Hemi V8 available from Mopar Performance Parts. It's rated at 610 HP stock. Also, numerous aftermarket parts are available for the 528 Hemi. Better yet, you can get a Hemi V8 engine from Indy Cylinder Head boasting 633+ cubic inches with 2,500 HP potential with super- or turbocharging.
    The Hemi is very powerful. Many racers in NHRA Top Fuel class and Funny Car class use 426 Hemi V8 derived engines containing 16 spark plugs, roots type supercharged, and blowing alcohol that put out over 6,500 HP. Class restrictions put a ceiling of 500 cubic inches, though. Imagine a 1,000 cubic inch version. Too bad the market for an engine of that displacement is very limited. I believe it is a healthy habit of Americans to always want the best. American dragsters are the quickest cars in the world. But the fastest car in the world? That would be British. The twin jet engined Thrust SSC piloted by Richard Noble, broke the sound barrier beating American Craig Breedlove's single engined Spirit of America in October 1997. The Brithish design had approximately 110,000 HP (calculated). The British are in the lead at 763.035 MPH, for the time being that is...
  19. The Thrust is not really a car.

    There were muscle cars before the 65 GTO.

    Mustang was the first "pony" car, hence the name pony.

  20. very true the first were built in august or november 1964.<!-- Signature -->
  21. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MericanMussl</i>
    <b>65 GTO is the first musclecar.
    64.5 Mustang is first pony car.

    Somewhere i read the first cuda was out 2 weeks before hte mustang and the cuda was the first pony car, but i dont think the first cuda was considered a ponycar. The mustang was... *sigh*</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    No, IMO, the first muscle car was a Galaxy 500 XLT, with a 427 Ford under the hood.<!-- Signature -->
  22. fordmonster you mean with a ford cammer 427, am i right?
  23. There are multiple candidates for the "original" pony or musclecar, but in my opinion the Challenger (and 'Cuda) marks the peak of musclecar development. For multiple reasons, the Chrysler E-body was designed as the finest American ponycar. Chrysler's formula was simple, yet extremely effective. Develop a car that was considerably lighter, had a terrificly wide stance, and possessed an incredibly large engine bay (approximately 38.5% of the car's overall length was all engine compartment). When I stripped my Dodge Challenger of all of it's components, 4 grown males could easily stand where the engine would be, and without being squeezed! Many of the other Mopar cars could not be ordered with a big block equipped with other cumbersome accesories such as air conditioning and power steering due to space limitation. Chrysler engineers designed the Challenger and Barracuda to accomodate their biggest big block at the time, the 440, with all possible accesories, with room to spare. Trust me, they accomplished what they set out to do. Certain Mustangs of 1969 and 1970 equppiped with Ford's biggest engines, needed to have the whole engine removed in order to change the sparkplugs! Not in the Challenger's case.
    This formula is the epitomy of a ponycar. Less weight, more power. Today's modern ponycars (OK, the most modern ponycars, considering GM is no longer producing Camaros and Firebirds) can't match the raw power of a 1970 or 1971 big block Challenger and 'Cuda. Today's high dollar American sports cars like the Viper and the Corvette Z06 come awfully close in power, but at a MUCH more exclusive price.
    The Challenger wasn't the first ponycar, but it was one of the best, if not the grandest itself.
  24. that is right jcsr! powered by a 440,440-6 or 426 hemi, the e bodies were tough and rough muscle cars.
  25. It doesn't really matter who started it. All that matters is who does it better.<!-- Signature -->

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