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Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by GunnerGT, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. YOu are right this car kicks ass Its not the cars fault that some stupid punks dont know how to Race so they get there asses kicked and they happen to be driving the Mustang I dont know who said chevys rule but hes trendy everyone thinks chevys rule its a product of GMC General motor crap! I have to agree that there are some pretty sweet chevys out there but they have always tried to out perform the fords and lost they copied for by making the camero in 1967 2 and 1/2 years after the mustang was released they couldnt compete Ive seen 289s have more horses than a 454 look at chevys deisel when they first cam out it was a joke they blew up I know die hard chevy fans who still dont trust the new deisel thats pretty sick chevolet is the trendiest motor company its disgusting
  2. You Bet! 300ZX TT/Supra TT/RX-7 TT/Honda NSX/Skyline R34VSPEC!
    This is a good list to start with that would toast a GT Stang!

    Spec List:
    2002 GT Stang 56.52 HP/Liter 184.14HP/Tonne
    1994 GT Stang 43.5 HP/Liter 139.43HP/Tonne
    1996 300ZX Turbo 101.35 HP/Liter 189.99HP/Tonne
    1993 Toyota Supra Turbo 106.77 HP/Liter 204.47HP/Tonne
    1990 Acura NSX 90.69 HP/Liter 199.41HP/Tonne
    1999 Nissan Skyline R34 107.48 HP/Liter 179.22HP/Tonne

    So here is the spec list from this site. This is basic physics
    and math. IF you was able to log in and type a response you should
    be able to figure it out. With a identical test driver in each
    vehicle it is not hard to figure out the results.

    P.S. I have had Mustangs, with well over 400HP each. I am a Mustang fan, but the reality is that the new GT's are a cost effective sports
    car. It was produced for the masses, that is why the price is reasonable. But bottom line is the above mentioned cars will all eat one up on the track, and at acceleration! I do it all the time!!With
    a 300ZX N/A!!

  3. In wouldn't say "any" japanese car. eventhough I don't like rice burners, there are some that can kill a buttstang (supra,skyline). The GM f-bodies are the best and most cost affective way to kick ass. This year GT has as much horsepower as the avg. 6cyl. It sucks.<!-- Signature -->
  4. YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ummm no it wouldn't, my friend max has a 1996 GT convertible. We raced to 115, he beat me to 80 but then I caught up by 90 and passed him and won at 115. And just it has had the same outcome every time we have done this just to show you that it wasn't a one time thing. Thats with a 140HP jap piece of shit..... shows how much you know. I like american cars but they are not the best.
  6. Re: this car is a piece of shit, Ford Sucks!!!!

    HAHA - thats all I should say. This is one of the pussiest cars I have ever seen. Ford Sucks! Chevy Rules! Ford makes the weakest engines ever! A V8 with only 215 horsepower?! And I can find hundreds of jap cars that could kick this cars ass. This dumbass kid at my school has one (he thinks his car is the shit). I beat this Mustang in my mom's Isuzu Axiom. Axioms are around-town V6 SUVs. Man Ford Mustangs SUCK!<!-- Signature -->
  8. then how come when I pull up to a stop light and a rice man wants to race me I beet his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  9. I offen don't hate people for being stupid
    but 94FORMULA .. you don't know shit.

    have u seen the way you car looks???<!-- Signature -->
  10. Hey hot rod the reason why they wanna race ya is beacuse they cant stand to look at your piece of shit car andif i would of seen ya i probably do the same since your car sucks and looks like shit.
  11. wow u guys no absolutly NOTHING...this car is a 94!!! big deal that a BRAND NEW maxima can beat it....and if u did beat him in an axium(sp?) wich i doubt...he either has a 6cylinder with an auto...cant drive for his life...or wasnt even racing because ur an idiot for trying...i have a 94 stang and yes it has only 215hp...but for just about 5 grand it will be pushing damn near 500......<!-- Signature -->
  12. dude you know nothing aiite!!! goddamn look at yourself!!! you stang's got nothing!!! i can #$%#ing run faster than that piece of shit. so shut the #$%# up.<!-- Signature -->
  13. DAN, you are ultimately retarded!!! here are the japanese cars that kick its ass!! 300Zx. 3000GT, RX-7, Supra, S2000, Integra Type-R + NSX.........Stock!!!! YOU HAVE A 1" cock!!! this car is shit-covered-chode-with butt sauce and an extra helping of crap!! Damn!! ARRRRRRRRR!<!-- Signature -->
  14. I saw that car once, it inspired me.. NOT TO SUCK MEGA ASS SUPER SHIT like that car did, take it away before I puke on it.
  15. 94Formula, doesn't know anything. True this mustang with burn a ricer, but to an extent. When you say "ricer" you mean Civic, Integra, Eclipse, little sport compacts? Well then yes it would smoke them, but when you put it against a 300ZX, S2000, Supra or any car of that class, and Japan would prevail. I just bought a 300ZX and I can say it is faster than my 93' Stang. I haven't had it dyno'd yet but i'm guessing around 6-700rwhp. But I will post the numbers when I get them. I love Mustangs and Camaros, I've had both and I still can't pick a favorite because they are both good in their own way. So if you don't know anything about these cars,(or any cars for that matter) don't post stupid and pointless remarks.
    Peace.<!-- Signature -->
  16. Re: this car is a piece of shit, Ford Sucks!!!!

    Hey all you have to do is put a little money into this car and it would beat the hell out of plenty of cars. I'm not saying it would beat all japanese cars stock, but it definately doesn't suck. I put 6 thousand into my 1995 GT and have toated many rice burners. If you wanna compare the mustang to the best rice burners, then I'll give you some american cars to compare them to. The Dodge Viper Hennessey 800TT, or the Camaro ZL1 even though it's only concept for now.<!-- Signature -->
  17. Well said, stang429. What you people don't appreciate is the V8 growl that comes out of these cars through their twin exhausts. And you can't compare a rotweiler (Mustang) to a chicken (Jap cars). If you happen to come across such a chicken on steroids, it still doesn't compare to the bears (Viper HV800, Corvete Callaway, etc) that we've also got. Get the analogy? If you're not riding American, then you're riding dicks.
  18. first of all, you are comparing the best american sports cars ever made to the cars japan was allowed to bring over. Ever hear of an R390? or how bout a blitz skyline? and if we want to talk about modifying them, then we'll go strait to a stage VII 300zxTT. that's over 700hp in about 50k, or more than likely a lil less but lets keep it that hight to be fair. not bad for a V6 though.
  19. hahahaha ford ppl! you are all just mad bec. ford has to use a big V8 in a little car to even compete w/ japanese 4 cyl sedans. I will admit ford does better now, since it bought out mazda and is using japanese designs in its engines.
  20. Not to mention that ford also has Jag,Aston Martin,and Bmw is doing some of there cars like the Focus. I still dont know what the feddish is with these stupid Rice cars I can have some respect for the cars like the Mitsubishi 3000 GT but the Supra is just a celica why cant anyone get over that It blows my mind that people spent so much on throw away cars the only reason some of the rice cars are so fast is because of NOS its cheap horse power and it screws up you engine bad it almost melts your heads and valves every time. This is why we hate these cars so much they try to compete with Actual horse power so back off ricers. I put one in its place tonight one of those stupid honda what are they? They look like a BMW roadster Dumb ass tried to race me so he figured out who was boss.
  21. The 4 cyl jap cars are good for movies only.

    When you see they running in a movie like Fast and Furious you forget that it's for a SHORT time.

    A 4cyl Turbo with or without NOS can't beat any V8 in a race.

    These 4cyl can only reach high speeds for a few secs. If you put them in real race they'll blow.

    That's the diference between an American and a Jap Car.

    You can see Mustangs of '64 running with their V8 like new ones. I want to see a turbo with NOS engine reach 100,000 miles.<!-- Signature -->
  22. Ooops !!! I mean a 4cyl CAN'T beat any V8 in a race..

    Sorry !!!
    <!-- Signature -->
  23. Sure this piece of crap might be able to beat some japanese cars, but not anything european. Real cars come from europe.
  24. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 944turb0</i>
    <b>Sure this piece of crap might be able to beat some japanese cars, but not anything european. Real cars come from europe.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    By being European it will always win huh? So a VW jetta will beat it? another new kid bashing on mustangs for no reason.
  25. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 944turb0</i>
    <b>Sure this piece of crap might be able to beat some japanese cars, but not anything european. Real cars come from europe.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Show your european "winner"car and I will show the american car wich kicks it out.<!-- Signature -->

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