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  1. McLaren is the best car ever built, and it was designed to be such. There is no aspect that is better on a Skyline. If a skyline beat a mclaren, its only because the mclaren driver sucked. This thing is the best ever. Its about 10 years old, and it can still whip anything else made today.
  2. The JGTC is a bunch of sh!t they have supercars that should be decommissoned and put to rest but no they still are running cars that competed at lemans back in 1996today! while the jap cars there are all up to date.

    I mean comeon the Murcielago recently beat a mclaren F1 at the JGTC as well as a few RX-7s and Supras.

    It really doesnt matter we all know which is the greater car in this matchup and which one couldn't even keepup with a Stock Murcielago.
  3. OK... most of you are RETARDED, namely the ones that think that skyline can beat this.

    Ok you guys wanna talk about JGTC? fine... howbout this the mclaren has CONSTANT weight penalties, around the 200 KILO mark. Not to metion air intake restriction to make it have less power. Now all of this results in a much more poor performance, while the less powerful but better breathing japanese cars do not have weight and air restriction penalties as severe as the mclaren does. So all in all Mclaren > any JGTC cars.

    You wanna talk about real life? SURE!
    Since we're in the Mclaren GT forum we might as well compare the McLaren GT to the Skyline... whichever one you want. lets take the most recent (not concept) R34. Now some dumbass noob in this thread or/... wait a lot of dumbass noobs said that the GTR would beat the Mclaren on a track because of it's computer controlled 4 wheel drive system...

    Now please tell me how a practically purpose built track car, would get beat by a Skyline GTR ... with barely 300 HP... around a track.
    Kids... please... please PLEASE go cut yourself and die. A computer controlled 4wd system doesn't do #$%# all if your suspension isn't up to it nor will it do #$%# ALL against a McLaren GT. I don't understand how some of you can say that the GTR can take the mclaren on the track... the mclaren pulls more g's it has, in comparison, astronomically better acceleration, in turn because of that it has much better exit speed out of corners, it has greater cornering speed because of the g's that it can pull it has ... EVERYTHING BETTER than the GTR with the exeption of a #$%#ing 4wd computer. Which doens't even make a difference.

    Now unless you guys are talking about some retardedly modified skyline with like 800-1300 hp.. then i don't see how in the world you are comparing a mclaren to a GTR... now as i recall the R34 does somewhere under 8min and 30 sec on Nordschlieffe. Where as the Mclaren GT does somewhere under 7:30 seconds... so.. you do the math...

    i'm done,... kthxbye
  4. JGTC=purebullsh!t
    While the old school exotics are still using technology from 1995, all the japanase cars all upgraded to the best of what's out there.

    Even a highly modified Skyline would still get its ass kicked by a stock Mclaren F1 because people seam to forget that the damn thing can hit 240mph which is waaaaaaaaay faster than anyimport built.
  5. OMG... so many n00bs
  6. OMG... so many n00bs
  7. Wow im so suprised at how stupid some people are. the kid that started this tread i beat dosent even own a car or even has a drivers licsense.

    The bottom line is the word Nissian Skyline dosent belong in the same sentance as-

    The Mclaren F1.The F1 set the standards for what a true Street Legal Supercar should be.Theres been so many cars that have copyed it and try to beat it but hardly any have come close.

    The only reson people think that Skylines are fast is because you cant get them state side.the reason is not becasue its has to do with the over all safty of the Skyline the whole car would have to rebuild to make it stateside ready.And besides i use to drag Skylines all the time in my buddys SS Camaro when i was in Japan.We only lost once to 911 twin turbo...

    Bottom line check out Mclaren-Vs-Skyline at see what happens when a pooly designed street car goes against a True Supercar its no contest..Wanna see more checkout Mclaren Vs Supra at see what happens when the worlds fastest street legal Supra goes aganist a stock F1...This should shut up the Import Tuner fans for good...Later Rookies next time have some real proof.......And besides can any import tuner fan give me a list of 5 Japanese stock production cars the have a top end of 180mph-200mhp??? Production meaning 500-1000 are build each year..Im still waiting....
  8. Fu(k off idiot.Skyline = shite compared to the Mclaren.

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