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  1. You didn't read what I wrote very carefully did you. This is a racing series in which all the cars are equally modified, all are N/A as far as I know, but have massive modifications otherwise. Basically all cars had major modifications, but performance still slightly resembles stock performance.

    If the driver knows what he is doing, and remains at the right rpm coming out of a corner, he will be able to accelerate enough to prevent the Z06 from pulling away, thus leaving the possibility open for himself to pass in the turns.

    Overall if you look at both cars carefully you might find(or at least I find) that the NSX (no, not the Acura NSX, the Honda NSX Type-R) appears to have more potential on a track, however it is much more difficult to drive it that well, and thus the Z06 is much more likely to win.
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    Tell me something: What COLOR was this NSX? Was it the red and white machine of Peter Cunningham?

    Curiously, in one of the rules for this series, as it relates to minimum weights and maximum wheel sizes, it has provisions for a SUPERCHARGED NSX. Do you see one for supercharged Z06's?:

    Didn't read your post closely, eh? LOL.
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    Looks like there is only one NSX in that racing series. What do you suppose the "SC" suffix refers to? And why isn't it included next to the Z06's?:'s that NSX:
    What do you suppose the "V" on its hood stands for?

    Oh, waitaminute. There you go, below. VORTECH is known for what, exactly?

    Stock, my ass. How many NSX's come stock with superchargers and 285 or 295 size rear tires? And when you consider that the 425-hp Brembo-equipped Comptech NSX tested by R&T in '99 was no quicker than even their bone-stock Z06 (and actually slower in braking, through the slalom, and on the skidpad than the stock Z06), you kinda get the feeling a modded Z06 might just very well be leagues ahead of a similarly modded NSX, which is already $40K up on the Z06 anyway.

    You might want to refrain from telling others to read more closely what you wrote, and maybe spend more time learning about WTF you're talking about.
  4. ZEDZEROSIX, I respect your opinion but you have to understand that $400,000 in 1988 would be very different now. The car sounds like more of a bargain today due to inflation but in reality it would cost way more than that.

    Guibo, that was posted before this years Z06 specs were posted, I’m aware of its current capabilities. But it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that 281kph is still a bit off from

    DeusExMachina, I agree with what you say, but isn’t arguing part of our freedom?
  5. 305 kmh? What are you referencing here, exactly?

    Any reason why you and cornu have the same IP adress? Any reason why you guys write as if you don't know each other?
  6. Congratulations ASSHOLE you just skillfully mislead, baited, and berated someone whose level of knowledge for the series is somewhere between I DON'T CARE and WHO GIVES A [email protected]!

    If you knew that information before, then why didn't you just inform me that some of the cars aren't naturally aspirated and why did you mislead me when I pretty much openly admitted that I didn't know much about the series? Isn't the point of a forum like this to help inform people when they don't know something? As a moderator that was pretty low on class.

    And by the way your response read, I had every reason to believe you hadn't read my post thoroughly, I know what I read of your post, not what you actually know, i.e. I'm not psychic.

    Like I said, "as far as I know, they're pretty much stock, and naturally aspirated" which basically infers that if I'm wrong I would appreciate it if somebody woule correct me, not attack me.

    Considering how much the NSX's general braking distances are, and how fast it generally goes through the slalom course I find it hard to believe that the stock Z06 would do better, particularly considering how poor the weight distribution is (in comparison), and from various tests I've seen, the stock Z06 is generally faster, but not as quick through turns. Although faster a modded Z06 is certainly NOT "leagues ahead of a similarly modded NSX...". By the way the only reason the NSX is more expensive is because it is hand built, not mass produced, and thus will both be more reliable, and doesn't have anything "up on the Z06" aside from handling better due to a better overall design, in relation to decent handling due to a very advanced suspension system.

    Aren't most of the other cars in that series Turbocharged? If not the NSX has been modded to make up for the lack of displacement and kicks the Vettes ass, what's wrong with that? Aren't you people yourselves the ones always going on about how it doesn't matter how power is achieved, as long as it has that power?

    Oh, and I didn't really care enough to spend several hours searching for something when it didn't really matter to me.

    p.s. I refrain from reading the advertisements on vehicles themselves, to avoid the American economical influence as much as possible.
  7. If you want to avoid the American economical influence, then what the hell are you doing even watching car racing? LOL, talk about rolling billboards (racing in front of stationary billboards).

    Yeah, that supercharged NSX did well. But let's not assume that will always be the case (supercharged NSX beating N/A Z06's).

    Why do you expect that moderators should have higher class? LOL. When I was granted moderatorship, they mentioned NOTHING about elevating oneself to higher class. Class has nothing to do with it.

    And for goodness sake, I'm not here to hold your hand, or educate you or anyone else. I've learned long ago that you really can't educate anyone on these forums. I come on here at least knowing what the hell I'm talking about, and I feel that's the least I should expect from others. Is that asking too much?

    You don't think a supercharged Z06 would be leagues ahead of a supercharged NSX? Are you freakin' serious? Here's how Lingenfelter's 500-hp supercharged C5 (not a Z06) performed in Car & Driver earlier this year:

    0-60: 3.7
    0-100: 7.7
    1/4 mile: 11.7 @ 126
    0-150: 17.9

    Just to put that in perspective, here's how the Murcielago tested by TopGear Magazine performed:

    0-60: 3.6
    0-100: 8.8
    1/4 mile: 12.3 @ 120.3
    0-150: 19.5

    Now, compare that to the figures for the Comptech Supercharged NSX:
    0-60: 4.7
    0-100: 10.9
    1/4 mile: 13.1 @ 110
    0-150:??? (probably no better than the 405-hp Z06, about 24 seconds; in other words, the supercharged NSX gets romped on)

    Total cost for that Lingenfelter Corvette? $58,016. Add $200 if you want a 3-year warranty / 36K-mile warranty.

    And regarding handbuild quality, being handbuilt doesn't ensure reliability. If that were the case, Ferrari's would be far more reliable than Honda Civics. Surely, we both know that's not the case? And besides, the Corvette topped JD Power's Initial Car Quality Survey for Premium Sports Cars, so it can't be all that bad.
  8. Just keep talking about that good ole American Ignorence... Cuz you got plenty of it to share. Buddy you're comparing apples and oranges, a 2003 z06 is a masterpiece for being a full blown production car UNDER 50k a Itallian RACE CAR that is street legal and run by a bunch of wires and commuter control modules is a TOTALY different story especially when there how much >>400,000+
    -Racer 4333Div.4 Renegades
  9. And criminey, you think I have those links stored away in memory? That's why I asked you if that NSX was supercharged. Notice I gave you time to respond, and instead of doing a little research and coming up with the answer, you presume that I'm not reading carefully what you've written. Now, I might be offended. Insulted. And maybe I should be. Or my response might be somewhere between I DON'T CARE to WHO GIVES A [email protected]

    And no, not all the cars in that series are turbocharged. Clearly the larger displacement American-iron V8's shouldn't be turbocharged, as that would make it too easy. Talk about an unfair advantage. No, the cars in that series (and other series quite similar) use sliding scales of power and weight in order to try to equalize or level the playing field. If I want to watch someone run away from the rest of the field, I can turn on Formula One. F1 can afford to get away with that kind of racing (and has done so for the better part of half a decade now). Not Speedvision GT so much.
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  12. Wow that's an impressive comment. It amazes me how I get called a cry baby when every American on the net jumped down my throat after I made an observation. Heaven forbid an American feels disrespected. Take the #$%#ing blindfolds off.

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