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    I just put this message here on te most popular vehicle on to talk about sumthin' that most of y'all always talk about...
    Horsepower... it's nothing...
    TORQUE, it's everything... it's defined as the "a force's tendency to produce...rotation about an axis" (
    Torque is what REALLY makes a car move... I hate it how most of u talk about how much horsepower there is in a vehicle... THAT MEANS NOTHING!!! Torque is really everything... the lower the peak torque is in the rpm range, the better the acceleration (of course other factors such as final drive ratio, tyres, and others must come into play, but) the higher in the rpm range the torque is, the higher the top speed (generally speaking)... For example if a vehicle has 500lb-ft of torque at 1500rpm, it'll probably have a huge tyre burning acceleration and give u bragging rights on a drag strip, but if you have 500lb-ft of torque at 8000rpm (on a road car, not Formula 1 and the like...) it'll have a problem accelerating from a stand still... (unless it has sumthing like variable valve lift control and the like)... In closing... start talking about torque... stop th horsepower nonsense... (I'm tired of ur upbeat shinanigans...)... (J/K)... hope a lot of u read this and understand the importance of this... <!-- Signature -->
  2. horsepower is still important....look at the hummer it has loads of torque and little hp that's why it's slow.......but you do have a good point people don't talk enough about torque
  3. The Hummer has an impressive 430 lb-ft of torque at 1800 rpm, but look at its 6819 lbs weight (i dunno if this includes a full tank of gas and a driver, or not)... the peak torque is at under 2000 rpm...THAT'S AMAZING!!! (but then it's a turbo diesel....) The acceleration is only hindered by its massive weight... most importantly... whose gonna drag race a Hummer??? not even arnold scharchenagger (i dunno how 2 spell it, sorry Arnold...) tho i've heard that he sold his Hummer... Even if they put this engine into a sports car body such as... (i dunno if a sports car engine bay would fit it...) so, never mind.... my point is that the engine itself wouldn't be able to propel a sports car on a drag strip as fast as u would want it to, this is because the torque peak would drop off after about 3000 rpm, and you would have to change gears VERY quickly in order to stay in the peak torque range...

    P.S. wut DUZ horsepower REALLY do... think... it's also a unit of measurement, but... ahhh heck i just lost myself...<!-- Signature -->
  4. hp is what keeps the car moving at the speed the torque gets up too.....
  5. Torque is important, but a low torque high hp car can perform as well and better than a high displacement car with a garbage hp/liter rating. The cars just have to be driven differently.
  6. well a vipers hp/L is bad so why don't you go compare that to all those imports
  7. Ferox D knows what's up. BMW man, if you wnat to talk about definitions, look up power, it should go like the ability to move a mass over a distance in a given period of time. Torque is a measurement of force and distance. So if you think you have all the answers. Keep talking.
  8. power-6c-the time rate at which work is done or energy emitted or transferred (

  9. hey y'all... gotta compu sci test tomorrow, so i gotta hurry up... i never said that i neew every thin' about cars, k... actually, the part in P.S. was a quesrion... not really a ....sentence... so preshiate that u guys r helpin' me understand wut hp is n all... i gues... k... by...<!-- Signature -->
  10. Hey Zetta, that's cool, I'll never stop learning about cars, just don't proclaim something as "nothing" and that it doesn't matter if you don't even know what it does.
  11. Who here thinks ford are gay
  12. Yeah torque is great off the line, but up in the high revs you've gotta have horse or you ain't goin' no where!<!-- Signature -->
  13. Good Point there BMW dude. Torque is a main factor in acceleration. I'm sick of people being focused on a cars horsepower too, as well as the 1/4 mile. The stats on this mustang must be pretty embarrassing...they cant even display anything but it's
    Mustangs dont really apeal to me at all, but if i had to get one, I'd take a Saleen or Roush, and then this one. They aint bad cars, its just, I have a taste for foreign cars.

    Well THE Picture of a porche isnt a porche its a TVR hmmmmm Unless you knew that?
  15. My only problem with these damn Mustangs Ford Keeps jearking people around about the Hp and lbs MOst people dont releize that they arnet measuring the hp the same way most companys do come on a few years ago like in 97 98 examples the Gt had 225 hp now they claim it has 260 lol they didnt change it they just messered it at differ RPM's to make it look like they actully modifyed they engine in reality if you line them up you arent going to get a 35 hp worth of speed to your advantage!!!! sorry Porchefreak I was looking at your name and thought it would be funny if somone actully did think a tvr was actully a porche of some kind they do look a little alike i guess =}...
  16. If torque is everything, why does my 1.6 liter Honda outrun 5.0 liter mustangs???????????<!-- Signature -->
  17. NO CRX STOCK can outrun a 5.0 mustang what are u talking about ???? i hope it isnt a stock GT vs a stock crx OMG it would be owned Unless you put alot of money into the engine OF THE CRX i mean over 2k with nos a spoon engine isnt even that fast unless it has a turbo added???
  18. Dodge is introducing two new HEMI's in the next year or two, a 5.7L for sure and possibly a 6.1L. The 5.7L(353cu.) makes 300hp at 1000rpms and tops out about 330hp, but it is capable of much more.
  19. can anyone explain to me what's involved in the equation for torque?<!-- Signature -->
  20. I agree whole-heartedly with BMW Zetta. I have a 96 v6 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a v6 and loads of torque. I have beaten my two best friends who have a 96 v6 diamante and a 98 v8 4.2 Aurora. And I freakin smoked em. You wouldnt think, but its true. The hell with horsepower. Its all about torque and acceleration,

  21. If you don't think 270hp and 310 torque isn't enough....add a procharger supercharger for 4 grand and 460hp and 527 torque...then proceed to eat your porsche even if it is a 911 which you paid 100 grand for and still have 70 grand more in my bout you have even a remote knowledge of cars before you critize
  22. trq is everything in drag racin. if you are circuit racin u want them to be almost equal to each other.

    and to the crx guy. line ur crx up to my stang and we will see who out runs who.

    #$%# a foreign car
  23. seriously...who do these crx driver's think they are...let's have some stats of your crx if is so big and bad...hp? torque? 1/4? 0-60?

  24. No way will you outrun my 91 Stang lx 5.0 or any CRX. I kill, demolish, eat and throw up your sissy crx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. horse power = torque X RPM /5252

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