Re: This car doesnt have enough horsepower

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by HaCk3r, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. It's a concept.
  2. It's a concept.
  3. This car doesnt have enough horsepower

    What a wussy car with a weak little tiny engine that cant produce any HP. I spit on it.<!-- Signature -->
  4. while I don't think that the horses are wimmpy, I don't understand how a car with 1334 horses can only get a 0-60 in 3.7 sec. While a car like a Koenigsegg with half the horses does it in 3.2<!-- Signature -->
  5. I think that they should have made this car with 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 horsepower.<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- Signature -->
  7. I think horses are cute animals. I don't understand what they have to do with cars though.<!-- Signature -->
  8. This car has all kinds on not enough horse power!
  9. bigvic, incase you wern't aware, all kinds of is my line.<!-- Signature -->
  10. its slow for 1300 because either of hte following problems: it has a five speed 2) tey probably didn't strap on slicks so the horsepowerisn't getting toward the ground. i dont know any specs on this car but maybe a better limited slip would work. in any case its a lot of horsepower
  11. Congradulations! You're only the second girl I've seen on this site. Though the first one seemed like she knew a lot more about cars than you.<!-- Signature -->
  12. 1300 HP? It could barely drive up a hill with that little power.
  13. It is geared for top speed, clearly.<!-- Signature -->
  14. EVILNINJAMOBY, you probably failed to notice this, but this car has over 950 ft lbs of tourque. just thought you might like to know. its probably geared for top speed like was said earlier
  15. This car is fu ck' sick, but a waste of 1334 hp, to only do a 3.7 ( 0 - 60 ).
  16. 1334bhp is too much horsepower for the street, bad acceleration would imply that it can't get all that power to the ground
  17. Endocles The Mighty

    Endocles you should be shot for speaking. as you have made everyone in this forum dumber. How can you even complain about the lotec sirius with its benz v-12 with 1334bhp? this car would eat your pos f50 and the veyron alive. so i suggest before you say something unintelligent that you have no business even talking about such as sportscars you keep your mouth shut.
  18. It's a concept.

    Doesn't everybody know that the figures for this car are estimations!
    A real one was never made, only a design was produced.
    Nobody bought it. Deny the estimations.
  19. This car is phat!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  20. I have to comment on the clear stupidity displayed in this forum. This car has 1334hp, it was rated on a DYNO. Now, majority of cars being produced have less than 200hp. Corvette's used to produce 350, not its 426 I believe. McLaren's have something like 800 horses. So to say that 1334hp is low, is the most ignorant comment ever posted here. That's the most stock hp ever produced by a motor that is for sale. Now it has a Mercedes Benz V-12, V-12's are not small, even short strokes, if they make short stroke V12's. A V12 is the largest modern motor, of course Bentley is experimenting with its first V16 and Cadillac is rumored to be releasing its second generation of V16's. But V12 right now is as big as it gets, especially to have a twin turbo. Now, the reason the power isn't getting to the ground has to do with the tires but its moreso in the transmission. Because you can burn out any set of tires and get them to melt to the road. But the transmission can obviously handle the power, otherwise it wouldn't have been rated at 1334hp on the DYNO. Now, as for acceleration, that has to do with they type of gearing. Like someone said earlier it's geared for top speed, not lateral acceleration. Think about it, a car with 1334hp geared for acceleration would max out probably before it hits the first curve on any track, and if you didn't take not of the torque, which is way more than most cars have in horsepower, even the McLaren. So, the gears are completely independant, if you can afford this car you can afford the manufacture of new gearing for your car and you can do so if you choose. But this car is examplary of engineering technology, so please dont make ignorant comments like that. Its not funny, or cute, so dont try it again, in hopes that you dont embarass yourself because if you think I'm going off, you haven't seen<!-- Signature -->
  21. wow thanks for the info you dipsh*t. Can no one on this web site recognize sarcasm? even my mother knows that 1300Hp is insane. everytime someone makes a sarcastic remark some idiot like yourself goes on and on about how wrong they were. oh and a Mclaren has 627Hp not 800. and this is not a production car so it doen`t have ``the most Hp on a Production car ever``. about the ``slow`` 0-60, isnt this car turbo? so mabey it could just be turbo lag. peace
  22. Is it physically possible for you to be any stupider automaticsare forpussies? All your witty, clever remark to Vajira's true reply did was prove a theory that not all humans have evolved from primmates. Not only have you made yourself look like a complete, utterless, pathetic moron before everyone on this forum but your facts about the Mclaren and this fine piece of technology are wrong. Let me explain in the lowest form of the English language I can think of so that you may contemplate what i am saying - Only the US versions of the Mclaren F1 had 627.1BHP @ 7400rpm due to the fact that the US has strict laws, however versions in foreign countries such as england had 650bhp @ 7400rpm. As for your other illiterate statements It isnt a production car yet you simpleton because it is a "Concept" meaning that it has already been built, tested, and proven that it works perfectly all it has to do is be produced which can take anywhere from 3months to 5+ years to go from being a concept to a production car (seeing as how this car was built in 2001 expect it to be a production vehicle before 2005 hence the amount of time it takes for a company to turn a concept into a production car) as you would know happened to such cars as every Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Viper, etc. that were concepts if you actually knew anything about cars. About the 1330BHP it isnt from turbo lag, it is geared for top end power as the 950ft. lbs. of torque should tell you if you knew anything at all about cars. Clearly with this vehicle Lotec dominated the car market with the 2001 Lotec Sirius's 248.5mph versus the Mclaren f1's world record run of 241mph. being that the Mclaren F1 is a poduction vehicle with having exactly 100 units made unlike the Viper 800TT which isn't a production vehicle because less then 80 units have been made almost every one of them being upgraded form previously owned vipers. Lotec's intention was to have the fastest and highest geared, top end powered car in the world and they did just that with the Sirius concept. for those of you who dislike this car do you have any idea what 950ft. lbs. of torque can do??? There is no logical reason for anyone to post anything wrong about this car seeing as how most people such as automaticsareforpussies know nothing whatsoever about cars all they do is come to forums which they have no business attending, these people should be locked up for eternity in a padded room and never be allowed to breed, let alone re-enter civilization.
  23. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from buttface</i>
    <b>I think horses are cute animals. I don't understand what they have to do with cars though.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->if yer a gurl u r incredibly cute -lol but if yer a guy u r by far the dumbest guy ever <IMG SRC="">
  24. That's more than enough hp...<!-- Signature -->
  25. 1334hp is more than plenty! it kicks asses!

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