Re: This car blows

Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang SR' started by kabs0805, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car blows

    Over priced and not close to a super car
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    <b>Over priced and not close to a super car
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    wtf r u talkin about, not a supercar my ass, 0-60 in 4.0, top speed of 202, ur probly some 8 year old trying to get attention, so get the F*CK out of here
  3. Yea try telling Mr. Saleen that!
  4. This is one of the extremly rare US cars able to defeat the 2002 911 GT2 stock version.

    My congratulations !!!!
  5. if you knew anything about cars you would realize that this cars performance to price value is pretty damn good. considering an f1 is upwards of a million dollars for what, .7 seconds to sixty and 30 mph faster?? the math you moron
  6. Yall are stupid

    Yall are stupid bye a f**king hennessy 800tt, it has almost the same topspeed and gets there a hell of a lot faster for the same price
  7. Re: How can it be so slow

    What the hell are you guys talkin about this car is amazing... its faster, quicker, withstands more G's, and breaking than these cars,,,,JAGUAR XJR, DODGE VIPER GTS, PORSCHE 911/TURBO, LOTUS ESPRIT/V-8, CORVETTE, LAMBORGHINI DIABLO , FERRARI 355 , and the Acura NSX... and people say this car sucks... if you dont believe me than go to the saleen website

  8. not a supercar? maybe without saleen, but this car is shweeet!
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  9. Im not really a mustang fan, but i do however respect that saleen does to them... they took this mustang and made it a bad ass car, yes it is a lil overpriced, but hey the people that put all that money into producing it, have to make a little in return. And i personally think that the body kit looks bad ass too. It looks mean, and has the power to back up the looks.<!-- Signature -->
  10. Hey this car blows...BLOWS THE DOORS OFF YOUR POS

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