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  1. RE: 590 ft lbs.

    Um, no. Motor Trend tested the 1998 Bentley Cont T at 650 ft lbs, and the V8 is a single construction block. There is no V12 made right now that isn't something besides A) 2 V6 engines grafted together or B) a V10 with two extra cylinders mated to the end. And yes, Bentley makes wonderful cars. Bout time someone recognized.

    As for the fact that american cars suck, yes they do, with exception of the Vette and Viper, which as I have said can be made beasts that will stomp all over a Lambo for a fraction of the cost of a Lambo. European cars are excellent, but as for being the best cars in the world I doubt it. Japan has the ability, engineering, and money to crank out cars that smash all others (if they can pull 235 horses out of an I4 factory, imagine what they can do with a V10...then twin turbo that thing and watch it outrun light. Might I also remind you that Supras have been modified to 1300 hp FROM A FLAT 6 - 3.2 LITERS!! Given a 6.X liter V12 of the same quality, and you're looking at the type of performance found in funny cars - street legal). Europe's cars are more luxurious and higher power at the moment because Japan needs not make a super car...they're doing just find economically.

    My point, which has been well proven if you look at the solid facts in my previous posts (they're there, hidden in the bitching...) is that Lamborghinis/Ferraris are overpriced since you can find better performance much cheaper, and that so many people are overcome by all the hype surrounding Italian cars that they are blinded to the fact that italian cars are, compared to cheaper alternatives, worthless.

    As for the allegations that the Supra, Viper, etc are incomparable to Lambos/Ferraris, why is that so? Is it because ItaliaCar fans are so pissed off that the numbers speak against their fav cars that they have to reasult to condescendence? Guess so. Oh well. Not my Loss.

    Bottom Line: I'll take 4 '99 Veilside Supras over 1 Lambo Diablo anyday, and I'll beat that Lambo on the strip...4 times.

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  2. buddy, u gotta understand that comparing the two cars in stock formis well, WRONG, if one is suped uped, the same rule follows, both either have to be suped to an equal level, or r in stock form; so that what u r saying really pissed me off because u cant compare the 2, no matter what the price!!!!!! The F50 which sold for over 550000$ was compared to the Diablo which cost less than 250000$, so it is fair, but now u add say 300000grand worth of mods to the Diablo, would it be fair?????? No it wouldn't!!!!!!!! and as to fact of the of the Bently, in my BRITISH magazine, where Bentley is made, they only managed to squeeze 590ft lbs of torque from it!!!!

    I hate to put down any of the cars u mentioned, especially the Bentley and Veilside Supra, but u cant compare a tuned version with an untuned version!!!!

    want more example, the Supra cost 55000$ and the Mazda RX-7 costs 25000$, add 30000$ of mods to the RX-7 and which would win?????????
    gee i wonder???? the RX-7!!!!

    it aint fair!!!! that is all i wanted to say, but u got me pissed, i dont want to argue, i have more important things to do than argue with some person who is probably thousands miles away!!!!!!

    Hope u understand that what i said is only trying to help u to understand that u gotta realise that what u saying just dont make sense!!!
  3. Thease cars are rip offs

    I think that thiscaris way overpriced if u want to go fast. A supra that u put 60k into with a couple bars of boost will murder this car on the mil run. Yeah the lambo will catch it in top speed but whose gonna race til they get up to 220. They do look phat but thats all. I think thease cars ar WAY over rated!
  4. ok man, if you say that they are overated, you do not kno what the hell you are taking about... these Lamborghini are the pinnical of excelence and they are unmatched... You can got get one of those skylines of yours and put boosts on it, but it won't match this car man...

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  5. what kinda crack u been smoking man????? These Lambos would rip apart a skyline, a Ferrari 550 and a Porsche 911 GT2. All u are gonna talk about is a supra???!!! Man read what u write, please.
  6. No u need to look up the facts before you say anything. Look in the new superstreet at the Jun supra it hit 249mph its bored out to 3.2 and is runing about 3 and a half bars of boost thats around 50 pounds. Another supra that would kill this is the veilside supra u can look it up on this sight 1000+ hp and u think this car could take it i doubt it. And the supra costs less and personaly i think it looks better.
  7. Don't even compare a Supra to a Diablo, that's an insult. Diablo is pure speed, pure beauty, and perhaps the best car to hit the road. If you compare a souped up Supra to a Diablo in speed, well the Supra MIGHT win but that would be pointless because it's no longer its actual engine, you're remodifying it. So if you wanna play that game, then soup up a Diablo engine, and.......well.............light speed is within reach.
  8. das right Lambo_Diablo. Modify the Lambo with a new lighter body kit and 3 bar boost on a turbo, then lets see. Then bye bye.
  9. RE:Don't even compare a Supra to a Diablo, that's an insult. Diablo is pure speed, pure beauty, and perhaps the best car to hit the road. If you compare a souped up Supra to a Diablo in speed, well the Supra MIGHT win but that would be pointless because it's no longer its actual engine, you're remodifying it.

    I'm sorry I gotta get my .02$ in here because I'm tired of these Italian cars that are made in a such a pussified manner. When Lamborghini grows balls and starts making heavy cars and putting bigass engines in them like Bentley (god bless), then Lambo-lovers can talk. The only reason Italian vehicles put up good numbers is cause they're so light and have a high power-weight ratio. Lambo takes the wussy way out. Here's how all cars should be made:

    - Make every part possible out of cast iron, or something heavier if you can think of it.

    - Put in an engine of such monstrous displacement and output it takes 8 fat women and a team of clydesdales to get it in the engine bay. anything producing 1200+ hp and torque is acceptable.

    Unfortunately Lambo takes an engine of moderate performance and puts it in a ridiculously light car. My little sister uses Lamborghinis for kites.

    As for that ref on engine modifying, quit bitchin. Lambos come from factory tricked out with exhaust and intake love that would be mods on any other car. So, in effect, mod-ing the Supra just puts it on the level with the Lambo... and the Lambo gets beat (like a red headed stepchild). The good looks, well yeah they got that, but who gives a shit when the car screams "I have no chest hair" and cars half the price (Venom 800TT, Veilside Supra, shit why not a stock Viper?) beat it off the line.

    Torque is god. Bow to Torque. When Lambo learns this, I might not spit on their cars so much.<!-- Signature -->
  10. u r an idiot ih8italycars!!!!! Lambos are not already "tricked out" they are in production form!!! if u have to look at Bently then why not compare the Haundaires which is a modified VW!!!! If u want to look at weight then take a look at the Diablo 3800lbs, compare to a Bently 4200lbs wow 400lbs!!!! u know what just go to the Bently forum and stay there, u r not wanted here so go away, comments like urs r not wanted and for that fact r stupid!!!!
  11. oh and the twin turbo 6.75 litre v8 in the Bently only has 400bhp the Diablo 575bhp
  12. RE:eek:h and the twin turbo 6.75 litre v8 in the Bently only has 400bhp the Diablo 575bhp

    Horsepower may be higher in the Lambo, but that means very little. It's power-weight ratio, and my point is that Bentley doesn't pussy out by putting a mediocre engine in a light car. The Bentley has 650 ft lbs of torque from factory, the lambo 457. No contest. Also, I don't know which Bentley you're looking at, but the Continental T weighs 6300 lbs, significantly more than the diablo. The hand made, supercharged Rolls-Royce V8 in the bentley is much better than Lamborghini's two-V6-engines-grafted-together V12 (tiny ass bore/stroke). And yes, Lambos do come from factory with equipment that would be a mod on most other cars. Look at the Murcielago - VVTI, VACS, VIS...they've worked that exhaust system over. Lambo may make fast cars, but all you pay for is the name. A well modified Supra, Viper, or Vetter can smoke a Lambo, and they would cost half as much even with the after market work.

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  13. actually the Bently only has 590ft lbs of torque and that is the most that they have!!!!!!!, and as for the Lambo being tricked out why are there som many mods made to so many different models????????? Vipers and Vettes have engines that are at the end of the line, they cant get any more power out!!!! so they use huge Turbos!!!! name me one STOCK Vette or STOCK Viper that breaks 200mph????????? Bently??????? and the Bently is sooo heavy!!!! First off it is not a sports car, it is a luxury sedan: secondly it cant turn for sh1t, as it has no suspension!!!!!!!!!, so keep ur comments about Bently to a minimum, if u want a car to like which u described, take a look at the Aston Martin Vantage 600, 600bhp and 600ft lbs of torque and it weighs 5710 lbs!!!!!!!!! that is the closest that u will come, top speed 200mph, not yet able to compete with the Murcielago yet, BOY!!!!!!!!! i like Bently, but it is prople like u that give this site a bad name!!!!!

    i really hope that one day u will understand that American cars SUCK and that the only place to go is Europe!!!!!!! And who is at the heart of European supercar making u ask????????? thats right ITALY, and futermore Lamborghini and Ferrari, the 2 best car makers in the world!!!!!!!!!!
  14. so what is the V8 in the rolls 2 i-4 mated at the hip???????? And u cant compare the stock lambo to a tricked out Supra or Viper or Vette, ok maybe the Coatl!!!!!!! but even then u would loose!!!!!, those cars are designed for the aftermarket in mind!!!! As Toyota, Dodge and Chevy all make other cars. their emphasis isn't on performance but more in the family car business, i'm sure with their budget they could make a pretty good car!!!!! but hey it will never happen so!!!!!!!!!! the best example i can give u to go up against ur tricked out Vipers and Vettes is the Gemballa Lotec Diablo, probably never heard of it, 900bhp 900ft lbs of torque, and lightened to 2800lbs, top speed u ask????? try on damn near 280 mph, as for
    0-60 times, well lets just leave that to the imagination!!!!!!!!!

    The reason why i like Bentley is because they are Beautiful Tanks, solid as a rock, just beautiful, but without a tricked out suspension, i would have to take the Brabus S-class, which is about 4200lbs.
  15. IH8ITALYCARS , you are the biggest freaking example of stupidity I have ever seen in my life. Do you know what the purpose of a supercar is?

    To be quick, fast in the top end, corner, stop, look great, be a symbol of status......

    The purpose is to make the car lighter so it goes faster....

    there is no point in having a supercar with 1000hp if it weighs 4tons and as a result still takes 10 secs to hit 60mph/100kph.

    Put that car u mentioned on a race track and throw a corner at it. haha. lets see if it can get around at and speed over 60mph.

    simple physics, momentum and inertia. any object with greater mass, travelling at an equal speed, will take longer, and more distance to stop and/or change direction.

    Whatts this in english? A brick with an engine will NOT go around corners with any decent efficiency.

    Think, talk. In that order.

  16. Who honestly gives a shit if you soup up your soup-ra, you saw the Fast and the Furious way too many times this summer. I think the word "tasteless" is quite apparent here.

    And THAT, I conclude, is why you never get laid...

  17. Look Mr IH8ITALYCARS, or whatever your name is, Lamborghini's are soo much better than your dinky Supra, The Veilside is a hot wheel compared to the Lambo. Snyper has a point that you cant even rebut to. if you think hat a $550 000 lamborghini would lose to a $100 000 Supra with $400 000 modifications, your right. However, if you put $400 000 worth of mods into the Supra do it to the Lambo too, thenn we'll see which car has bigger balls.
  18. thanx sinister, appreciate the support!!!! Se ih8italyars i aint the only one that thinx it aint fair!!!!!!!!
  19. Hey, you even forgot to mention that the Diablo VT 6.0 is 4WD, and so not exactly tuned for drag racing. Even still, you can modify a Supra so much that you can no longer call it a Supra, and then you can talk about racing with a Diablo. However, the 6.0 will murdalize anything that can still be called a Supra, so don't tell me a Supra can beat this car. If you want to talk Veilside, well, then we can talk Coatl.

    Further more, a suoped-up a Supra might go fast (even though you'd have to spend a whole lot of money on it for it to even beat the original Diablo VT), but it's not tuned for such high speeds. Throw anything that bight be considered a "change in direction" and any Diablo will be all over it.

    The Diablo 6.0, GT, and GTR are the best, and you can compare a tricked-out Supra to a stock Diablo, but you can't deny that the Diablo is a better car. I find it kind of strange that anyone would question that. No one ever questions the Ferrari F50's status, but the 6.0 is unquestionably faster than the F50; why can't anyone respect that? You can read any of the test drive reviews, and all you'll see is reverence for the Diablo. It's the best for a reason.
  20. supera vs lambo??whatever

    These cars are not made for people to afford!! How much do you expect these beasts to cost?? Otherwise they will be as common as porsche boxsters on the road. And who thought of even mentioning a supera in front of a Diablo?? Note is a TOYOTA (cheap japanese car), and a LAMBORGHINI (famous exotic italian car).

    Just think about it, honestly, in a carpark, a 2000 DIABLO VT parked next to a Supera, which car would u look at first??
    So in conclusion, supera sux...
  21. The reason they cost so much is to keep trailer-park trash like Ih8italycars out of the drivers seat....think about go fast a supra needs to be tuned to hell.
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    its been said but I will say it like Lambo's are exclusive and are the pinnacle of design and performance. Same point: Supra's or any other car can be made to do insane numbers and smack any car around but these cars are not made for that sole purpose. I have a Camaro and have been swapped around by many other smaller cars but I didnt buy it to race all day, I like the car,plain and simple. My friend owns a Lotus Esprit and a Ferrari 328, he doesnt give a $hit aabout racing or the kid in the Honda with exhaust making noise at him at the stoplight. get it through your "slow and furious" head.

    Whatever happened to buying a car for the enjoyment it brings the owner?

  23. yah right there buddy...Mclaren is a rip of! The Lamborghini costs' only (at highest 200,000) and the mclaren is (at lowest 1,000,000)
    so i wouldn't talk there buddy!<!-- Signature -->
  24. You are very confused, mate. Why is it 'cool' to have a car which weighs 6300 lbs? When someone figures that out, please tell me. It just seems stupid to me. Why is it that racing cars, which are the pinical of car manufacturing, are designed to be light?

    If you want something which has a truck engine (large bore/stroke) and weighs heaps, buy a truck. Notice trucks acceleration, hrm?

    When you learn something about applications of engine capacity to torque (and therefor, power), please come back. I will then re-consider listening to you.

    I read in a car magazine once, in a review of the Ferrari 550, that when most people dream of a car, they dream of a Ferrari. Not because the Ferrari is better (as most of the time, they arn't), but because they (the person dreaming) arn't good enough for the Lambo. I feel the same way, when I look at a lambo, I think to myself 'god, thats too good for me..'. I feel like I should be bowing to it, or something. <IMG SRC="">

    I love Lamborghinis. Everything about them is excellent. The styling, the power/speed, the name and reputation, the sound. If I owned one, i'd be scared of it. I think thats the way its meant to be. <IMG SRC="">
  25. Take a regular supra and regular diablo diablo wins

    Take stock supra and stock diablo again diablo wins

    Take stock supra and diablo on drag maybe supra on course diablo ALL the way. Take the diablo VTTT k? that car will cream any car that comes by it.snyper u i am glad someone understands like snyper. These other people will compare anyhting to a diablo to make there car look gooed the will only compare things that are suped up but when u stock a diablo they know whose gonna win.....DIABLO<!-- Signature -->

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