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  1. i have a video of a 100% stock 1994 Supra TT 6 speed, that ran 13.02 in the 1/4, go to and check it out there is no GMC ever made that can run 13.02 in the 1/4, granted that is with a really good driver, but most stock supra's run mid 13's, a stock supra TT with tie or beat any GMC, and the supra will last longer too, look better, sell for more, get better gas milage, and a better inside.

    i have respect for these trucks, but don't mess with toyota, they'll beat you every time.
  2. Turbo Porsche wrote:

    "...there is no GMC ever made that can run 13.02 in the 1/4,..."

    Check out the November 1990 issue of Car & Driver. A Syclone test was featured in that magazine running 13.0@103. O-60 was 4.3 seconds.

    Facts not fiction.

  3. all i have to say is you are a pussy


    what the hell!!! GMC builds stupid farm mobiles! what is the matter with the dumbasses who put gmc on SUPERCARS.NET emphasis on SUPERCARS!
    dumbass american mommywagons

    First of all, this is an amazing truck for the money. Looks great, is fast and loads of horsepower. Also, might i add that American cars keep this country going. I don't see any of those crapass Japanese trucks on the road hauling stuff from state to state. Maybe cause Japanese cars suck so bad. Japanese cars are only good when they cost in excess of $100,000, and even then, American and European cars kill them. Japanese cars will never be good.
  5. as a pround typhoon owner, i would like to say, the imports are not all that, i come from a family with many, like 300gts vr4 or spyder eclipse, none will line up agianst my ty, and as far as the hp goes, look at the tourque hmmm, yeah thats alot huh, also can u tell me about any other vehicle that can luanch with a 10lb boost and hold it to the ground.
  6. Shut up about the ri,ce pipe civics/ jap cars. Go buy a typhoon and be satisfied.
  7. I love my truck. I have raced anything and everything. The 13pound AWD launches are the best. I also have a Turbo XS BOV and that thing is loud as hell! Its so fun to cruise whereever you goto and have a few people with you, do some racing, crusing, dont have to worry because your in a one of a kind sleeper. This truck rules.
  8. The typhoon and syclone would eat just about everything on the road, it is rated to do a 5.3 o-60 and a 14.1 second 1/4 with 285 hp and 360 ft/lbs of torque. Which is pretty damn fast, but it is underatted, if you have a 13psi launch you could easilly run mid to high 4s 60 and mid to high 13s 1/4 stock. that is faster than a supra turbo. Plus it is an suv so ur little sports car just got whooped by grandma's grocery getter.
  9. Were these available with a manual transmission or only the 4-speed auto?
  10. 4-spd auto only.

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