Re: This is gunna get its ass torn up by the new Mustang GT

Discussion in '2001 Nissan Z Concept' started by exer51, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is gunna get its ass torn up by the new Mustang GT

    The 260 hp GT we have now has a 6.0 0-60. With 280 HP it will devour this thing. I say they need to go back up to 300 hp like they said it would have a while back. And then of course offer a turbo model to compete with the Cobra. Maybe even amke an AWD model with the skylines AWD platform. That would be sick. A Twin Turbo 360 HP AWD 350 Z. It needs a spoiler too. Too plain looking now.<!-- Signature -->
  2. a mustang GT can beat this car, that is sad. Looks like the camaro, vette and viper have no competition what so ever. <!-- Signature -->
  3. Ok... where to start. First of all, Mustangs are slow as hell. The camaro, no longer in production(can't imagine why?), is also slow as hell. The only fast corvette is the zo6 which is somewhat ok and reasonably priced but it is ugly. As far as the viper is concerned is somewhat better looking but handles like shit and is overpriced. The only problem with either is that my 93 hyundai has more horsepower per litre than either car. It's ok because I understand animal instict to defend yourself in times of extinction you stupid american loving bastards. Thanks.

  4. your hyundai has more hp/liter. really thats great but doesn't mean anything. some Lawnmowers have 240 hp/liter and i agree mustangs are slow but not in comparison to your hyundai. the slow as hell mustangs and camaros would kill your car.
  5. All i gotta say is is ford aint got nothin....they may have fixed there tires but don't hold your breath waiting for them to fix there crappy engines

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