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  1. This in manual or F1

    would you take this is manual or F1 or automatic eventho i'm not sure it's available in automatic? I would take it in F1 transmission<!-- Signature -->
  2. I'd go F1 so I could relax driving it
    its not a racer anyway it's supposed to be a grand tourer
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    If you view the video of Michael Schumacher test-driving the Maserati Spyder (same car in soft-top) around Fiorano, Italy, you can tell he's impressed by the F1 (Cambio Corsa) gearbox. Most cars of this caliber with sequential gearboxes are usually pretty well done, even the E46 M3's SMG transmission is a little beauty, by all reports, and the M3 is substantially cheaper. Unsure if the Cambio Corsa package is a no-cost option or not...probably not. Ferrari/Maserati rarely give anything away for free...

    Video available from: <!-- Signature -->
  4. Manual for me as well.

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