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Discussion in '1961 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster' started by muzzy66, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Todays ferraris are difinately the equal of this in class, but i would like to make the opint that any person who comes into a forum like this and compares a 60's car to a brand new supercar is a complete F*king idiot. This is just plain stupid. This thing ran 14's in 1960, which is very respectable even today. IT was amazing then. Use your brain, and this goes out to not only you, but all people who make such stupid comparisons.
  2. BANNED! not a real suprise is it? but id rather have a DB4 or 5
    no speed demon thats for sure but this was the car of the future back the and it is still gorgeuos!!
    no ferrari yes but that is just fine with me and my shaguar<!-- Signature -->
  4. I agree, this Jaguar is the shit. The only Ferrari that would be in this class-ification would be the 275GTB. Still, this car was the benchmark for the entire auto industry... Many auto are copied from this car... According to my classic car manual.
  5. there r better cars than this




  6. i agree that the car is not that fast, it is not that slow anyway! this car is a classic, it's stylish and i would have one like a shot, that Mad Max guy is a moronic pleb, a prol of u will, does he require an interpretor for his "classic car manual"??? why does he need 1 anyway, it is not his place to comment if the only information he has is from 1 persons opinion in book form! Ferraris are of course very nice, but they are completely different to the jag! He should check his facts before he inflicts this kind of stupidity upon us, please think before replying again, good day to you!<!-- Signature -->
  7. This sort of Stupidity Just REALLY ANNOYS me, i mean, it may not be faster, but it is inj now way a slow car. And it is a classic in every way, its style is to a level that Ferrari could never match, i'm sorry, i'm not putting down ferrari's but the jag is A better car, and thats a fact. And to you Mad Max, a classic car manual, well get ur head out of the books and look around, if u have no knowlage of cars, just a stupid manual then dont comment on these matters, this car manual is just 1 persons views, i agree with Chevey dude, on that, so dont believe everything u read. And i would like to agree and commend muzzy66 on the subject.

    Good Day to You all.
  8. Come on no Ferrari can match this car for style. Ferraris are cheap(I use the term loosely), tacky and overrated. The E-type is beautiful machine. It is almost the perfect car, its fast, its beautiful, it handles well, it has racing history, alot of heritage and can carry luggage and two in comfort. What more do you want!<!-- Signature -->
  9. when ever i see thease cars in person a tear almost drops from my eye i think it is the most elegant car ever built. trus a 550 maranelo twin turbo will burn the shit out of it but than again this car is also 39 years old and built more for elegance than ability to burn out for hours. any moron who thinks there are better cars than this must not have ever seen one in person and probably hasent seen anything better than a pimped out honda civic (im a big honda fan dont get me wrong) in real life and just makes snap judgements about cars based on what they read in motor trend.

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  10. This car wasn't meant to compete with the Ferrari, it was supposed to be a mild-mannered sports car with great looks, which is exactly what it is.

    "The Jaguar E-type is the most beautiful car in the world" - Enzo Ferrari

    and if that name doesn't look familiar, he happens to have started Ferrari (duh) so get your head out of your butt and show some respect for a great car.
  11. at least you didn't compare this to a tuned out 4-bangin' and bottle-fed Civic or S2K or RSX like every other newbie does that has no appreciation for awesome classic such as this Jaguar...damn this car is beautiful, the lines on this Jag are better than any Ferrari of the time, and it is a hell of a lot better looking than the 550 Maranello!!! (don't get me wrong tho, I respect both Ferrari and Jaguar, but this Jag us just too beautiful and classic)

    I do see also some Sting Ray lines in the Jag, as well especially in the rear quarter panels...I know the hoods of both the '63 Sting Ray and the Jaguar were almost identical, tho the Sting Ray had the vents down by the nose, whereas the Jaguar's hood vents were up by the windshield, but all I have to say is this is one beautiful, sexy, sleek and classic matter if it is fast or not...and for those who cannot appreciate where sports cars and the like came from and where they started, then you need to learn more bout the classics..
  12. btw...before you go read up on the classic cars, and classic Jaguars such as this one, may I suggest a spelling lesson as well..(at least he got Ferrari
  13. There are definitely faster cars than this, but few that look better than this. An absolute classic would love to own one of these.
  14. this is a confusing post...he says the jaguar is THE shit..which normally would be seen as derogatory...or colloquially seen as to mean this jaguar is really cool...
  15. What a crap topic, you are a muppet

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