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  1. You talked about specs, well the 300ZxTT makes 100 HP/liter and is at 189 HP/Tonne versus the Stang's 44 HP/liter and 140 HP/tonne. Hell even the N/A 300's numbers are better. This info is all right here to be read, and the math is simple. So by the laws of physics, if the 300 is slow, well then the Stang is a creeper. P.S. I dusted a GT 5.0 liter, he gave up at 125MPH. This sure is fun!!!!!
  2. I'm not talking about the TT....I'm tlking about the N/A
  3. Once again look at the specs for the N/A, they are better than the Stang. Better Hp/liter and better HP/tonne. By the way I have a N/A that I dusted the GT with. Gets funner by the minute!!
  4. Okay, here be the numbers.
    300ZX N/A
    74.97 bhp/liter
    151.88 bhp/tonne
    final drive ratio 4.08:1
    top speed 148 mph(computer limited)

    94 Stang
    43.5 bhp/liter
    139.43 bhp/tonne
    final drive ratio 3.08:1
    top speed 140 mph(unkown if limited by computer/would assume so)

    The 300Zx accomplishes decent acceleration with a higher gear ratio, but because the car has 7000 rpm limit it gets and goes! Once again don't get me wrong, I am a big Mustang fan, always have been as I have owned 2 myself. I have had 1968 GT coupe with a 428CJ, and a 1967 GTA fastback with a 428SCJ. Yes I am aware that these were not the stock motors for these particular cars. The 68 had a 289, the 67 had the 390. But both these cars were awesome performers, and I built both to handle very well. So as I stated I like the Stangs, I think for the price of a new sports car, you can't beat it. It has been a great American auto icon. I just have realized that I enjoy the comfort, refinement,superb handling, looks and performance of my Z.
    I have had numerous cars over the years, the 2 stangs, a 240Z, 260Z, 300ZX, 2 510's(great autocrossers/great handling), MGB, Trans AM, bikes, and luxury sport coupes. I just think that my 300 has been the best overall performer for the money. It is a all around type of car. It is comfortable, smooth, and refined! So keep up the Stang appreciation as it is a great sports car!
  5. Hi Z , it`s nice to read that you have a 300ZX and still saying those nice words on the Mustang. Same with me, I have a `91 Stang 5.0 and I also love and like 300ZX. They look good, well build and engine so refine that I would`nt mine owning one. But I do love my Stang !!
  6. the stang has a 7000 rpm rev limit too.....also the hp is so high on the TT because it's turbo charged....if you turbocharged or supercharged a stang you'd be looking at like 400+hp
  7. Did you not say "I was talking about the N/A not the TT in your earlier post." So you are now contradicting yourself. You just can't deal with the facts. I bet you are in your very early twenties or late teens!
  8. u can put a cow against this car and it would smoke it <!-- Signature -->
  9. Torque Specs

    Well right here on the ole Supercar site, it lists the torque for a 1994 Mustang at 285ft/lbs. The 300ZXTT has 283 ft/lbs for 3.0 liter versus your 285 for the 5.0 liter. DO THE MATH!!
  10. and how old are you if your older then 20 maybe you need to get out and get a life that's just wierd to be on at that am I contradicting myself anyway
  11. Well first off I guess I was right about your age. The age of narrow minded know it alls! Second why is it weird to be on at my age, I am in my 30's, and I have one hell of a life. I have a job making close to six figures, and travel every weekend to go race, sometimes up to a thousand miles. As far as contradicting yourself, you stated in a earlier post that you were talking about the N/A, not the TT. But then you turn around and say that well if I supercharged my stang I would have 400hp to. I thought we were talking N/A's to GT's. As I stated the facts are right here on this site, you just can't deal with them. By the way, this weekend I raced a GT at a road course, and he was behind by over 5 seconds. May not sound like a lot to a person who has no real racing experience, but that is a lot of time for a little ole' 3.0 liter V6 to be leading a big powerful 5.0 liter GT stang. Grow up and open your mind and learn to accept the facts!!
  12. wow you must be a cool guy arguing with a teenager...haha.....and do you have a TT cause obviously that should beat a GT go race a Cobra and not an old one 94 or newer....and as for no racing experiance...I live 20 min from Mosport Raceway in Canada and I'm there all the time doing hot laps...and I was just pointing out why the Z's hp/L is so high...

    And why is it wierd that your on this at your age wouldn't you rather spend time with your wife or girlfriend (or do you not have one cause that would explain a lot)....personally I only come on this thing to talk to my girl....once I'm done school I never go on chats and stuff.
  13. Well first off I have been married for 17 years!
    Second of all it sure is funny that I hit the button with your age, it was very obvious by your apparent ignorance. Most of all, I don't need a TT to be competitive, as I have proven that to numerous people. Skill comes first then equipment. I sure am not arguing with you, I am jerking your chain, quite well I might add, it is obvious from the posts. Once again, a know-it-all teenager who can't deal with the facts. Once you've gotten out and seen the world as I have you might possibly open your simple little mind a bit. Oh, and I race new GT's and Cobra's and have no problem staying ahead. Not worn out ones! I have proven myself for over twenty years, oh by the way I also raced at Indianapolis in a collegiate driving championship with over 80 colleges represented nationwide and took sixth in the nation! So I am talking from experience, not a hollow mouth!
  14. ok if your in your 30's and you've been married for 17 years you must have been married at a young if you raced at indy with the collages you must have gone to collage so you would have been in collage when you were married that's some task.....are you sure you are who you say you are
  15. Yes I am!
    I have had a busy life! I am in my high 30's! Yes, I was married, going to college with 22 hours a quarter and working full time and in the reserves. So you can say I have been very busy! I have traveled all over the USA and Asia in my career also. I have worked for numerous government agencies, and been in 3 different branches of the military over the years. I like different life experiences! I try to get as much in as I can.
    Don't get me wrong I like the Mustangs, as a previous owner of two I admire them very much for the long history in the auto business. I am glad they are still going strong. They keep a lot of manufacturers honest shall we say, by remaining competitive! That's what this whole game is all about, dealing with what is out there. There will always be a faster, more HP car regardless of how much one spends to get there, because there will always be someone to want to top it. That is human nature, if that was not in us, we would not have the things and technology we do today.

    Have a good day!
  16. i own a 300zx NA and i eat mustangs for lunch, i don't know why. i have beaten cars w/ a much higher hp rating than mine. i do know a few things about ford though. they are built cheap and sold cheap, few exceptions. we used to be car dealers, we know. we have been through all kinds of cars: hondas, mitsubishi, ford, gm, chrysler, mercedes, saturn, jaguar, nissan, etc. guess what we drive?
    japanese cars. why?
    they are BETTER
  17. You're not wrong. I'm answering these questions everyday.

    The problem is that are a lot of Mustangs, cheapers and expensives.

    The Mustang purpose to be a Muscle Car, so he's a car to be customised by their owners. He's a car for people who knows how the engine works and stuff. This is the spirit of '60s.

    If the owner customise their car we had a great car, If don't we got a normal car.

    A Muscle Car is a normal customised car. Customised to be as fast a sport car but without any aerodynamics, so they must look as a strong normal car.<!-- Signature -->

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