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  1. OK wakka the guy that KNOWS the most is the guy that can spell... KNOW<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> anyways the thing is this is pretty much my dream car.. i mean its classy its balls to the wall fast its just beautifull AND the 99 with supercharger does the 1/4 in 11.2 or so i heard.. i just personaly think this car is the most amazing machine made next to a GT40.. Also did i mention its GORGEOUS???
  2. there are many modded camaros that can run 8-9s on the quarter mile. so i dont think so. Dont give me the modded crap because your comparing a 30k car to a 170k car.
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    I seen one of these beautiful cars on the freeway today. It was silver with the red sripes. It doesnt compare to a vette in looks. And the pictures dont do it justice. although a Z06 would beat it on straight aways, i dunno about actual racing such as a race trak with turns. But i do know that the Series 1 has a racing type suspension package. And all you that are talking about the Lingenfelter Corvette's and other cars, you have to remeber that this is a stock car and not modified. The supercharger can also be ordered as standard equipment. You can go here if u are interested in ordering one or just seeing how much they would cost with options and what not. Late
  4. The Z06 would win(stock car one, not lingfelter), but not very much(maybe a 1-2 seconds). I like the SSeries 1 looks better though
  5. Given the choice I'd take the Shelby, even though the 'vette is faster, but as for the S/C'ed version, damn, now that's a nice car. Oh yeah, the blown version would set you back about 190k. And just a little bit of info, the car weighs 2850 lbs., so says not 2650. This car is nice, but don't go off sayin' 'vettes are sh*t, a comment like that makes you look stupid, and not to just a few, but a lot.
  6. What an idiot!!!! Just shut the @#$&% up!!!! Next time if you post somehting try using your brain if you have one!!!! The Z06 beats this in just about eveything and at the HALF PRICE!!! Im not saying this car is bad I love this car but it just cant keep up with a stock Z06. By the way this guy that lives right the street from me has one and it sounds great!!!!!!!!!! VAROOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A Z06 could woop this car any day of the week, and twice on thursdays.

    so u can kiss my ass. your a #$%#in retard.

    Lifes a Garden,Dig it-Joes Dirt
  8. I believe this car, with the supercharger (factory option) would be faster then the Z06. 0-60 in 4.4 is the 320hp model (I think), but at such a price, it is expected that the vette wouldn't quite keep up. The vette would still put up a great fight though, and is definately one of the best bang-for-the-buck cars. IMO, this car should have been graced with a big block 427 option instead of a whiny supercharger however, being a die-hard muscle fan. but then again, I would just buy the cobra csx6000 with the 427 and run laps around either the vette or the series 1. And although it's just my opinion, as beautiful as it is,the vette just doesn't compete in looks,
  9. and a '60s Shelby Cobra could smoke the Z06, sad huh! im not much for the Shelby Series1, its got the best fuel lines(as oposed to blood lines) and it still sucks. Motor Trend just did a test, this(supercharged) VS. the classic cobras and who won? the classics by far! on street tires no less, imagine them in race tires!
  10. yea well my mclaren with 3 shots of NAWZ would kill your ZO6. its the fastest car in the world. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  11. ok lets get this shit straight!!! Anybody who thinks that this shelby can beat a stock ZO6 doesn't know what the hell they're talkin about. First lets start with the specs.
    The stock ZO6 has a 5665 cc 350 cubic inch 5.7 liter engine that'll do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with 400.0 pounds per foot of torque @ 4800 rpm a compression ratio of 10.5:1 that'll do well over 170 and a lateral acceleration factor of 1 g and weighs 3117 lbs.
    The Series one has a 4000 cc 244.1 cubic inch that'll do 0-60 in 4.4 with 290.0 pounds per foot of torque @ 5000 rpm that'll do 170 and a lateral acceleration factor of 1 g and weighs 2650 lbs.

    ok to start off the ZO6 has 106 more cubic inches of engine than the shelby and the ZO6 also has 110 pounds more per foot in the torque race. Oh and did i forget to mention the corvette's 0-60 is higher the top speed is higher and the compression rate is higher.

    Hhmmmmmm..............who doesn't know shit now. Next time you post a topic think about what the hell your sayin and know what your sayin and have the facts to back it all up.

  12. No joke. Supercharge this bad boy and watch it go if ya can see it! I bet it handles like a dream too....Shelby rules
  13. hey lets make this race fair buddy if the shelby gets a supercharger how come the vette doesn't. That's freakin stupid yeah i bet it could beat it if the selby had a supercharger and the corvette didn't but then the shelby would have an advantage and the race wouldn't be fair lets give them both the same thing and then c who wins. Yeah
    we own a 2002 ZO6 with a supercharger,andI guarentee that my corvette would smoke it off the line and in the long run i'll put money down any day that my corvette would crush the shelby, but lets keep this race fair.
  14. Ok, heres ny way to shut you down. First of all, i have visited the Shelby Factory. He uses an Oldsmobile engine super and or turbocharged to get his power. Chasis and body wise it beats any chevy, but for the same price you can make one hell of a camaro that could beat it in a race, including road coarse.
  15. well, corvette freak. good to see you can make up numbers. Please point me to where a Z06 did 3.9 0-60? Oh wait, you're referring to the motor trend (or maybe R&T) article where they got 4 flat and said it was POSSIBLE to attain 3.9 with CLUTCHLESS SHIFTING. Did that register?

    Now why in hell would the vette get a supercharger? Does GM offer a supercharger for the vette? No. Shelby, however, does offer one for the series 1. Fully warantied, making it production. If you just stuck one on your vette, it would be no more than a tuner car like the lingenfelter. (cue rush of morons comparing this to the lingenfelter vette)

    Unless you're going to be pulling numbers for the s-charged shelby, you may as well take stats on the base model vette.
  16. Exactly!!!
  17. are any of those covettes production? Just shut up, please, for the sake of us with a shred of intelligence. Who cares what a tuner can do to a car? It will never be anything more than a tuner doomed to race jets and other such idiocies. Please stick to stock production cars.

    Argh, that damn Callaway Corvette is almost as irritating as the lingenfelter. Do you have any facts for it other than topspeed? of course you don't. Also, they made 1! You couldn't get one if you wanted it.
  19. Please, enlighten me as to where the corvette did a 3.9 0-60? I hold here the 2002 Auto Guide, as well as the september issue of Car and Driver. Both seem to think the Z06 pulled a 4.4s 0-60. Don't give me anything about the drivers not being good enough, because GM sent John Heinrycy, their in-house pro.

    I'm not saying that the corvette can't do 4 flat, but it depends on CONDITIONS. I doubt we really have enough tests done on the shelby to determine what it's highest potential is. The 4 flat was probably done under ideal conditions. The shelby has a higher power to weight ratio than even a 2002 wiper, somehow I don't think it would fall .4 seconds behind the vette.
  20. sigh, that should read viper, not wiper... damn typos. I still haven't figured out how to edit my posts, if that is indeed possible? Still kind of a newb around here<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  21. well....this is more expensive
  22. yeah it is... then again, the body is also made of carbon fibre, and it's hand built. Not to mention exclusive. I know the last part doesn't factor into performance, but it's a good thing if you own one.
    Also, you have to take into account the fact that Shelby only sells 3 cars, so he doesn't have the hundreds of economy cars and minivans to spread the costs around on.

    All in all, I would buy this car in a heartbeat if I could. IMO, the best looking car around, this pic does it absolutely no justice
  23. oh and to the guy who said it has looks, luxury and exclusivity. This is possibly the last car you'd buy for luxury. It's much like a cobra in terms of luxury (well, maybe a little bit better).

    But it's got looks, exclusivity, hp (s-charged versions), weight, and I bet it more than holds it's own in braking, transmission, and espescially suspension. I think it hold up pretty well spec for spec with the Z06, contrary to what some idiots would have you believe.
  24. this car is absolutely beautiful, right up there with the Shelby Mustangs, and the immortal Shelby Cobra..but one has to wonder, could the Series 1 be the 2nd generation Cobra? I still think the original Cobra could probably keep up if not beat the Series 1, but in terms of originality, the Cobra would win hands down
  25. The standard Shelby would get killed by a ZO6 (It hurts to say as much because I am a die hard Shelby fan) but when you pull up to the line beside a Supercharged Series 1,all you would see pulling away is smokin' tires, and thats a fact.

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