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  1. Actually, the LPE 427TT is quite faster than the 800TT. It recorded a 9.5 second 1/4 mile with an auto and 100hp less. gsolinas is an American in denial. So the Gemballa Lamborghini is faster, huh? Did one of your cliental buy one? Did he test it at the track? Did he get a print out of the test? Or did Gemballa give you some estimated numbers, cause you know that Gemballa based those numbers on reality....<!-- Signature -->
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    Porsche 944 (no need for funny labels)

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  3. gasolina, try checkin out the hennessey site its all about vipers, they make some upgrades for vette and prowler, but its basically for vipers, and is that LSE 427TT gasoline driven or alcohol or sumthin? im goin by all street legal included cheapest gas
  4. excuse me, LPE 427TT, and how many of these cars do they make?
  5. Evil Ninja Moby: I have seen this Cavalier with 900hp! It pulls 1.1 g's, 0-60 in 1.7 sec., 1/4 mile in 8.9 secs., and tops out at 300 mph!!!! Beat that Bugatti!

    Vader: I agree with BigBlocks posts, I don't think I would mind if his siggy just said, "American Cars Rock!", then less space will be taken up. I mean come on! His siggy takes up the whole page! And it sounds like a bunch of bullshit that his Dad taught him!<!-- Signature -->
  6. There you have it. Still no proof. You guys get all upset and start calling me stupid all the while people that know something about cars are laughing. Prove that this car is at the top of the list in the world of cars and I’ll shut up, but you keep avoiding the challenge. Vette1 I agree with what you said. This car may be one of the only cars who bothered to officially test in the US but there are cars capable of beating it while staying road legal. Thank you, I appreciate the honesty. Try talking some of that sense into the other moron that gets himself all worked up over someone disagreeing with him. So before you go calling someone else stupid evilninja try being a little more sceptical. If you are stupid enough to believe that in 14 years no car has surpassed this speed then go on being an idiot. But know that you are one of the stupidest and most gullible pieces of shit on this forum. Sure the sites that were posted could be questionable but it is not like they were advertisements for Lamborghini the way the Callaway site was for Callaway. It was the official Callaway website, I’m not surprised at all that they wrote that but it was outside sources that were claiming the Diablos performances which to me takes away a lot of incentive to exaggerate. The Callaway post (even considering it was 100% accurate) only proved that the car did 254mph, not that it hasn’t been surpassed. Think about it asshole, how old is that article? That is why none of you can find a record of this being the fastest in the world. So until you can post the site that officially lists the fastest road cars in the world according to an official record holder like Guinness shut your gay ass up.
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    You take a Callaway self promoting website as reliable and then you call me naïve. You’re a god damn joke. You were asked to show me this so called record weeks ago and I still don’t see it. So like I said earlier. Post the record or shut the #$%# up and save face.
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  8. Gsolinas are you still arguing with these morons. **** em they don’t know what they’re talking about. They preach “proof proof proof” but can never post anything of any value. Let them think what they want.
  9. Ahh, shaddup. You'd take it if yah could.

    This argument is plain and simple.

    Is the Sledgehammer Corvette a freud? No. End of story.

    Its the age old fight, are North American(Canada too) cars better than European cars? Honestly I say no.
    Europeans are making high-tech cars while America is still old fashion with its big block beasts.

    You compared the engine size? the smaller Ferrari v8 to the large vette v8. Thats like saying that the RX-8s 1.3 250hp engine is better than a firebirds engine. You just cant compare.
    American cars are big, loud, produce smoke from burnouts and are often used for fukin.

    You want to see who makes the better car? take a ferrari and then take a Firebird T/A....add one chick, and try to have sex. With the Ferrari, its soo small u cant even sack her on the hood without damaging the delicate components...while with the US car, after you lay it to her in the back seat, you can slam her on the big heavy hood over and over.

    If you want to compare the Z06 to the Ferraris, your gonna have to rember that the Z06 costs WAY less than the Ferrari.

    Want a little engine that goes "Zing" or want a BB that growls.

    Im happy for Callaway for its record, but I know some other car will smoke it sooner or later.

    Its like my RX-7, its way faster than a stingray, but the stingray has an attitude that only vettes have.

    No one can deny that this car is not awsome, if you ever saw it, you would prolly wet your pants.
    I say w00t to the 1988 Chevrolet Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette. It kicks ass.

    just rember, your a geek on a computer FIGHTING over what car is better.
  10. Funny. But take that same chick and ask her which guy she’d rather #$%#, the one in the Firebird or the one in the Ferrari. I’ve got beds, sofas, and showers for #$%#ing, I’ll be fine just driving my car.

    As far as the Z06 vs. 360 comparison, I guess everyone will have their preferences. But to me it feels like you guys are comparing a status symbol to a mid life crisis car. It's not all numbers, so the 360 edges out the Z06 in some areas, so the Z06 edges out the 360 in other areas like fuel efficiency, big deal. We're splitting hairs. I and most of the population would rather be seen in the 360 because of what comes with that. Is it a better car? I think yes. Is it 3 times better? No. But I never said it was three times better. If it was the car would have to be capable of what? 800kph and a 0-60 of 1.5. Maybe a slalom of 200. Come on seriously. The price is not all about performance. We've already been through that.

    Sure this car (Sledgehammer) is fast. But the remark about it being a fraud has more to do with the morons that claim Chevrolet’s superiority “because the Sledge is so fast”. Those morons were out there posting in Euro car sites and need to know that this is a one off and that Chevrolet actually had less to do with it than they think. It was co-produced but most of the credit should go to Callaway. So is it a good representative of the Chevy line? No. That is why I called it a fraud.
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  11. LOL Ask your girlfriends. Not that their opinions should really matter. But I have a hard time believing that they would choose a domestic car. They probably wouldn't care.<!-- Signature -->
  12. WOW! "Hell#$%#". Now them thar is fightin' werds. Hey gsolinas, are you pissin' your pants yet? I know I'm gettin' outta town. BigBlock is rollin' in at high noon. LOL!!! Where did you learn to talk BigBlock. Jesus Christ I feel like I'm listening to a "hell#$%#in'" retard trying to make an argument. Can we shut up about the whole fraud thing already? No it's not an accurate representation of a Chevrolet Corvette BUT it IS an accurate representation of a Callaway Corvette, it's real, you can touch it(hopefully without getting arrested), it works, looks, and sounds like a car, and, therefore, not a fraud.<!-- Signature -->
  13. hey wait a second you could by a Z06 put the rest of the money left over from not buying the ferrari and put performance parts on it and smoke an exotic car.

    dont get me wrong i love exotics but u shouldnt compare them to cars way out of the vettes price range
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    Hey Guys, It takes forever to get to the end of this thread doesn't it? gsolinas refers to this Lambo site all the time, so I e-mailed him. Sounds like proof to me(LOL). Heres the Q & A:

    So, I can buy one of these rare VTTT's right now?
    > For about 4/5's the
    > original cost? Do you have the name of anyone who
    > owns one? What about the
    > name of that French magazine that had the priviledge
    > of testing one? Who owns
    > and operates this site? It would be great to hear a
    > reply.
    > Thank you, Max L****

    Subj: Re: Diablo VTTT's
    Date: 5/6/2002 3:09:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
    From: [email protected]
    Reply-to: [email protected]
    To: *****@*****.com
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Hello Max,

    the Diablo VTTT can still be bought, there are eight
    accounted for, but I don't have a lead on one for sale
    at the moment, I do know a VT TT Roadster in black,
    awesome car, let me know if an open-top turbo charged
    Diablo sounds interesting.

    You should however know that any 'standard' Diablo can
    still be turbo'd if you like, all the semi-official
    VTTT's were built for Platinum Motors, an authorized
    dealer, and they still can install brand new dual
    turbo's on any Diablo, preferably recent cars, but
    older ones can also be tuned this way.

    I think the French magazine you're refering to tested
    the Gemballa Lotec Diablo Roadster, not one of the
    actual VTTT models if I'm not mistaking.

    By the way, I run the Lamborghini Cars on my own, just
    as a hobby of mine.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me again if you have
    any further questions,

    kind regards

    Mark Smeyers
    Lamborghini Cars, the enthusiast site

    A hobby? An Enthusiast? I'm sure he's not biased... Semi-official production? Sounds like something that makes gsolinas cringe!
    I bet if you bug Callaway's site, I'm sure you could get a record copied from the original printout at that track.
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  15. Why should I be cringing? 8 were made, shit I thought it was 7. Always more than Callaway's whopping 1 produced.

    Yeah Vader I agree with you but the fact is we can't buy that car even if we had the cash because they weren't produced. Unless the museum that has it is willing to let go of the only one made.

    Oh yeah I'm with you totally on the scared of BigBlockpussy. I had to clean my chair after I read that threat. LOL! BigBlock, you are a moron, you not only never post facts but don’t even post formulated thoughts. Was that too big a word? I’m sorry I’ll break it down for you. If anyone should #$%# off it’s your gay ass since your one-liners are totally irrelevant. Shit sorry, more big words. Oh well…look it up you just might learn something you #$%#ing idiot.
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  16. u notice how every reply in here led off the subject of the post title? to get back to the question it isnt a fraud, and u cant argue that there are cars faster cuz they base these on their standards of if it qualifies, such as formula 1 cars dont count, cars equipped with NOS dont count, alcohol running cars dont count, and im pretty sure all the cars in here are street legal, and probably hafta be street legal to count
  17. gsolinas is gay and he has no friends
  18. Where was the proof asshole? The fact is the Guinness Book recognizes the Mclaren F1 because no street legal car has ever been tested officially at a faster speed. If this car had it would have been at the top of their list.

    And don’t act like the Callaway site wouldn’t be self serving and self promoting. If what they say is true why isn’t it in the Guinness Book?

    And the VTTT is semi-production because more than one but less than 20 were made.

    Villa that was so clever. How did you think of that? Bring your mother around so I can bounce a load off the whore’s face just to show you how gay I really am.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from gsolinas</i>
    <b>And the VTTT is semi-production because more than one but less than 20 were made.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hmmm..... looks like a Dealer installed aftermaket system. Like a Hennessy, it's a Platinum Motors!

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from the guy who made your Lambo site</i>
    <b>You should however know that any 'standard' Diablo can
    still be turbo'd if you like, all the semi-official
    VTTT's were built for Platinum Motors, an authorized
    dealer, and they still can install brand new dual
    turbo's on any Diablo, preferably recent cars, but
    older ones can also be tuned this way.
    Lamborghini Cars, the enthusiast site

    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    You should try reading, gsolinas.<!-- Signature -->
  20. If you look closely at the Guinness Book, you will find that where it talks about the McClaren F1 it says "Production Car". Sledgehammer was not a production car (although reproducable and purchaseable). It is however a street-legal car and has a higher top speed than the McClaren, therefore making it the fastest street-legal car. NOTE: Not all Guinness World Record holders are listed on the website or in the book. Guinness themselves admit this on their FAQ section on their website.<!-- Signature -->
  21. very true, the mclaren is listed under "world's fastest production car".......and gettin back to the venom800 since ive seen more testing videos, them cheater slicks, y would u call it cheating, the damn tires r like 8 or 9 inches wide only, how well its that little rubber gonna launch a high rpm start?....and plus, if uve seen the videos and read the infos., its all amatuers runnin the venom800 havin fun, them idiots cant even get a good respone and a good quick take off, i saw a guy take 2.2 seconds to resond and still got a 10.4 on the run, imagine taking off a couple seconds, such as ive seen a different guy take half a second to respond but cant shift and is too pussy to put that peddle down, i watch a guy take his own experimentle viper, who showed to be a "pro runner", to pull a 10 flat and not even in a venom makin lots less power. this site i checked these videos out on they actually raced souped up vettes against souped up vipers to make it more competative and fair, when lingenfelter did their 1/4 on that vette, they used a stock viper agaisnt it, how pussy is that, and that stock viper still was only maybe 11/2 to 2 seconds behindim still waitin to see them match the venom800TT(the 833hp one) against that lingenfelter vette, both with excellent drivers, and on same tires, to make the run just perfect, im not gonna aruge the venom would win i just know it would be an excellent run, 750hp with less wait and auto, or 833hp and more weight with manual?...tuff decission that noone can make possitive statements about until its actually run, this callaway vette sucks on the 1/4 mile compared to these other 2 cars
  22. It isn’t totally like Dodge and Hennessey because the VTTT was tuned by its own company (or a branch of it).

    Vader, that doesn’t make this the fastest car, it makes it the faster car between it and the F1. Just like the Sledgehammer plenty of one offs have been made to remain street legal and maintain higher top speeds.

    dodgedude, I didn’t name the tires. That’s just how they are referred to. But if they shouldn’t make a difference why are they used and why do they put out better times?
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  23. I lost? LOL why because you can spot where the Guinness Book has flaws. I never said it was the word of God but there are no Official Record Books that anyone can post here Guinness or otherwise that can claim this car is the fastest. Face it, you guys have had a month and still nothing. Accept defeat. This thing is just another claim until someone can prove it, and I doubt anyone will.
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  24. This car was made over 12 years ago and you are trying to compare it to the cars today! This car can be made for you if you have $400,000.<!-- Signature -->
  25. I guess no one out there has $400,000 to spend then. LOL This thing wasn't produced because it was probably unsafe to the average driver, keep in mind it was only ever driven by a race car driver.

    And no I didn’t lose, I brought up reasonable doubt and no one managed to prove me wrong. All you guys had to do was post an officially recognized record holder that had this at the top of the list. But you failed, that's right...not me, you. Learn to accept defeat.
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