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  1. Z06- 0-60 3.9 seconds, quarter mile 12.4 seconds,$50,000

    360 Modena- 0-60 4.3 seconds, quarter mile 12.8 seconds, $150,000

    your a dumbass who doesn't know shit.

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  2. The site was a Callaway site, numerous others were not. The company was Callaway. The number was not for Callaway, it was for a research center that tested this, if you would of really called you would know that, the video was Callaway made but it is a video. How are you going to deny that the car really went that fast if it is on video, there are ways to test the speed by watching the video if you don't believe it.
  3. This car is not a #$%#in fraud your a dumb#$%#. If this car was fake how did it go 254 MPH then, and it also says you can order 1 from chevrolet and get it for $400,000. This car rules!!!!Vettes rule!!!!!

    Lifes a garden,dig it-Joe Dirt
  4. VettesRule1: First off the Modena was tested by Motortrend and had a 3.9 result on the 0-60, unfortunately this site isn’t letting me upload jpegs and the only site I can think of that shows it is down right now but as soon as I can I’ll post the result. Either way you are wrong. It is exotic because it is manmade in small numbers. The Z06 is an assembly line car and isn’t made to order, they are mass produced. That is why one is a sports car while the other is exotic.

    Will938: The video wouldn’t mean shit to me. Sorry but videos can be altered, you know that as well as I do.

    Kffjkjf…: Read the whole conversation or get lost. You totally misunderstood “fraud”. I don’t think this is an accurate representation of Chev or Callaway because they never produced another car that could actually do this and successfully put it on the road. If you seriously think that this was never put on the road because no one ordered it you are stupid. There are plenty of rich Vette collectors that would pay twice that much if it were possible. Odds are it was either bullshit or just too unsafe for the common man on the common road.
  5. There are plenty unh?

    The Mosler 900TT was suppose to be the fastest car, some said that it could even out match the Mclaren, however once again "no orders".

    For 400K, espically at that time, Callaway would of been more then happy to make one for somebody, remember this was the time they were trying to establish their name.

    If it wasn't safe to handle on the road then they would never of made it to the test center. This car was driven from Callaway to the Technical Research Center.
  6. thank ya for the info vette 1
  7. Those are some nice attempts Vette1. Not sold though. Besides, it was driven to and from the testing area by a race car driver and who knows what conditions it was in on the way home. But like I said before, who's a prototype.
  8. You're not sold, oh man what a surprise! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Like I've said before when it comes to an American sports car you yourself could be at the track and you still wouldn't be convinced.

    However what you believe is not a fact, as much as you might hate to ever accept it, this car still holds the fastest top speed for a street legal production car.

    As for you're doubts about the drive to and from the test center, if you're idea that something went wrong was correct, regardless of the conditions they would never have even tried to drive it on the regular roads, could you even begin to imagine the bad press of having the Sledgehammer break down in the middle of traffic? Come now give these guys a bit of credit they aren’t stupid, they would never risk such a thing.

    And as for you're theory that this car is some kind of conspiracy, and that there would of been plenty of people who would of wanted to buy it. Well my friend, in this case you should have absolutely no problem in locating some type of evidence (like an article), that talks about a pending lawsuit against Callaway.

    See the people who can afford 400K on a car, are not like you and I. These people when they want something you can't try screwing around with them. If some buyer came up to Callaway and said "Hey I want a Sledgehammer", and Callaway tried to give them the run about or just tell them "no". Well that my friend is called false advertisement, and these buyers would have plenty of cash to have taken Callaway right out of business. A good example of this can be seen with what is happening with John Hennessy.

    By the way you fail to even try and explain why there have been no buyers yet for the 900TT, which I have used as a good example of great performing car that no one seem to want to buy.
  9. By the way gsolinas

    I'd like to know you're opinion on the new 427TT, might be the fastest car in the world?

    Do you think that too is a Fraud?
  10. Be realistic you are in no position to verify what went on at some test in 1988…you weren’t there. The difference between you and I is that I have legitimate doubts. After all a car that is never produced can hardly be deemed credible. You on the other hand have no more than a blind belief. You accuse me of being biased…isn’t your name Vette1, no wonder you defend this car so vigorously, I bet if it was a Jaguar you wouldn't be saying shit.

    427-Saying a car may be the fastest in the world is like saying I might have the biggest dick in the world. Claims are claims and nothing more. If it is the fastest car in the world and is produced then I’m sure that they will have little trouble in proving it. Then we’ll be able to read about it in the Guinness Book.

    “However what you believe is not a fact, as much as you might hate to ever accept it, this car still holds the fastest top speed for a street legal production car.”

    Wrong, to be considered a production car the car must be produced. 1 sitting in a museum hardly qualifies it as production. Sorry.

  11. Many people who did not work for Callaway saw these tests in 1988, call and be done with it. We're just repeating the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Saying you can't verify something because you personally wern't there is like saying the there was no WWI. You've never been to any track tests for Ferrari, why would you accept their claims using your same logic? Bias.

    Your doubts become void to people when it is clear that you don't have an open mind.
  12. Ferrari test results are posted everywhere and the cars are tested everywhere. People also own them and could discredit them if they wanted. You know there is a Colani Ferrari that has allegedly been driven past the 430kph mark but since I see no legitimate proof I won't go around saying shit like "don't hate us cause we're faster". If I was really biased I’d probably sound more like what certain people on these forums sound like. I never said I had to be at the test track, that was someone else’s stupid assumption. Valid recognized proof. That sounds fair, it is what you would expect from any other car. Besides its speed is hardly in question since I find it irrelevant. I’m focusing now on production. What car company can’t drop an engine on 4 wheels and make it go fast? The fact is this wasn’t produced and it never will be. Why? I have my opinions, you have yours but the fact remains the same, 1 car = prototype. We’ll never know how this would’ve held up against competition because no one will drive one. My thought, if it was all its cracked up to be we would have seen it by now.
  13. Ok first off, because of my name you're calling me biased?
    Excuse me my friend, but I am not the one that has used Ferrari websites as legitimate sources of proof (this you have been guilty of in more then one occasion, so don't try to deny it), if you can show me anytime I've been so biased as to do so please let me know.

    You tell me that there is little proof for the speed this car did, yet you jumped to the conclusion that the Diablo was faster just based on what you saw on another message board and some guy’s personal web page. Acting like that, you’re no longer being biased, you’re just following blindly.

    By the way about the 427, it was tested as of late by Motor Trend a brief detail, it did 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and is still able to handle the track.

    You may not consider it production, however it was labeled as such and was available to be purchased. Like I told you before, if you strongly believe that Callaway is trying to pull something here you should not have any problems finding proof of pending lawsuits against Callaway for false advertisement.

  14. By the way gsolinas

    When has the Colani Ferrari allegedly been driven past the 430kph mark?

    Only thing I've herd was that it was estimated to be able to go that high. When did you hear that it was actually driven that high?

  15. So? As you stated you were not there so you can't believe it? I don't follow this line of thinking. You jumped at believing the Diablo VTTT was faster pretty quick with only one private source.

    Apparently it's harder than just dropping in an engine and making a car go fast else Ferrari and Porsche would of done better in the top speed shootout.

    You are biased, how can you not see this? I'll admit that I have a bias in favor of American cars, but I won't deny tests witnessed by hundreds, on a video, officially recorded, and backed by a professional. Even if it was in favor of European or Japanese cars.

    The car was produced. It is, as you say, not production. Even though it is considered production by the rest of the world.

    BTW - We saw how this would do against the competition in 1988, it would of blown it out of the water.
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    "Guibo…what can I say? You have a disease."

    Let me guess...and you're the cure.

    "The last time I was on (roughly June) you were in the 5000 range. Now in September you are nearly at 9000."

    Wow. And...?

    "You’re so consumed with this shit."

    And look who keeps comting back to this "shit." LOL, the kettle calling the teapot black.

    "Stop lashing out at everyone that supports me."

    Are you going to make me?

    "Face it, what I said “This is not the fastest car in the world”, made sense."

    And your "proof" makes little sense at all. You haven't provide the proof that the the tuned Diablo was faster. Indeed, you don't even know the name of the French magazine that supposedly tested it.
    You won't even face the fact that the McLaren F1 that did 240 wasn't even a production car. LOL.

    "I am right…again. Even admits that Mr. Moderator so take it up with them."

    And is infallible? Bwahahahaha!!! FWIW, I've tried taking up corrections with them before. No such luck.

    "Now watch, I’ll log on in December and this lunatic will be at 12,000."

    How much do you want to wager?
    And while you're at it, care to tell us your relationship to cornu?

    BTW, has anyone looked at this yet?

    The onus is on you, gsolinas, to show something similar verifying the top speed of that tuned Diablo.
  17. so does any one know where this car is now, is it in like a car museum or something???
  18. my first post so don't "hammer" me too hard!

    first; we,as americans, probably only know what the goverment wants us to

    second: we have needed help,as well as, given help in just about all world conflicts

    third: this is a CAR site

    lastly: the sledgehammer is a awesome car in it's own right. the Z06 is as bad as a PRODUCTION car can get,bang for the buck! actually, the Z28 SS has a better hp per $ w/ options rating then even the 'vette. IMO, a hand built ride ,such as the ferrari, had better be a better vechicle! a production car is made for the masses and for cost. to say the Z06 is a "better" car then the ferrari is like comparing apples to oranges. the ferrari has better fit, function and similar performance. what the Z06 gives you is a VERY capable car for the price, with the options that we want; ie: cruise, cup holders, superior sound systems, and the ability to drive the car every day. not saying you couldn't drive a ferrari everyday, but who would? in the end, IMO, the 'vette wins because of similar performance, COST, and maintance cost. (of course i'd GLADLY own a ferrari anyday!!)

    sorry it's so long
  19. ya..question, did anyone ACTUALLY purchased on of these? If so, how many were actually produced?

    ya yank cars head in a different directino than eurocars and attract different audiences, it's a matter of opinion really.

    lol american magazines do that? :p

    another question, why did they call Mclaren F1 when it came out in 1997, 9 years after this car was built, the fastest car in the world with 240.1mph? If this car already exist?
  20. American magazines do what?

    Mclaren F1, was considered the fastest OVERALL CAR, not the car that had the fastest top speed. I think I've said this more then once, do I need to draw you a picture?
  21. I almost forgot how repetitive it could get arguing on these forums.

    I’m called biased because I post Ferrari sites as proof from people posting Callaway sites as proof.

    A computer hacker trashes me for posting too much when he’s nearing the 10,000 mark.

    And then I’m put into the position of constantly repeating my points. The VTTT and Gemballa may in fact be faster, so I asked the panel of experts on this thread to provide the site with proof from a legitimate record holder, Like Guinness Book, not a Callaway or TRC post who don’t even claim the car is the fastest. Their claim to fame is that it was the fastest car tested there. Needless to say it was never tested again. But lets not dispute if it did it or not…lets assume that it did, which it may have. So what? We already know that the W125 is faster…much faster, the VTTT, Colani Ferrari, Gemballa Roadster, and maybe others as well may also be faster. So why is this the fastest car in the world again? We know that others might be faster while one for sure is faster.

    “BTW - We saw how this would do against the competition in 1988, it would of blown it out of the water.” Yeah but it didn’t because it was never driven again after its test, how convenient.

    And for the thousandth time I find myself explaining that regardless of why, this car WAS NOT PRODUCED!!!!!! So it is not a production car.

    Guibo you act like this is a trial and I must provide you “the prosecution” with all this proof…Who the #$%# are you?

    This isn’t war, it’s a discussion. I saw reasonable doubt, so I asked for an official world recorded to be posted if someone could provide one to satisfy my own curiosity. No one did, it has become evident that no one will. Why? Because that record doesn’t exist.

    Regardless of what excuses you come up with about the Mclaren the Guinness Book recognizes it as the worlds fastest. A letter from the TRC should theoretically be able to clear that up right? Why hasn’t it? Give up? Not a production car. Neither are any of the other cars mentioned since less than 20 were produced of each. Am I still biased? I’m not British, yet I can acknowledge who made the fastest production car in the world. So far the Brits.

    “first; we,as americans, probably only know what the goverment wants us to”-this might be the most important piece of info on this thread. Don’t forget it.

    That's it I'm done.
  22. Buddy, I'm going to ask you just this one thing, if you're so sure that Callaway lied about making this a production car, then why can't you find any articles of pending law suites against Callaway?
  23. Quote from gsolinas:

    "A computer hacker trashes me for posting too much when he’s nearing the 10,000 mark."

    Hacker? Who are you calling hacker?
    Would you be trashed if you HADN'T brought up the totally irrelevant issue of post count? Duhhrr, think about it. If you're going to bring up such silly arguments in favor of your side, you should expect nothing less than a sound thrashing.

    "Guibo you act like this is a trial and I must provide you 'the prosecution' with all this proof…Who the #$%# are you?"

    It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is, "What do you have to show for your BS?" Nothing? That's what I thought. For your sake, you're lucky this isn't a criminal court. You'd be frying.
    Guy 1 says some car does 254 mph. Guy 2 says no it doesn't. Whom do you believe? *That's* the relevance of proof, and it's a pity this point is totally lost on you.

    "That's it I'm done."

    Yeah!!! Finally!
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  25. Would be if the linked worked, but I've read the article myself, where does it say it's not in production?

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