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  1. I don't mind the overall shape. I like the rims too. They just have to get rid of those vertical headlights!<!-- Signature -->
  2. the ugliest car I've ever seen
  3. what the #$%# have they done to the skyline?
    nissan's bringin out a lot of concept cars and the all look the #$%#in same.
  4. Damn Man! First the RX7 get's replaced by a damn smiley faced P.O.S (refering to it's looks, not performance)now this! Why! Why! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What do you guys think of the picture below? I made the one on the left using the one in the center and the R34 is on the right for you to compare.
  6. That's better looking than the concept
  7. You're right Ettore Bugatti, it looks a bit better in these pics.
  8. Evaluation

    I really like the new back. It looks like the old one, but better (I think). But those front headlights need to go. I loved the old front headlights. Looking at the old 350Z Concepts as compared to the final 350Z gives me hope that the actual skyline will look a lot better. But as for this one, I only like the back and the interior. The interior to this is awesome by the way.
  9. This car is pretty nice but, like they said earlier in this topic thi s design does grow on you, and When I saw it, this deisgn didn't take long to persuade me to like it. This design is going to better prepare Nissan's Skyline for future competitors.<!-- Signature -->
  10. This is really ugly!!!
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  12. I didn't like it at first but now I think it looks pretty decent. A few minor adjustments before it is put into production and I will be happy.
  13. you r the one who agrees with me and i will show this picture to my dad and try to convince him to make it look like that

    no promises
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Nissan GTR</i>
    <b>you r the one who agrees with me and i will show this picture to my dad and try to convince him to make it look like that

    no promises </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    whos your dad?

    the owner of nissan??????????<!-- Signature -->
  15. The top of the line Skyline model will only carry the GT-R designation. That means Skyline name is rendered to all trim levels below the GT-R. JDM version GTR will have a blown VQ V-6 cylinder iron block for easy horsepower upgrades, while export versions will have a blown 3.5-litre (or 4-liter) V8 engine. The JDM version engine is not finalized, but a 3.3-litre VQ33DDTT engine is possible. The R35 GT-R will become Nissan's flagship sports car, and the rumored 450-hp output will likely quash even the supreme 911 Turbo and 360 Modena. Carlos Ghosn has decreed that all Nissan models will have the highest power output in their respective classes.
  16. I really love the Skyline's styling, all 3 versions right when I first saw them. Do not try to convince me I will get used to this because it sucks compared to the R34's or R33’s amazing design and all Skyline fanatics I personally know agree on that point. Just because Nissan created another Skyline GT-R does not mean it automatically looks good because it’s a Skyline. All 3 past Skylines have slightly evolved and kept their aggressive, unique design that does not rely on futuristic or very sleek design. They need to keep it simple and not conform to all other automobile companies who are creating "futuristic" cars because frankly, all of these new car designs really suck. A few years ago car design was at its pinnacle, however, virtually all new designs are going downhill. Nissan should have remained true to their aggressive design of the Skyline GT-R which was so unique and awesome.

    We finally are receiving the GT-R here, but it's not even being called a Skyline and it does not look like one, either! This car does not look like it should be a GT-R, and it should also keep its Skyline name. I am a HUGE Skyline fan, too, but when I can afford it, and when it's out in the U.S., I'm still going to buy an R34 or R33 or R32 over this. Any day.

    Another thing is that this car will absolutely have the VQ35 engine , not any V8, it will have the 3.5L V6 that is in the 350Z. Of course, it is undecided what performance upgrades will be made for the GT-R's VQ35, but it will have the same engine block. This engine will be in both American and Japanese GT-Rs. I am hesitant to say how I know this because there's no doubt that someone will say that I am BSing. I will only say that I have spoken with an affiliate of Nissan who I assure you is reliable.

    Some may be very satisfied with their left-hand drive V-6 GT-Rs (not that the engine is bad), while I drive around in my right-side black Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II with my RB26DETT and the most aggressive and beautifully designed car ever conceived.

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    hey guy who cant say who his sources are is scaring me he seems like some kind of nissan cia member j/k
    oh ya stop saying that it will not have a v8 let us keep our hopes up
    he is funny
    use the old front end wyt a little ajustments and u got a kick azz worthy new skyline if not it is a pos and i rerally wnat that take out the tweakes stuff to happen
  18. "If this thing grew on me I'd have it cut off and burnt"

    haha, thats pretty damn funny <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. This car drove through the ugly forest. The skyline looks much better the way it is right now.
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  21. yeah this skyline is 1 ugly mf. its all renaults fault. they bought nissan so they could screw up nissan.
  22. Okay. This car is NOT ugly. It's a beautiful car. Just the headlights need some minor changes. As for calling it a peice of shit, I'd like to see what you drive before you go running your ignorant mouth.
  23. thankyou, finally someone agrees with me

    i have been trying to get across the point: that they should stop bagging this car because it is probably better than their car, for quite some time (maybe a week :p)
  24. Nice edit but the lights dont really bother me anyway
  25. Just to enform you I was talking to the Professor of Engineering at Ottawa U and he told me the drag coefficient of the R35 is the lowest of any production car EVER! So I can say I especially love this Skyline. The rumours of a V8 TT also dont hurt my opinion.

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