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Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by SurfeR550M, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. hey buddy..the spec R is 26 grand...have u ever even been to a japanese dealership???? buddy and i went down to a dealership to buy one last u think lowering your base price proves anything???? i almost bought one of those..because they have a mean sound for a 4 cyl and a good price for what u get....jap cars for some unknown reason cost more than american cars..all around..maybe its because the average jap person in his 20's makes 50k a year usd...

    Dont lie to make friends!
  2. ok for the 99 gt..being the end all perf for 15000..i can get a 99 cobra for that much...if i was making a performance car..just to be cheap quarter miles it would be a fox body mustang for a 99 i would go with a camaro ss which can also be had at this price range..and "pro-charge" it ....but i have a 99 cobra conv...because thats what i wanted...not because it was the best deal for the price..because its a head turner that doesnt need a body kit and some wheels to make the car feel like it was worth something(aimed at import guys). yes it unly turns high 13's stock..but it also handles extremely well and holds its value a bit better..oh yeah..and the fact that the aftermarket seems to show these more love to an extent.
  3. 1) Again you're showing your ignorance, $22,000 has absolutely nothing to do with this, under $70,000 does, as that's what he said.
    2) I guess that doesn't say very much for you, considering I've proved you wrong on countless occasions.
  4. MSRP is equivalent $20,300, can you not read? Has nothing to do with what the dealership is selling it for, they just wanted to make more money.

    Find me ONE Mustang being sold at ANY dealership for the MSRP of $22,000.

    Jap. cars cost more generally because of the better quality control in their factories, the more solid design, and because build quality is just better, and no that's NOT a myth, hell, in the infamous Daimler Chrysler monthly production "Stratus" the president of Daimler Chrysler is quoted for saying that himself.

    He didn't lie about anything.

    BTW, the Mustang GT does NOT hold its value better (just look at ANY used vehicle pricing guide), the owners are just so selfish that they sell them for more than they're worth.
  5. I bought mine for $21,000, brand spanking new. I have seen them with a sticker price of $22,xxx already (base model gt, no options).
    How did you prive anybody wrong, you still haven't shown me a faster car for under $22,000.
  6. Ok for the first part, generally dealerships I've been to sell for much higher than the MSRP. I know people here who have bought a GT, and in most cases they were upwards of $38,000 cdn (approx $25,000 USD).

    For the second part, WTF R U on about?? I never said there was a faster car for less than the MSRP (though the Legacy B4 is faster and it's only going to be about $23,000 US), I just said the resale value wasn't very high, which is true, just check ANY used vehicle pricing guide. The reliability and build quality is the main reason I suspect.
  7. Let's see you go even half as fast as a CRX or 911 in a Rally race, CRX will go much faster on a dirt road, why? because it won't spin out so often. For a 911, well, it's already proved itself in the GRC, all that's needed is the AWD model and to be raised, and it'll annhilate most cars off-road, let's see your POS 99' GT come even close.

    P.S. I can post some video clips of the last Mustang that I know of that was used in a rally in the SCCA Championship season of 2000.
  8. Wow. Wow. I can't believe all the stupidity in this thread. I don't think I have ever seen this many retarded know-nothings conviene in the same area. Simply amazing. V-8's have their place, in trucks? What are you? 4? That or just a complete and utter moron.
    That's the typical comment I expect from someone who makes a hobby out of turning economy cars into purple-windowed fart scooters. Why don't you go adjust the color of your instrument gauges and leave "car" sites alone. I can't believe how low the braincell requirement is to register and post on this web site. Unbelievable.
  9. No jerky, it`s 2.5 (maybe you say 2.6 and became confused) million Yen...not 26,000dollars....

    You and a buddy trotted on down to the dealership?

    I lived in Japan for four years myself. If I hadn`t transferred stateside, my wife would be driving either the Silvia or a Nur right I think I have a pretty good idea what they cost.....

    ..and the average yearly salary for Japanese is 4.1 million Yen (or about 36k dollars) with a 5% bonus in July and December...that`s for all Japanese...there are very few Japanese in their 20`s making that much. My wife as an accountant (with a degree in two languages) was making less than that working at one of the largest real estate companies in Tokyo (Mori Co. if you must know)....
  10. It's convene btw.
  11. sorry i couldn't help butting in

    For the price moron there is no faster car, come on, prove me wrong, I know you can't for two reasons:
    1. No car for $22,000 or under can do the quarter mile in 13.7 seconds.
    2. You're to stupid to prove anybody wrong.

    umm............... Mazda RX-7 13.5 in the 1/4 mile and the price rnage now days is 17,000 to 23,000

    i think thats something for your mustang
  12. I was talking new kid...and the price of them new was around $34,000 I beleive.
  13. Re: Supra MKIV TT vs Skyline R33 GTR

    ....and what'ya're STILL wrong.

    The Silvia is faster whether you are 1/4 miling or running the track.....

    .....and its cheaper.

    Maybe you would be correct IF you said IN the US. Great.....the U.S. can only compete on their own soil.....big deal! LOL
  14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    was talking new kid...and the price of them new was around $34,000 I beleive.

    New Kid eh' yea to bad i've probily been here just as long as you, i've just had 3 user names and i dont post on fourms inless there intregining
  15. Prove you wrong. I hate Rustang's so I'll be quick. SLOW. 0-60 in 6.0. My mom's G 35 sedan w/ automatic trani can come near that.(6.2)The manual 5.9. Talk coupes? manual coupe 0-60's in 5.5.Both cars(g 35's that is) are base priced at 26,700 and are hella nice and comfy.
  16. Hey's still slower and more money. What part of find me a faster car for under $22,000 don't you understand?
  17. I did.....but you didn`t like my answer.
  18. ive got an 89 gt...and it runs pretty damn good...
  19. No. Try 22,000. And they are not reliable and have a crude suspension.
    I know this. My friend has one and it already needs a new fan belt, timing belt, Block heads, and the Supercharger he has for it, well he needs to buy a new one, I'll just say that.
  20. Come on password, that's just a weak argument. The guy even said excluding "hairpin turns and back roads". Besides, last time I checked the Mustang was and is a muscle car, designed without any rally intentions. When a car isn't designed to do something, it won't perform in that area. Whoa.

    What the Mustang is designed for is to breathe life in an otherwise dying nostalgia for the great American tradition of muscle cars. Muscle cars are traditionally throaty V-8's that satisfy certain visual aesthetics. Beyond those conditions, they're performance reign in the poor man's hp and torque category. If you were to take the crx and put it against the Mustang (stock for stock) on the strip, it would get utterly dominated. Utterly.

    I'll give you some credit and say that your posts had some valid arguments but then you had to regress like a small child in a tantrum. Ignoring this post and looking at some of your others, belittling a guy's post purely on his spelling is just weak.

    Although I am not a fan of the new Mustang's (I'm strictly old-school BOSS and Shelby), I can say that for 22grand, 442 hp and 516 torque is impressive. However, I agree with FerrariLover and think that, dollar for dollar, the RX7 is a better car. On the strip and handling.
  21. I didn't belittle anybody's post for their spelling, I simply corrected them for their mistake.

    Now, first of all, for under $9000 (including the cost of the car) you can get an EF chassis Civic to run the 1.4 in 12.5 with merely 150hp, 132lbft, Drag slicks, drivetrain mods, and a bit of weight reduction. which is much faster than any Mustang for the same price. Second of all, any the same applies to any twisty road, I dunno about you, but the roads I enjoy driving the most are countryside highways with a speed limit of 80km/h (due to how twisty they are), though I like driving them at 120km/h-180km/h.
  22. Here's the problem with this thread. If you take any cheap car and, using the difference in price, mod it to take a multi-purpose car and mold it into a dragster, it is going to perform better than a more expensive nearly-stock model. I have no doubt that a cheap-as-hell Civic, modified to the extreme, can beat a merely super-charged Mustang.
    If you have a thin pocketbook and you don't care what type of car you drive then going out and getting a Civic is the way to go. However, if money is not as much of an issue: dollar for dollar, moding a mustang with the same stuff you did with a Civic will yield more impressive results IMO.

    Just because you can spend 60 grand modifying a civic to beat a Porsche does not mean it's a better car. Nor does it make it an “ultimate racer.” You have to look at the performance, shortcomings, and limits of the car stock.

    This is kind of off the thread topic but here is my opinion about the new Mustangs:
    The latest Mustang's are from a different business philosophy then a lot of other companies. Ford is highly profit-driven. They make cars good enough to sell and nothing beyond that. They don't spend time carefully engineering VTEC engines or any similar feat. They stamp "good enough" on a product and off it goes to a factory line somewhere.
    As of now, Mustang's are built by marketing rather than engineering. They are no longer the beasts they were back in the day. While they still have similar power outputs, the amount of growth and developments in Mustang's ia not substantial. I'm not knocking Mustang's; I love them. All I'm saying is that Mustang isn't all it could be. Ford has turned the Mustang into a consumer car rather than a performance car.
  23. But it's the fact that the Civic can be modified to be that fast, and makes a good autocross car (those are just examples, in short, with the appropriate mods, it's quite a versatile race car).
  24. Fair enough. You've driven them more than I have, so I really can't judge otherwise.
  25. Well, those are all very good point. But street racing isnt cool man. If you'd live in LA youd know how bad a problem it is and how much the cops wanna stop it. WATCHING a street race an get me arrested here in LA, so i could literally be coming home from work by foot and be arrested cuz i crossed paths with a street racing event thats been stopped by the cops. Not cool, huh? Plus, most of the people who soup up their lil hondas and acuras think that just cuz their car sounds like a squeaky fart means its fast as hell and can corner like a porche. They're dead wrong...literally. Ive heard lots of cases of driver (hondas/acuras atleast 75% of the time) losing it and slamming into a pole. The driver ususally dies. Street racing technically is racing around a block, somewhat like 2F2F (but without the damn bridge, that was gay). I can tell you honestly that the turns on a street are gonna be alot harder than those on a track cuz 1.) the street is narrower and 2.) track turns are angled so that the driver can take an apex. Street turns arent. So its even MORE retarded to street race. Using inferior cars on harder turns...think about it.... If you meant drag racing, thats still a crime which can land uin alot of heap and can possibly kill some neighbor's cat. You wanna drag? Go to the local strip, those places are popping up all over the place now-a-days.

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