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  1. This is better than the 2003

    The 2003 no doubt has it's good points in the new interior, new technology and new horsepower. But the fact that it will not be available in coupe form disguists me. If anything i thought they would scrap the convertible and go back to the traditional coupe supercar.

    I wonder how the convertible will affect weight and slalom times?
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    actually, the convertible weighs less because it doesn't carry a large panel of glass and a heavier, sloping hard top. i bet slalom times are negatively affected because of (likely) decreased rigidity, though
    also, check out
    there is a version of the viper coupe being made available, a racing version in the style of the mustang svt cobra R. a street racer more or less. it has 520 horses and 540 ft/lbs of torque.

    oh, i just figured out that the above link no longer has info on the racing check this out..duh...$Dodge@$Viper%20Competition%20Coupe.html <!-- Signature -->

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