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Discussion in '1984 Nissan 300ZX' started by Z, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I looked up the "Car & Driver" list for 2001, and I could find the Mustang Cobra R listed. It was on the 10 worst performer lists, for high interior noise level. It was not on the best 10 list this year, and their has been many times it did not make the list. Now grant it the car has had a long history, successful history. But recognize the fact that the 300ZX produces more horse per liter and has good stats for a 3.0 liter V6. Don't get me wrong, I like the Stangs, always have.
  2. I said motor trend not car and driver.....and the stang produces more torque....and The Cobra R is a race car I don't think Interior noise is that important
  3. The point is that even Motor Trend said the Cobra R is a track car, not a daily driver. That's why they liked the Vette Z06, cuz u can actually drive it around every day. Anyone can build a car thats made for a track(Cobra R), but can u put AC, radio, sound proofing and a nice ride in that package? The fact is anyone can build a purpose built race car, but is it fun to use as a daily driver too? <!-- Signature -->
  4. Well The SVT Cobra would be what your talking about it has all the options and then some plus it's an awsome performer
  5. His point was that the ZO6 has all the stuff to be a daily driver, and still beats the Cobra R. I have to agree with 5L though, a top worst list doesn't make the Cobra R suck, it just says it's harsh. (Which is ok by me.)
  6. shutup, this car sucks. FORD OWNS ALL U<!-- Signature -->
  7. sure the ZO6 just barly beats it in 1/4 mile time but the Cobra R destroys it on the track....
  8. so what about the stang, this is a 300zx site. all i hear is you brag about the torque and race car shit bla bla bla.. man its old. V6 vs V8. there SHOULD be no contest yet well sorry rustang lovers there is. ok so u got torque oh woop'd. what about the drive how it handles. I use to own a stang and granted, they feel good on the straight but thats it.. sorry but ill give you the torque but all and all the better well rounded V6 300zx, not even twin turbo is hands down the better car. sorry, go to your stang forum cuz your making yourself look like a tool.
  9. Hiyo<!-- Signature -->

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