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  1. that is a very interesting post.
  2. This vs Ferrari F50

    This is a close race...
    i'm a big Viper fan, but...the Ferrair does come damn close...

    What do u think...?<!-- Signature -->
  3. I think this viper will still stomp the F50.
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from onlymopar</i>
    <b>I think this viper will still stomp the F50.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    same here
  5. Really...damn.

    Does every 1 else think the same<!-- Signature -->
  6. Actually the Viper being the hunk of metal that it is would eat the f50's dust. heres why there is a ferrari f50 called the F50GT which has 720bhp on its mid longitudinal TIPO F130A V12 it didnt get the recognition it deserved being that only 3 exist yet it would spank the holy hell out of a viper in takeoff handling luxury and top speed. Don't talk about subjects that you guys know nothing about until you actually work with cars like the viper ferrari lamborghini and so on just shut your mouths because you know nothing but facts. Fact being that viper is the biggest pile of s h i t on the face of this eart yet too many hard headed americans beleive that its the best a viper wiht a twin turbo v10 that only produces 800bhp? LMAO thats #$%#ing hilarious just goes to show everyone that viper is crap thats the most bhp they can get out of the viper without it falling apart yet in the longrun they are destined to do just that fall apart. A friend of mine here in vegas has a 1998 toyota supra that has 850bhp and 580ft lbs of torque does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and tops out at 230mph using only 1 Turbo intercooler, etc. and it can and has spanked every viper, porsche, ferrari, lamborghini, honda, acura, chevele, corvette, nova, and barracuda form Washington to Florida and back again, basically anyone foolish enough to try and race him loses. Yet he has a 4cylinder mystifying isnt it? <IMG SRC="">
  7. Supra turbos are 6 cyl you damn moron.
  8. the ferrari f50 will be smoked as a cheap cigar.
  9. "cheap cigar"
    ain't heard that 1 before...?
  10. Not on a race track. There aren't many cars that handle better than F50.
    Besides, 0-60 and top speed aren't everything that I care about. I'd rather own an F50 than a Viper, even if the Viper is faster.
  11. screw that shit...there 2 expensive 4 me...i'll take a Viper over any thing!
  12. Re:

    this car outperfroms the F50 in every way accleration, top speed, handling and luxury b/c the F50 even the street version is pretty much stripped on the inside. There has been talk about an F50 being in the next Car and driver supercar challenge and Hennessey will b returning with the TT
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    i don't get u...
    you lost me a the bit with Hennessey and a Ferrari...?
  14. Re:

    the Ferrari has nothing to do with hennessey it is priavetly owned and C&D is trying to convince the owner to allowed the car to be used for the test and hennessey will be returning this year with their prototype TT and it might b set to 800TT spec or at 1000TT spec the comparison should give an answer to this comparison. Although i do think it is not the best comparison but it is fair and the TT in a league of its own which makes comparisons hard a better comparison wouuld be the F50 GT vs the GTS-R or the '03 competition coupe.
  15. the henenssey would waste the F50GT 0-60 isnt only helpful on a drag strip cars with accleration can often outperform a car with handling on a track because almost any track out there has some kind of a strait that allowed the TT to use its accleration the F50 out the hole wouldnt stand a chance agaisnt the TT massive torque. Also about that supra they werent made for the states and that thing is probabaly not street legal because i'veen seen supras 96 and newer been imported to north america and have had extensive modifications made on then just to be made street legal and another thing the F50 GT has overhead cams and variable valve timing and also electronic lift the viper can make 650 easyily nautrally asperated which is only 70hp less than the GT and the GT has to have VVT
    and OHC to accomplisih this and also a price tag over $800K

    and luxury ? LMAO what have u been smoking have you seen the F50GT ? or even the F50? its stripped! the interior is completly stripped its not made for street use.
    the 4cyl supra well its also has VVT and OHC with that much technology in a lot more things go wrong the viper V10 is actually much more reliable im sure that you are aware of all the problems supras have especially with turbo lag and engine trouble they have to be reguarly maintained and parts have to be replaced very often and the trannys have to be rebuilt very often on any supra with over 400 hp but with the hennessey the prototype viper has been in use since 1997 and has never needed the engine rebuilt the tranny waz replaced in 99 and still runs fine the car now pushed over 1070hp.

    The supra is also an extreemly hard car to drive with any more than 500hp it is very hard to controll on a track and revocery from oversteer is impossible since the vipers weight make it easier to recover on a track and on a drag strip the supras have to be babied all the way down the strip to prevent wheelspin.

    "A friend of mine here in vegas has a 1998 toyota supra that has 850bhp and 580ft lbs of torque does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and tops out at 230mph using only 1 Turbo intercooler, etc. and it can and has spanked every viper, porsche, ferrari, lamborghini, honda, acura, chevele, corvette, nova, and barracuda form Washington to Florida and back again, basically anyone foolish enough to try and race him loses. Yet he has a 4cylinder mystifying isnt it?" Being in the buisness i can tell that there is no way this supra is street legal and 850hp ? thats all he can get ? thats pretty sad for an overhead cam engine with VVT b/c lingenfelter makes 1180hp out of the 2.2L chevy ecotec on his cavi
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    i'll try next time
  18. Sorry, but there is simply no way the Viper would handle better than the F50, or be faster than the F50 GT around a race track. The GT is a purpose built race car, weighing in a 18xx lbs. As for handling between the F50 and Viper, the Ferrari is much lighter, and has a suspension that has no rubber components (which led to more responsive handling). The F50 was meant to take F1 experience to the road, and its handling is among the best when talking road cars.
  19. well...i think ur crazy...have u seen the stats for this...i know its been posted a million times!
  20. your right about the F50 but u cant look at this car as a viper because it is not your avg viper it is completly modified the suspension is very similar to the GTS-R components used in GT racing and at lemans and the F50 can not hit 60 in under 2.5seconds but this thing will the hennessy is a whole new kinda car that proves refinement and high tech engine desnings like specilized cam lobe profiles, VVT, multiple camshafts, pride tag over 500K doesnt really make the fastest car around and i am aware of the fact that the F50 is based on an F1 chasis but remember that a twin turbo suzuki hayabusa absolultely smoked a jag F1 car on a track and there there waz no comparison in accleration. The F50s Formula chasis doesnt have to mean it will outperform the viper with relatively mature chasis design.

    The TT will run the 1/4 mile almost 2 seconds faster than the F50 the TTs off the like accleration advantage and its excellent mid range accleration would help it save time on track especially coming out the corners onto the strait the F50 will run the curves faster but will loose time when it has to hit the straits.
    As i stated a few posts ago this year at the supertuner challenge there is expected to be a privately owned un modified F50 in the testing and the Hennessey TT will also be there.
  21. actually it's 1,203,059 times posted by me. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    But like i've stated before, the viper 800 would win in a drag race.

    Now that this thread is back i'm giving some thought about, maybe the 800 winning on a track. It would definitely come down to driver skill.

    I'm reminded of of the of the 1969 LeMans, where the old #1075 gt40 won. Jackie Ickx, driver of the gt40, used the gt40's v8 torque (an OHV) to pass the porsches in the corners, and win the race.

    Now stating that, keep this in mind, the F50 has 385 lbs. of torque. where as the 800 make 902 lbs. of torque, thus it would definitely be able to get out of the turns quicker.

    Skidpad: 1.06g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 110 ft
    Slalom Speed: 75.1 mph

    Skidpad: 1.03g
    Braking, 60-0 mph: 119 ft
    Slalom Speed: 71.7 mph

    And given these, the 800tt could brake into the corner faster, maybe stay in the corner, and accelerate out of it much faster. Once again, i say it comes down to driver skill (just read about the 1969 LeMans race)

    But the 800tt would win a drag race, where as if it wins on a track, well IMO yes, but you all are entitled to your own (just read this post again before you make up your minds) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  22. driver skill is an important factor indeed but in most comparison tests is overcome by the same driver testing both machines.

    The F50 and the Viper GTS R would seem like a fair comparison. The GTS R was actually outperfomred by a Hennessey 750 on a track. The F50 Vs the TT ? you do the math.
  23. Now hold on there. I'm fully aware that the 800tt would be faster than the F50 around a track, but I personally believe that in handling and agility the Viper would be just a little bit behind the F50 (the F50 simply can't make up for the Viper's mind blowing acceleration). It was the F50 GT that I said would be faster than the Viper around a track, and I hold to that opinion.
  24. i agree there b/c the F50GT is basically a formula 1 car with body on it which does indeed make it challenging for the viper to beat on a track but.....the F50 GT has been known to be quite a challenge to drive on a track it looses traction and time spinnin its wheels comin out the corners i read about it doin that in a ferrari book i'll quote it for u if i can find it again its still a great car and with an experienced driver that knows the car well it would be one heck of a race against the TT personally if i had to pay for the car id take the TT any day cheaper handles almost as good and actually is more luxurious compared to the GT and even the stock F50

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