Re: This is a car of class!!BUT

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by Yeppi, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is a car of class!!BUT

    The TT is so much nicer than this car but i do like this car quite a lot.BUT The TT any day.<!-- Signature -->
  2. why are you comparing the to they're completely differnt cars
  3. I am not compering these cars i am saying that the TT rules and THis Car is a close 10th thats all ok. You got a problem with that.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: THIS CAR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The TT sucks. you cant compare them. Its the worst car ever. TT SUCKS>
  5. I think the worst car ever is the PT Cruiser, but we're all entitled to our opinions.
  6. Yup Yup and Yup!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  7. The PT Cruiser is so ugly and it only has 4 cylinders IT SUKS!
  8. /____ This was the concept that the PT Cruiser was based off of and
    \ they should have built it more like this.
  9. why do major car makers like to downplay their cars??
    obviously this car is able to improve much's SOHC for goodness sake!!!....pls...someone get it DOHC....and the power is more matching to it's looks....
  10. this is the kind of car that makes me wanna shit into the air intake system<!-- Signature -->

  11. haha
    Mustang BULLITT
    thats cool
    gett it
    T T
    get it thahhahha
    audis cool(and really horny)
    T T
    tit ty
    t t
    AHHH!! lol
    T T T T TT
    TT hahahahAHHHHHH!!!!
    heann1h1o1h231ik31';3 kb1
    ehh heha
  12. One word TWAT!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  13. The TT is better!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  14. You suck cat dicks Yeppi.
  15. The TT sucks. It's a flaming turd of a car.
  16. This car only has 10 more horsepower than a modern day GT which 0-60's in 6.2.This thing 0-60's in 6.0 sec's tops. SLOW! My mom has an Infiniti G 35 sedan and 0-60's in 6.2. It's a luxury car not a sports car! It also slalom's better than this P.O.S. Man if you get a Stang (I'm not a fan of Stang's) get a Cobra R or Mach 1. They can at least perform pretty good.The manual G 35 Sedan 0-60's in 5.9.

    SRT-4's rule.
  17. You seem to have no clue as to what you are talking about kid, so let me help you out.
    Mustang GT (which is slower then the bullit)
    O-60 5.5
    1/4 mile 13.7-14

    So how again is your moms G35 faster...? Idiot.

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