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Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by tyhel, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Is that why you were out soo early?
  2. Man you are a dumb F**K!
  3. What was the point of that? He says that Ferrari's are imports, and you feel the need to call him a hick? Aren't you the one who says imports are better?
  4. If the only thing that gets you girls is your car, i feel sorry for you.
  5. I swear there are some really stupid people in this world...the only car that even compares to a corvettes looks is a Lamborghini....maybe they are a little better..but thats pushing it....ferraris and any other imports look like my ass after i take a shit on your moms head... you dumbasses need to know what your talking about before you post something stupid about a ferrari being better than a corvette.... and before you even say ANYTHING dumb like...have you even driven a ferrari...or..have you even driven a corvette...yes i have...i have a corvette and my friend has a ferrari...ive raced him...i wasted you can just kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. simply amazing.
  7. I'm assuming you are referring to his incredible capacity for stupidity?
  8. I'm still trying to figure out how he managed to fill out the forms necessary to get an account here.
  9. No his #$%#ing signature said some shit about hondas,which I couldn't qoute!
  10. Speak for yourself loser and get some class too!
  11. I never said I NEEd a car to get a girl,lol
  12. You're freaking Stupid,what kinda vette and what kinda Ferrari?
    And corvettes look like shit,Ferraris are Beautiful works of art
  13. your mom looks like shit
    Corvette Z06 and a Ferrari F355 spider.....ferraris are not works of art there works of my butt....they are the grossest cars ever...look at the enzo what the hell is that? its ugly as #$ have no taste...
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    ARE YOU F€CKING STUPID??!?!?!?!??!?

    How many times do you see a guy in a corvette just "picking up" some random blonde with fake boobs? ....never.
    thats what i thought!
    A Corvette is a classy, classic, muscle car that has handling manners comparable to pretty much ANY rYcer POS.

    The Z06 has the MOST VALUE out of ANY "super-car" there is out there. A stocker Z06 can keep pace with a 355 with a good driver, and WOOP on it with just a simple, low pressure blower on it; all for $40,000 LESS!

    Simply put, all who trash the Corvette are stupid, uneducated IDIOTS who dont know sh€t about cars. If you stopped and examined the facts for a moment, maybe, just maybe, you would see how good the Corvette really is. While it is definitely not a contender to a V12 Diablo VT6.0 or whatever they are now a days, it sure has more value than one.

    If i had the $300,000 to pay for that Lambo, i would just put 55k down on the Z06, and put 10k into the engine. A $65,000 Corvette would then be a contender with any Ferrari or Lambo from the factory.

    Or, take for example, a Lingenfelter TT C5 Corvette, this Corvette is still worth $220,000 less than the Lambo, but can pull a faster 1/4!

    1.9 sec zero to sixty b€tch!$s/VipergetsstompedbyVETTE.avi
    to see the 9.9 second vette...I am 99% sure that this vette is worth much less than any Lambo or Ferrari you will find out there, and is just as fast, AND can still handle pretty damn well indeed
  15. What are you, 7?
  16. Just sit back and watch the stupidity. You'd be surprising how amusing it is<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  17. yes i am 7....
    what are you?! gay?!
    oh sorry... anyways...why would it matter if i was 7 or 829?! i showed you up and your pissed about it..!!
  18. wow.

    Maybe we should repeat just how you "showed him up" as you put it.

    "your mom looks like shit
    Corvette Z06 and a Ferrari F355 spider.....ferraris are not works of art there works of my butt....they are the grossest cars ever...look at the enzo what the hell is that? its ugly as #$ have no taste..."

    "There works of my butt"?! Not only can't you spell or string together coherent sentences, you also replied sounding like a 6 year old boy with sever problems. It's amazing you could fill out the forms to becaome a member here.
  19. Where exactly did you "show me up"? You never made any comments about one of my posts (until this one). And no I'm not pissed, I'm just amazed at how immature people can be.
  20. You're the reason why I'm Pro-Abortion!
  21. Personaly I don't go for the chicks that date you for the car you drive and damn for a third the price of a 360 modena you ca have a Z06 that pulls more g's in a corner stops shoter accelerates as well sloloms better and can be serviced for a reasonable price. not that anything other than regular maintanence would be necessary for the vette. you can talk shit about corvettes as soon as ferraris are beating them consistently in ALMS. to hell with F1.
  22. F1 racing beats the shit out of ALMS, but they don't use anything close to production cars either.
  23. Any chick would rather get with a guy that has a Ferrari than a Corvette, unless it's old and ratty looking of course. Corvettes are only $50,000 where Ferraris start at around $100,000. What about a Ferrari and a Lamborghini?
  24. You care to back that up with some facts/links or are you gonna keep on talking out of your ass!~?
  25. This thread sucks!

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