Re: this one is even cooler than the ones before!!! what do you

Discussion in '2002 Bentley Arnage T' started by Monkey, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Really? I like the rims and don't like the back end. Oh well. Differences of opinion. If I was as rich as, oh, anybody rich enough to give no second thought to buying a car this expensive, I would buy it. Then I would go drag race Hondas with it.
  2. this one is even cooler than the ones before!!! what do you thin

    i think this car is the most beautiful bentley saloon ever, i only don't like the rims...............but the back is awesome!!!
  3. Ya I like this car i like how you could go have fun with the car and be able to go for a long drive easily and comfortably. if i was rich and could afford this car..
    i still wouldn't get it b/c i think i could probably use my money for something better
  4. yeah its pretty if u love em all classic stuff <!-- Signature -->
  5. I just like egging on the folks who drive Hondas. Mostly my friend Mike. Don't get me wrong, Honda makes very good, quality cars, I just see far too many around here with huge wings and ugly body kits, and the only engine mod is a loud exhaust. Plus, that statement was for the guy in one of the other threads who compared its performance to an S2000. Long story short, it was a joke.
  6. ya thats a pretty good plan
    lets race hondas with a damn bentley
    if you could afford the car, you could afford competition


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