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Discussion in '2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept' started by 2003SVTCobra, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. First some one said that the catapults were air pressurized and there not they are steam pressurized. The f-16 is capable of doing mach2 however the F-22 has never gone that high . It only did mach 1.8 unless they went higher and i dont know about it. The F-15 does mach 2.5 now thats fast . The SR71 went mach 3.1 and it did Los Angeles to New York in 68min flat . Scram jets do not exist yet they are only concepts . If you want to beat a jet on a catapult then you need only one thing a HEMI . They put a top fueldragster(they us American engines) vs an F-16 on a catapult and the jet got smoked until it took off . A jet on a catapult will put a load of about 3G's were as a top fuel dragster will put a 5G load on you.
  2. some guys corvette beat a blue angel but if u think about it the car is doing its soul purpose while the jet is simply taking off the second the jet leaves the ground he is gone
  3. "i mean come on have you ever seen those things take off of aircraft carriers?????" Ok if you anything about how aircraft carriers work...the jets are launched AKA PROPELLED AKA HELPED TAKE OFF from the carrier! The person who said this doesn't know antying about one aspect of aircraft behind enemy lines...or better yet, Top Gun!
  4. V-8's are the best engines for racing...anything more or less than 8 cylinders is pretty hard to match...don't believe me?...pretty close to 99.99999999....% (figure may not be accurate) of racing cars use V-8 engines, Top Fuel dragsters included, unless your getting into the imports and other vehicals that DON'T include american cars. HEMI's are the best V-8 engines because of the way they are made (look it up, its toooo technical to explain to all those know-it-all-about-car wannabe's!) In 1400 feet, top fuelers do nearly 300 miles per hour. Big Daddy (Don Garlits) i believe was the first to break 300 miles (i think its miles) in a quarter. Wanna figure out the 0-60? I personally don't know myself, but let me give you an estimate...its not 3.8 seconds! and it aint 2 second either...probably somewhere in the neighbourhood of .5 sec to like 1 or perhaps 1.2...again i dont know myself and its just an estimate. Imagine the trust on that baby! Im guessing in the hood of about nearly 2 G's??? The Viper again is my favorite car...but i think all this arguing about whos faster....take it to the strip!
  5. very true i agree
  6. lets remember that jets are not made for runnin a 1/4 mile and beyond that cars cant do much agianst a jet. sure the viper is fast but how long does it take for it to reach mach 2...(it cant)

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