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  1. Hi, I'm a braindead Mustang fan. My mustang is the fastest in the world. It's supercharged tuned engine can beat a stock NSX-R in a straight line. I'm proud.

    What happens when you hit a turn moron? The mustang can't hold it's own against a firehawk, much less an NSX-R on a track. Import fans, please ignore idiots like this. Not all of us are like this.
  2. The only reason this person started this post is because he is jelous that japanese cars are better then american cars in in anyway. You know that all american are just a piece of steel with a a huge engine without anything special just a big OLD v8 4 wheels and a steering wheel, all i can say is american cars are not the future, thats for sure. noone should get a viper of anykind over an NSX because when you get an NSX you get what you pay for and you dont have to worry about it braking down on you, but when you get a viper you should save up a quite alot of money just to keep it running.
    Ever since it was introduced in 1991, the Acura NSX has been a bit of a sports car enigma. Can a car so reliable, so hassle free really be called an "exotic" car? There seems to be an unwritten rule that to qualify as an exotic car, you have to suffer character building breakdowns, and mysterious leaks from places unknown under the car. Since the NSX imposes few such penalties on its owners, there are those who question the cars pedigree and mission in life. Mr. Honda told his design team to provide Acura with "a limited production, hand-built, exotic, mid-engine sports car that set new standards for performance, refinement, reliability and drivability." The engineers at Honda were determined to design and build this "New Sports car eXperiment." They decided that the car would embody everything they had learned at the racing circuits of Formula 1 and would be styled after the F-16 jet fighter. The result was the 1991 NSX. In order to meet these goals, Acura built an all-new assembly plant at the site of the Honda proving grounds in Toguchi, Japan. This plant would be different from most other assembly plants. The unfinished bodies would be moved from station to station on dollies instead of the usual assembly line. This would allow each craftsman to use as much time as necessary to insure the car would be perfect and consistent. Each NSX is a product of meticulous design and all the components that go into this remarkable car are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards. Chassis, Engine and Ergonomics all excel.

    The final word.
    There are sports cars that are more powerful and faster than the Acura NSX, with some sporting a lower price tag. And some critics have said the NSX's styling doesn't have the drop-dead looks of a Ferrari, although the NSX was clearly inspired by that car and is far less expensive.
    But there are no sports cars that approach the NSX in its superb blend of performance, handling, civility and driving savvy. In this respect, the car is simply impeccable.Buying a sports car is a very personal thing. There are all sorts of perfectly good reasons why a particular car will appeal to a buyer. In those subjective areas, the NSX might not equal a Porsche, Ferrari or even a Corvette But on the overall excellence of the driving experience, none of the others can match the NSX.
    The only quality problem we've ever heard of in connection with an NSX has to do with rear-tire wear. Early editions were using up their rear tires far too quickly, sometimes in less than 5000 miles. Part of this was due to a tire compound designed specifically for maximum traction, and Honda has been working with its tire supplier - as well as making small rear-suspension adjustments - to improve on this problem.
  3. I'm simply impressed by your essay.
  4. I remembered when I start to get addicted to cars, I liked American cars so much. Like Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipers and stuff. But after meeting with the japanese import cars, i just completely got addicted to imports. Quality, Reliability...etc, all beats american cars.

    The only thing that I'd choose over Imports are American Pick-up trucks
  5. Ever played Gran Turismo? If it is truly realistic in handling etc, american cars put on a terrible show, and you see people like Porsche, Lambo., Ferrari not being included cos they know that their cars cant compete with japansese offerings.

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