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Discussion in '2002 MINI Cooper S' started by jeepman14, Aug 10, 2002.

  2. You guys have no lives, pyro you think that this pile is the best car ever? This car sucks. It has a supercharged inline 4 banger, well it does haul ass for a small car but it still sucks. You call this a super car? This site is not
  3. This car may not be a supercar. But it is a damn fine car for about $25K. It retains some of the original Mini's character, while going far beyond with standard safety items unheard of in a car of this class. The interior design and overall execution are very impressive.
  4. This most definatly the BEST CAR EVER.
    AND to boot it is freaking affordable.
    But anyone who wants a piece of action better get crackin because they are limited or you will pay out the nose and/or other openings.
    I heard that this car is more fun to drive than S2000 and such cars and I don't doubt it. You guys know I'm getting it (somehow).
  5. hey bigvic i dont understand how you can say "yeah this car does haul ass for a small car" and then go on to say how much this car sucks...
  6. I was stating facts,newbee!!! That doesn't mean that I like this pile of garbage.
  7. get a life, bigvic

    stop knocking any car that isn't plastered to the ground with gigantic spoilers and isn't pounding the road with overly-huge engines, all the while sporting an italian name. that's not what makes a car A SUPERCAR. this site may be called supercars, but it displays cars that somehow have an effect on the auto industry. why do we have idiots that just love to come onto this site and knock any car that isn't over $200,000 and doesn't have more that 500 hp? GET A LIFE ALL OF YOU HUGE-CAR FREAKS<!-- Signature -->
  8. Re: get a life, bigvic

    okay,okay that was a cute post phreak 13,lol.
  9. I just drove one yesterday (actually not the S however)... Cars like this redirect my attention away from traditianal American muscle. This car is probably the funnest car I have driven. <!-- Signature -->
  10. Also, the original Cooper has the best handling of any car whatsoever, due to its size. I bet that legacy continues with this baby... Also, I know of at least one car in its class better than this, although they don't make them anymore. The Make starts with "V", and the model starts with "C"...

    Take a wild guess.

    Ciao, TR
  11. No it's not. The Vector WX3 will kill this car. So would the Vector W8, the McLaren F1, the Jaguar xj220, and so many more. Anything pictured below will smoke the Mini. (Sonic is laughing at the thought of the Mini being the best car ever)
  12. Well, I don't know about this being the best car ever. However, this is a great car. It's only around 25k, which is a great deal for a car like this. Some of the best cars in the world are super cars. The Mini is no super car, but it's one keck of a car. Pictured below are some of the things the world can't do without
  13. I don't know about my "mum", but I sure as hell would take a Lamborghini over this car any day of the week.<!-- Signature -->
  14. Hi,my mum likes this car. does yours?<!-- Signature -->
  15. I don't know about my "mum", but I sure as hell would take a Lamborghini over this car any day of the week.<!-- Signature -->
  16. Definately a great Mini! You can't knock it!<!-- Signature -->
  17. volkswagen corrado? is that what you meant?<!-- Signature -->
  18. That car is about the ssize of my cauck.
  19. to understand mini u have to drive mini. anyone who has driven this car will understand!!!!
  20. I sat in one of these. Very roomy, and I'm a tall guy too. I'd like one. Of course they don't measure up to Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but what do you expect. Really. A Mini Cooper S, with ALL the options is under 27k That's a lot for a little. And I like the styling.
  21. I like it but its too heavy for all the hype they talk about how "its got more power than before" But always neglect to say how many more pounds than before its got. When u see the original coop and this one side by side, this one looks gigantic.
  22. This car's handling is superior, even better than the Ford Focus ST170 and Civic Type R, but its performance is not even close to the Focus ST170, and far from the Civic Type R.
  23. the only problem with this car is the wheels aren't small!
  24. I think everyone on this site would too, that's sort of a dumb comment. Like comparing a weed wacker to a riding lawnmower...of course one is better than the other..., but, I could buy 10 weedwackers (or Mini's) for the price of the riding lawnmower (or Lamborghini).

    I love this car, but I am not a CEO of Microsoft or NIKE, nor do I play professional basketball, and I am not an actor, so I don't consider a Lambo just yet. But a MINI Cooper S is a quick, fun-to-drive everyday car. I would love to get one of these after I get out of college on a few years.
  25. great car, wheels r too big, its a mini not a civic!

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