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Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by 550WOLVES, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This or the Ferrari 575M?

    Personally, because I'm a Ferrari fan, I'll take the 575M over this car anyday. Of course though, I have a huge bias.

    I wish the 575M however adapted the 4WD-Mid engine drivetrain of this car because it is one sweet ride. Very great choice.

    Power wise, the Murceliago has the edge over the 575M in nearly every aspect.

    As far as looks go, I just can't find the Murceliago to look as great as the 575M or any Maranello for that matter. It looks too "boxy".

    Any takes?
  2. Dude, Lamborghini and Ferrari are two different classes. You can not compare Lambo with Ferrari except for the F50. I award you no points and may god pity your soul.
  3. What the hell are you talking about? 575M and this are nearly exactly in the same class! May god have pity on my soul?

    Go to hell church boy.
  4. im with you 550 .............i award you no points may god have pity on your soul? souds like trebek gone goth
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  5. This would smoke the 575M anytime, it's faster, better looking. and dude your comparing a supercar to a GT, that's not right. if you want to compare cars stay in the same class.<!-- Signature -->
  6. They practically are in the same class.

    You want to know what two cars aren't in the same class? A 95' Corolla compared to a McLaren F1. NOW THAT'S CLASS DIFFERENCE.
  7. They are the same class, they are both A grade grade sports cars. people mistaken cars in class by price. performance difference is only 0.3 sec on 0-60. they can race against each other and the winner will be the best driver not the best car. Top speed for ferrari is 325.1 kph. look at lamborghini 330kph. they are close, they are both A grade sports cars to my vision.

    But i will have to go with lamborghini. The class of the name is higher rank to many people's views, its a show off thing i have. well these cars are used to show off really! Racing with this, dream on i wouldn't risk scratching a beauty like the lamorghini, even a ferrai i wouldn't. I wouldn't even want to scratch a corvette.

  8. I'd have to drive both of them so pick. Of course I'd pick the Carrera Gt but its not in this Forum.<!-- Signature -->
  9. I wouldn't consider them in the same class, the Murcielago is a lot faster, than .03 secs, or whatever. The only reason they could be in the same class is that Ferarri hasn't released the F60 yet. I mean c'mon, would you consider the Bentley Arnage in the same class as the Murcielago? NO. The superexotic showdown begins with Murcielago Vs. F60 Vs. Carerra GT. I can't wait!<!-- Signature -->
  10. I like the 575 in the front, but this in the back (from the way they look)-the slats are really old skool so i like them.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Meradur what the hell are you talking about? Look at the stats for yourself, these two cars are practically identical. They are in the same class. What the hell? Why can't people see that?

    You're comparing the F60 to the Murceliago,? Now that's difference. Advantage clearly goes to the F60 which will undoubtedly smoke it and leave it trailing behind.
  12. Why must you jackasses be so biased? I admit, I am not a fan of the prancing pony but a appreciate it, I am not a fan of Vipers and Vettes but appreciate them, and I like this car and i appreciate it. A good car is a good car, and lets just keep that in mind. And to 550wolves, a mid engine is not a front engine, and you are a sad pitiful little man for saying it.
  13. I love both manufacturers. These cars are in the same class. That said, I would go with the 575M on the looks side, but the Murcielago on the power side. If I had to pick only one car between these two, I would pick the 1998 Dodge Viper GTS-R.:c<!-- Signature -->
  14. you know its really entertaining how you people can be at each others' throats over something so trivial. the fact of the matter is that the 575 is totally comparable to the Murcielago. 550Wolves has a good point and a valid question. i hear people bitching that front engine and mid engine cars cannot be compared, despite the same # of cylinders in each. fine then...i can argue that the Murcielago and the Carrera GT cannot be compared b/c in has 12 cylinders and the other only has 10...or that the Murcielago and the F-60 cannot be compared due to the F-60's extreme use of F-1 technology. did you know that thus far, Ferrari plans on releasing the F-60 with an F-1 sequential gearbox, and no other option? that's right, no while the F-60 will be shifting gears in only a few thousandths of a second, the Murcielago will be doing it the traditional, fun way. the Murcielago is purely a street car that was meant to be raced. the F-60 is a Formula 1 car made street legal only b/c Ferrari chose to pour tons of money into research and development and pull alot of teeth along the way. no doubt the F-60 will outperform the Murcielago, but for what it is, and for what Ferrari has put into it, it damn well better outperform the Murcielago.

    sorry if i got off on a rant, but if that's not proof that the Murcielago and the 575 are comparable, i dont know what is. anyways, i've always loved Lamborghini more than Ferrari, but i'm just not crazy about the way the Murcielago looks. yes it will outperform the 575, not by much, but with significant numbers. the Maranello is just a gorgeous car...but its just too tough a decision. i'd probably go with the Murcielago in the end just b/c i've always loved Lamborghini, but for now i just can't decide.
  15. Personally, i would choose the Lamborghini Murcielago.
    Now, do not think i am being bias, i have driven both of these cars My friend owns both of these cars. His name is Ehad. Egyptian fellow, he's the guy who is in charge of importing Lambos to Canada and USA. You dont believe me? Look him up. Multimillionaire this man is. Well either way, i am good friends with him, he lives in Toronto like me. Hes actually my patient (im a dentist). REally great guy. Either way, he owns a lamborghini dealership, mercedes dealership, and a harley dealership in downtown toronto. As i was saying, he actually owns 2 murcielagos (silver and black) and a 550 marnello (yellow). He let me drive both cars just around downtown and on the highway a bit. and i can honestly say that the lamborghini is a much nicer car. styling is more modern, better performance #'s (not by much) and just over all exclusiveness. shifting is also much smoother in the murcielago i found. Although the ferrari is a beautiful car, i personally think, having driven both, that lamborghini comes on top. i respect this company much more than ferrari simply becuase of their consistency, great design, and exclusiveness and rarity. They are both great cars, but a silver murciealgo, i.m.o. is the one to choose.
    Im not making this up, look him up if you dont believe me.
  16. Yes, the cars are comparable; But there is a BIG difference in performance:


    0-100 kmh: 3.6s
    0-200 kmh: 11.4s
    1/4 mile: 11.55s @ 124 mph
    1 km stanidng: 20.91s @ 159 mph
    top speed: 205 mph (330 kmh)

    Not sure of 575M, But 550 Maranello did:

    0-100 kmh 4.47s
    0-200kmh 13.4s
    1/4 mile: 12.49s @ 118.5 mph
    1 km standing: 22.46s @ 152 mph
    top spee: 196 mph (317 kmh)

    575M would be approx 0.2s faster on 1/4 mile, and maybe 0.3/0.4s faster on 1 km standing than 550M. But still no where near Murcielago; Difference of over 1 second on 1 km standing is not small!

    Cars are comparable, because are roughly in the category of "supercar," but there is a big diference between the two.
  17. A ferrari 575m doesn't stand a chance against this thing in style or speed. the only ferrari worth comparing with any lambo would be the f50 and the f60 whenever it comes out.

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from lamboistight89</i>
    <b>A ferrari 575m doesn't stand a chance against this thing in style or speed. the only ferrari worth comparing with any lambo would be the f50 and the f60 whenever it comes out.

    I love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    the 575 isn't as fast as the Murcielago.
    the Enzo is way more expensive, but the Lambo would still give it a run for its money <IMG SRC="">
    the Lambo is defnitly the best in its class <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->

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