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  1. I think you meant 16 cyl, not 18.
  2. Sorry, my "post reply" button didn't work so I clicked it a few more times. DIDN'T MEAN to post it 4 times.
  3. ok maybe u should have a look at the two different engines i dont think those two have raced nor should they race MCLAREN WOULD MAKE SKYLINE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! no offense to the skyline i like the skyline they just aint in the same class
  4. What amazes me is that out of all those millions of sperm, YOU were the fastest?!?!
  5. I didn't realize that a Nissan was a "domestic". What country are you from because to most of us they're called "imports"........or maybe you were refering to the Nissan's 'common' status around the globe by calling it domestic. Which is it?
  6. The skyline is a sweet car, i'd have one in an instant, but the McLaren is just so powerful and hot's just the best car ever made.
  7. A MCLAREN WOULD LEAVE A SKLINE IN THE DUST! im not saying the skyline is a bad car its a very good car but the skyline wouldnt have a chance.
  8. Umm are you serious?? I am so tired of these ignorant little kids that post this non sense.
  9. LOL yeah exactly HAHAHAHAHAH!!!
  10. Haha..... that F40 GTE dude must be pretty gullible.
  11. right :-|

    and this topic is meant to be a joke right?
  12. dude there are next to no cars that can beat a mclaren especially a pissy jap skyline. #$%# they are the biggest wuss cars on the planet.
    i saw a drag with a mclaren vs a fully souped up supra and u know what happened? in 2 seconds the mclaren was like 2-3 lengths in front. the supra got jarred (this is based on the assumption that the supra and skyline are the same shit performance)
  13. I think that is the one of the best cars ever produced for road and will probably not be beaten by any car that is in the price range of it
  14. The Mclaren would annihilate a stock Skyline, be it Mclaren F1 GTR, Mclaren F1 GT, Mclaren F1 LM or the stock Mclaren F1.
  15. i like skylines better but a mclaren would burn a skyline
  16. lol
    to some of those lunatic replies!H4h4!
  17. oh my god

    I never knew there were people seriosly this STUPID! We're talking stalk stalk i ass-face. THE SKYLINE HAS 280HP BEFORE ITS ALL R!CED UP! THE MCLAREN HAS OVER 600!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH U SHOULD GO DIE!!!!!!
  18. no the skyline broke the gentlemans agreement but nissan just said it only had about 280hp. but still the fact that some people honestly believe that a skyline would burn a mclaren is one of the stupidest things ive ever heard. i dont even think theres a category in which a skyline could touch the mclaren. the comparison im really thinking about is the Enzo Ferrari vs. the Mclaren F1.
  19. yup...what he said
  20. Skyline is nothing compared to Mclaren with 240 mph max speed.
    Never the less McLaren would win now do us a favor and fix your self a nice big glass of antifreeze and drink it.
  22. just moron?a complete retard!
  23. damn..som o ya'll are really dumb. the japanjgtc or whateva the skylines are new not old. the maclaren is 97. thats a lot of technology the skyline has over the mclaren. but the mclaren f1 goes 240.1 mph n is one o the best if not the best cars in the world(just ma opinion that is.)
  24. This is a stupid topic and should never have been started. The mclaren would win hands down. Dont get me wrong i absolutly luve skyline and would be extreamly happy to ever own one. But at the same time the mclaren is the ultimate road legal car and in most people mind probably still is if you forget about practicality.

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