Re: Tonka? I could believe the Pontiac HotWheels thing but Tonka

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  1. LOL, yup, Tonka, as in the trucks all power thirsty little boys played with and tried to be like daddy. Thing is, daddy owned a GMC HD. <IMG SRC="">

    But hey, could you ever brake a Tonka? It was pretty hard to do!<!-- Signature -->
  2. When i was a little boy, i used to play with tonka toys all day in my sand box out back. when i turned about ten i decided to grow out of that little kid stuff, now with this new toy, i think its time to grow into the BIG BOY TONKA TOY. if it ever hits production that is.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Oh my god here we go again with them GM boys scared out of their minds because ford has it going for them. Listen here this truck will whip ant GM truck out there. Some of you GM lovers might say well what about the Kodiak. well what about it. Where is it nowadays same place the firebird and camaro are. NOWHERE TO BE FOUND AFTER 2002. HA.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Camaros and Transams are coming back two years later smart ass. While this would beat any GM mainstream truck out there it is still a concept.
  5. ya but is there a chevy concept that can beat it.
  6. Tonka? I could believe the Pontiac HotWheels thing but Tonka?

    as in, 'bob my talking dump truck' kid shit tonka? or just a different tonka?<!-- Signature -->

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