Re: This or S-2000??

Discussion in '2002 Lexus SC430 Pace Car' started by atoyot69cali, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. well see the thing is, s2k actually comes in a manual transmission, while this you can just forget about that so the s2k has a distanct advantage and to this heavy, lex cruiser, that given i still like the 60 odd more hp and v8 of this lex...

    The SL has a bigger engine but once again not manual either... and less hp surprisingly and less torque... so the edge id say goes to the lex... wowies... this is the SL500 by the way, i didnt get a chance to check the 600's specs to compare
  2. this of course.
  3. This pace car has the looks though. I'd take it anyday.
  5. s-2000 is not so good...
  6. I would take this in terms of its power, and style (I have a 1/18 scale collectible of an SC430 and it's tight) if I were a pimp it would be easier to pimp in a car like this than in an
  7. Absolutely this one itŽs much better looking than this and i also like the V8 better than the inline 4 of The S2000...
  8. okay, the s2000 is one of my favorite cars, but have u been in one of these?!?! its like driving on a cloud, this is much more luxurious, and might i add much more expensive, and also has more technology than a merc s class

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