Re: This car is nice.

Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by Black Devil, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. Rather a Modena.
  2. i dunno what i would choose if i had to pick a Modena or a Spider. i do prefer the hardtop so i guess the Modena would be the one to take home.
  3. Re: I'm gonna buy one :D

    I'd take the spyder. They are so damn pimp. My friend's dad had one for awhile. It has the most perfect paint job EVER, plus, you gotta love the screaming exhaust note. Truly a gift from God. But while he had it, I almost rear-ended it! THAT would've sucked!
  4. I prefere the Spider.
  5. I would go with the Spider because many factors. i like convertibales for one. but i would love to own either of these. no pictures or videos can show this cars beauty, you should see it in person. then you would see true beauty. this is a damn nice looking car, i love it.
  6. This is the car that started me on cars. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for this!

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