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Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by gsolinas, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. gsolinas I beleve you are right after reading your messages. I do beleve that this car is a fraud. Chevorlette hasent come out with any real cars yet! Even though i am an american i do beleve that forgien cars are better than ours. Even though u may not agree, i think the only good car that america has come out with yet is the Viper. The only good vehicle the america makes are the motorcycles. I myself am a ford fan but all the cars u talk about would blow away ford.

    germany cant export us a car without putting a devise on the cars that slow it down because they are to fast. So you are right about the cars.

  2. So why do BMW's and Mercs in Germany also have speed limiters? Why are Porsches unlimited over here? Boy. For your first post, I find it hard to believe you'd sit through 15+ pages and come out in favor of the topic starter...

    Where's jcazz? cornu? notic?
  3. I'm just aying that he has a petter piont than you do Guibo.. and who cares about the BMW I'm not talking about them, and they suck anyways.
  4. So, what cars from Germany were you talking about?
  5. This is amazing. I refrain from senseless internet bickering for a few months and log on again out of curiosity only to find that a seed that I planted 6 months ago is still growing. Yet there is still no proof on the whole thread indicating that the Sledgehammer is the worlds fastest car. Shit even this site acknowledges that now. Looks like top honours went back to Europe where it should have been all along.

    The reason I decided to take a look after all this time was because of a personal e-mail I received acknowledging my knowledge on cars based on this thread. I’d like to thank that person and the others who have supported my arguments long after I left.

    Guibo…what can I say? You have a disease. The last time I was on (roughly June) you were in the 5000 range. Now in September you are nearly at 9000. There has to be some kind of medication for people like you. You’re so consumed with this shit. Find something to do. You’re in California for crying out loud, find a woman. Stop lashing out at everyone that supports me. Face it, what I said “This is not the fastest car in the world”, made sense. I am right…again. Even admits that Mr. Moderator so take it up with them.

    Now watch, I’ll log on in December and this lunatic will be at 12,000.
  6. YA AGAIN???Can't ya choke it on instead of insulting mods? WHERE ARE YOUR PROOFS?We haven't seen them till the beginnin' so go away bullshitter!
  7. I don't think top honors goes to anyone. As for right now, on this site, we have a car that can be driven on the roads comfortably, and has reached a top speed of 254.76 mph, and another that was built for nothing more than going fast that was just barely put on above this one. Europe might have more cars that can reach over 200 mph, but the US can do the same, simply chooses not to to the extent of European countries.
  8. well that is an interesting way of thinkin' bout the question
  9. This is a reply to what really started all of this @#$* !!!!!!

    quote "You completely avoided the question dumbass!!
    What makes the Modena an exotic and the Z06 a sports car?
    It's beside the point. Technically the Vette should be able to outperform the 360 everytime since they are both normally aspirated V8's the difference being 2.7 litres in favour of the Vette? But go figure the Modena outperforms it in 0-60, top speed, and class.

    And where do you think Audi's are made anyway...EUROPE!!!"

    What makes the modena an exotic is the $130,000 plus pricetag. Only some fool with lots of money to burn could get one. What makes the z-06 corvette a non exotic is the reasonale price of $50,000.

    To the european lovers out there. Sure you have great superfast cars but are they a price that a normal person can afford, I think not. If you want to be fair with the money I could buy a z-06 and send it to lingenfelter and spend the difference between the two cars and the corvette would then be an exotic and would whip the 360's butt.
  10. fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight
    Kill kill kill kill i want to see blood
  11. thank god someone has finally brought the truth into the situation....
  12. And here we are once again where we were months ago. We posted proof, if you choose to believe that the 100's of people who tested it are liars then thats your problem.

    The problem with the Mclaren being the fastest car is that you have to modify it to get there.
  13. Use the quote feature. Doing so will make it easy to understand who you're quoting, and what the quote exactly is. As for the issure of price, most people can't even afford a new car, let alone a Vette, let alone a Ferrari 360. Except for the arguements that are aimed at which car is the best deal overall, price doesn't matter much on this site. Your point is very good, by the way. And a side note, since you don't know me like other members yet, I'm not just a Ferrari guy.
  14. ah ok do you like american muscle cars, maranello boy?
  15. PHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT This car is worth 400 grand and it only goes twice the speed of my 30 grand (Canadian) 95' Auto Matic Ford Windstar....

    Haha. Just BUGGING!!!!!!
  16. Why don't we compare price tags? Go find a Ferrari under 100k that will out perform a Z06.
  17. Why don't you post this in the Z06 forum?
  18. You may want to watch the news a little more often if you think that's what the whole world is worried about.
  19. Good luck finding a Ferrari that's both in good condition, and isn't so old that it can't outperform a Z06. Then there's still the fact that a Z06 is still only a $50K car, brand new. Then there's also the fact that the insurance company will eat you alive just for owning the Ferrari. I knew a guy who owned a Ferrari. He had to call his insurance company each time he wanted to drive it, just to clear it with them, and they'd insure it for that day.
  20. Italian Engineering? I'll put a second edition ZO6 up against anything made in Italy. Even ones costing 4 to 6 times as much. They may beat the vette in a few areas but not by much and not enough to warrant the extra cost (or loss of 10+ mpg's). 0-60 in 3.94 seconds is quick enough for me. One magazine I read did back up the factory claims. And if thats not enough, you can take a Vette to the Grocery store and not worry while your in there. I love Italian Machines as well as the Lotus machines, but lets compare apples to apples.
  21. exactly compare cars of similary categories otherwise the comparo has no sense
  22. I prefer oranges to oranges. I would prefer a ZO6 over a high end exotic if I were buying one car. It's got comfort, speed, handling, fuel economy, room, and more. The only thing I like about exotics more is the head-turn factor. Although you get a lot of head turns when you're in a Vette (I do that all the time when I see one pass on the highway), you get a lot more when you're driving a new Ferrari or Lamborghini.
  23. Where are my proofs? Are you illiterate? Read the pages in this thread and others carefully. Besides it wasn't my job to provide proof here, I created doubt and stated an opinion, it was others who jumped down my throat and said I was wrong. Yet they couldn't prove shit. If the truth bothers you don't read my sense getting all worked up, they're only cars.
  24. Damn man, for people to research anymore you must provide REASONABLE doubt. They've provided sites, companies, phone numbers, hell, even videos. All you seem to do is blow it off as skewed evidence and ask for something else. We all know your opinion is biased since you refute any evidence we bring yet openly accept that the "phantom" Diablo VTTT is faster. Once again they proved it, you looked the other way.
  25. The sites were Callaway sites, the company was Callaway itself, the number was a Callaway number, and the video was a Callaway video. Detect a trend? Can't blame a guy for blowing it off I guess huh?

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