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  1. Hmm the Nsx is a nice car probably built for performance on the road and on GAS! i agree the trans am is a piece of shit you would be better off buying shares in imperial oil. However i dont think that all the statements previously mentioned in the past few forums is correct. Does anyone remember the Shelby Daytona Turbo Z ?
    Well iv was a v4 with about 225hp it was not only fast (0-60 in 5)
    It got almost 37 mpg it cornered like it was on rails and really with a bit of work it could beat the shit out of any non 500,000$$ car
    it has the most horse power& tourque per cylender than any 6 cylender japaneese car including the nsx,Supra and civic etc.
    The car was not for muscle it was for handleing and drivability it just happened to be really #$%#ing fast.

    ps if anyone is wondering the daytona was a 2.2l mopar
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from NOjapcrap</i>
    <b>RASHID007 So go sit in your front wheel drive car that couldn't spin the wheels if it had a real engine and play with both of your gear knobs because no one else likes you.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    dude, calm down.

    1) Rashiwhatever has been posting that same thing in like every thread around here, and even in some other forums.

    2)3 inches in his circumference is like 9.42 inches. thats a small tree. think before you sp..sp..speak. duh huh huh

    3)you said he "drives around with his rap music up loud with his hat sideways looking around like he's top shit". well, just so you know, anyone you see like that, is merely a product of the Fast and the Furious. ive said it a million times. on my campus, they drive around with cheap wheels, a muffler, and a baby blue paint job and call it fast. their little "farttips" make them think they even SOUND fast. so talk about those people all you want. but id put my front wheel drive up against any RWD car, especially yours. you may out run me in the straights, you may even win. but at least ill drive away knowing that my car is engineered to sell and excel, not engineered to sell and stall (at 89k mi)
  3. ummmm, which GT are u talking about? Eclipse GT? Mustang GT? Elantra GT?<!-- Signature -->
  4. The only part of my engine reminiscent of the past 2JZ-GTE engine in the car is the valve cover.
  5. Amen "DABIGTRUCK" You know what you are talking about.
  6. I am the owner of a 92 chevy pickup. It has the heart of a ZR1. I only paid 5 grand for it. It has a 475hp 350. I'm going to be puting the engine in a $3000 S-10. After the new suspension and tires it will out handle any porsche. I will have spent $8000 on a completely street legal 11 second truck. Any of you guys should know that power is measured in Horses and torque. Look at the Civic Si 140 hp Wow! bout 118 lbft of torque. Also see where it comes from, High RPM's and valve work. Anybody knows that high revs are not where you want to be on daily driving, its not good for any car, even a rotary. They dont hold up, my brother had a Honda with 37000 miles that he had gotten from a junk yard because the rear was totally destroyed. It still ran %100 of what it did prior to the accident. He paid 500 for it and had it towed to our house. He revved it to 7000 and held it. It had full fluids and solid lines, no cracks anywhere. It lasted 1 min and 35 seconds before it overheated and blew completely. He resold it to the yard for 50 bucks. My other brother is working on a 90 Mustang. He will spend 12000 on it and it will get him 9's. This is all street legal too. He and I always say " Give me the $50,000 and 500 hours you spent on your 700hp Supra and I could have 5 mustangs that outdo it in every catagory, ( not combined either, each would kill it it all possible catagories) As for you front drive Honda guys, when was the last time you heard a hot girl say " damn, i want to try and squeeze into this small as honda with a 1 foot spoiler in stead of in that spacious and good loooking Mustang" Never, exactly.

    P.S.Keep in mind that that those Mustangs are NA. Do you know what that means in your little 6 cylinder land? NATURALLY ASPIRATED. That means no help from your little turbos or nos. Just pure power from the heart of a Champion. My truck work will also be done in one fifth the time of your cars, and I will have done it myself instead of a 17 year old kid at Sound Performance. My work is easily fixable if it breaks, I.E. I crack a header. You on the other hand, Have to pay thousands of dollars to fix a head gasket because your turbo blew it from high compression. Not to mention you have to lift the engine to get at it. I could fix the same problem in a matter of hours. Americans like things, Innexpensive, simple, reliable, and powerful. Japanese cars have none of those qualities. So remember that next time you see an all white S10. It might be packen a Lingenfelter 415, ( because i will do this in the near futer due to low cost, high reliability and full warranty)<!-- Signature -->
  7. I posted this message on a different thread, but I think it is appropriate on this one as well.

    "Well hello everybody.

    I am new to these forums, and I am still very much new to cars, racing, etc., but I'm learning. I have been sitting here reading the posts on this site, noticing how the whole site is a big rivalry and argument between the different types/nationalities of cars. American muscle cars vs. Japanese VTEC vs. German whatever. But it's nice to see that some people have at least some sense in this place. I don't think this argument will ever get anywhere until people can actually get it past their own thick skulls to look at everyone's point of view and see the advantages and disadvantages (well, we've got the disadvantages part down pretty good) of all types of cars. You know, isn't it possible that it doesn't really matter what country a car is made in, that if it is fixed right, it will be a winning car? For instance, you could take one Corvette, race a Civic, and lose. Then the next day you could take that same Corvette and race another Civic and whoop his @$$? I mean, so far, I think I am seeing both people's points of view as reasonable, but because most of you guys are so immature and biased, you won't take the time to just accept the fact that other people have different opinions. So far from what I can tell people that like American cars simply like them b/c they have more of a 'fun factor' to them. High torque, high sense of speed, big classic American engine. Kinda gives more of a thrill ride. Just makes you FEEL powerful. On the other hand, people with import cars don't really car for that feeling of speed. Who cares that your car SOUNDS and FEELS fast, when you still are GOING just as fast? AND getting better gas mileage? Does anyone understand where I'm coming from? Please can we just appreciate the cars and stop pointlessly fussing, complaining, fighting, and whining over whether or not a different car could beat it of another nationality? Can we just accept the fact that there are different cars for different people and most of them generally can go the same speed, but with different side-effects? If so, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you "

    There are many people on this board that are senselessly thrashing other people's opinions about cars and even making up lies about things they've seen or done race-wise. What is the use in this? It doesn't solve anything except to make the conflict even bigger. Oh well... I like both American cars and import cars. I see plusses in both.

    A couple questions to any sensible people on this board:

    What is the fastest import car that is convertible? Is it faster than the Viper, not considering the "feel" of its torque? I still haven't driven or ridden in a Viper, but I reeeeeaaaaaallly want to...
  8. C1500 ZR1
    u are a complete moron. nothing u could possibly do to an S-10 would make it come any where near a Carrera 4. do u realize that car does 0-60 in 3.4 and can pull well over a G?? i drive a '96 Si Prelude and it has much more room than a mustang. my "lude pulls .91 on the skid pad and does 0-60 stock in 6.7. that isnt blazing fast but it is plenty of power for the streets. i dont know what mustang u were looking in that was spacious. the prelude gets looks and performance is great. dont try to even compare mustangs to supras by the way. i like some american cars. but when u talk about mustangs u better be talking about saleens or shelby's, or a '69 Mach-1 or Boss. for those of us that no nothing about american cars, did u know that a 2001 Z-28 with 350 hp out of an LS-1 gets 28 mpg if driven right?? many of us wouldnt get that because the car is too much fun...but this same car gets nearly a full G on the skid pad, all for only $24000. i love both japanese and american cars, but when comparing a car make sure they are in the same class, dont even compare a pos mustang with a supra, the supra will own it even after all your mods. the fact is people, mustangs suck. they look cool, but that body is so terrible. it slows the car with all the drag, oh and i love the fake vents on the hood, great idea Ford. Bottom Line. japanese cars are about tuning and performance for a minimum amount of power. honda 4 cylinders are amazing. for those trans am fans out there just put your car against an S2000. an average driver in an S2000 cant bring the car to it's optimum performance. but you put someone in that car that knows how to drive a stick good and they will smoke a trans am off the line and in the turns, all for the same price.

    oh yeah..someone back there said soemthing about a v-4...hate to tell ya, but there's no such thing retard. it's inline 4.
  9. oh an btw adding twin turbos alone to your trans-am would get you into the 12's not the 10's
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EvilNinjaMoby</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Honda rulez</i>
    <b>ummmm, which GT are u talking about? Eclipse GT? Mustang GT? Elantra GT?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Honda cars are reliable, fun to drive, easy to drive, fast, great handling, economic(fuel), endurable, nice looking, etc..

    Domestic Cars are fast, but ugly, not reliable, poor handling, not economic(fuel), breakdown all the time, heavy, have to fix them all the time (doors falling out, steering wheels falling out, tires blowing up, gas pedals getting stuck, airbags popping out suddenly,etc).

    Guess what.. the Vette and Viper and Cobra R out handle all your over priced Rice cars... and liek I said,,,.. and soemone else said.. its nto so much the manufacturer, as user neglect, that makes a car turn to shit.. I mean think abotu it...when you take a test drive.. your not going to buy the car if it feels crappy... nope you buy one that (you can afford)and one that doesnt feel liek its going to blow up...keeping up wth your car can keep your car running well.. I have seen brand new Civics.. you know the ones that last so long.. sputering and clanking like a idget with a hammer is in the motor... same thing with american car... I tore up my transmission in my thunderids Don shifting to lower gears at high speeds... dumb on my part... my frind has 180K on his 87trans am.. no major problem he didnt make moms 93 LeSabre.. had about 160K on it... and never had a major problem.. except suspension ( which I killed when I took it off all 4 wheels racing ... heh I won)My 97Cavalier..I put on over 20K miles onit within 8 months or so... and I drive it hard.. no major problems... ( except suspension which I #$%#ed up.. b/c I ket going down bumpy roads at 80+)...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I'm not kidding, how many times have you heard Jap car manufacturers calling people that there's something wrong with such and such cars, and they have to get them fix? Let me tell you the answer, Honda: 2 times for 10 years. And rest is about 10-3 times for the last 10 years. But for Ford, I've heard from the news that 2 kids were drown becuz of handbrake problem, their parents pulled the handbrake up, then they went off to buy something, leaving 2 kids in the car, then the car started to roll, and it rolled down to a river.......For Chrysler, their caravans' doors fell out if you pull too hard. For GM, their steering wheels fell off suddenly, gas pedals got stuck, etc. Too unbelieveable. But I think they should be able to avoid these. All they have to do is make sure their cars are being checked by the employees, not the machines. All jap manufacturers check their cars before they roll out from the assembly lines.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Buddy Buddy Buddy shut up. O.K Ure skyline will get smoked by Suzuki Escudo. Tuck ure Skyline in ure ass.<!-- Signature -->

    I just got twin turbo on my trans am and i went to the track and ran a 10.2. It only cost my 7 grand, now who owns the road? ME! Put this NSX AGAINST my car which costed me 50 thousand less. HAHA
  13. yeah, you'd own the straightaway until you had to turn/brake, then you'd be screwed
  14. drag racing isnt everything. Real men do it in the corners
  15. A TransAm/Camero/Mustang could cost $5000 brand new with 400hp, it could run a 9 second quarter mile stock, it could do better lap times than a Porsche and it would still just be plain ugly and poor quality. And to top it all off, the very day the new model TransAm/Camero/Mustang comes out, you may as well go to the store and pick up a mullet wig, because you just became the biggest piece of trash on your block. Your neighbors make fun of you behind your back, women laugh at you, really you are a sad embarrasment. Buy a Japanese or German car and 10 years from now you'll still be the envy of all.

    Take my word for it, I've driven a 1998 Trans Am and a 2001 Mustang GT and I now drive a 2001 Honda Prelude. Of course the Trans Am and Mustang could kill my Prelude in a race, but I'd take the Prelude any day. I love cars and hence I want to "DRIVE" a car, not "CAPTAIN" a ship. I want a car that looks good inside and out, not sounds loud.

    Another thing that people always forget in this Japanese/American arguement is that driving a unique car is desirable. Every piece of trash in the U.S. has a crappy muscle car. You can't even get a mile from your house without seeing 2 or 3 dozen other trash american muscle cars go by. Why not buy a car that's a little less common? Well, I guess common people like a common car.
  16. i think you are talking out of your ass and if you really had twin turbo on your TRANS AM!!! then your engine would now be somewhere around jupiter. where did you get your racing gas? how much did you have to lower your compression? get your ECU reprogrammed? do you even have an ECU?! jk. have i lost you?

    thought so. shut up
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    If you put a twin turbo on the NSX it would probably trash your Transam anytime, anywhere ! You are comparing your 10000 liter twin turbo dragster to a refined 3.0 liter engine, which makes no sense. Go put ANY 3.0 liter american engine against this baby and we'll see who is boss. Goto there is a test done by Mario Andretti, and as we all know a sports car is not only evaluated on it's straight line performance but on how well it CORNERS too, in this test done by him the NSX comes second behind the Porsche Carrera 4, en way ahead of the Ferrari F355 (nice car in any case !) and even ahead of the Viper GTS ...
  18. Good job, HondaPowerMan.=) People, i told you that the NSX can out handle the vipers, and now there is proof. I am a Chinese from Hong Kong, and you know what NSX's nickname is? It's called Japanese Ferrari. As I've said b4, I am not a japanese car fan, however, I do realize that NSX is one of the best, if not the best, Japanese car. Which is better than many cars and basically better than all American cars, save maybe the corvette.
  19. Thanks man, I drive a puny little 1.5 liter Civic with 230000kms on the clock. I still ride the sod off the thing every day and have had NO problems ever with anything blowing up or giving in. I drive on the highway everyday at 100mph plus for more than 30 min. and my car just keeps on going. I know of a few other manufacturers which would have long ago blown up. I still need to come across a car which has been through what my car has been through and still not rattle, still starts everytime first time ect. ect. Honda Rules en there's no 2 ways about it ! Only other car I'll drive is a Porsche hahaha
  20. Well said. Well said. A true supercar is the one having the handling dynamics to match the performance. Yet these are two characteristics that are merely part of an even longer list of a supercars desirable features. But, let us remember that the world is not flat, neither is the road ahead always straight.
  21. I wanna see you take on the Takata NSX or the Mobil NSX. Those are real cars!
  22. RASHID007 you must be the biggest wanker to ever grace this site. For your small pee brain mind here is something to think about. Have you ever thought that everthing that you say about American cars is actually based on how you are. A bit insecure are we? You fit the profile of one of these wanks that drives around with his rap music up loud with his hat sideways looking around like he's top shit. Guess what einstein your not... the only reason why you have your music up loud is because your car sounds shitter than my nextdoor neighbours lawn mower. You don't have an excuss for why WOMEN LAUGH AT YOU exept for maybe your DICK being about the width of your exhaust(which would be pushing 3 inches on a good day). I thnk that you should go and buy The Offsprings song PRETTY FLY FOR A WHITE GUY because that's what you are. So go sit in your front wheel drive car that couldn't spin the wheels if it had a real engine and play with both of your gear knobs because no one else likes you.
    P.S. please feel free to reply to this because this is the only way that you'll ever feel big. <!-- Signature -->
  23. Hey, carfreek897, I didn't know a matchbox car could go that fast.<!-- Signature -->
  24. hey check it out weve got a distinguished $200,000+ car owner in our midst (carfreek897) - i guess youre the CEO if Sony or something ;). and night rider, if you are telling the truth about the 1200hp supra, for your own sake, quit wasting your time on here (however please DO post your mods in more specifics). otherwise (and more likely) keep your dreams from interfering with your reality (although it is true - a supra is very capable of producing that much power).
  25. Let's analyze this carfreak guy for a minute. If you read what he says, you would think he is still in high school, or never made into English 101. So he is full of $hit, and is living out his dreams on this site.

    But if he is telling the truth about having a 550, he must be a very accomplished business man. To carry a payment on 550 and insurance on that same car you have to pull in at least $5,000 a month and live with your parents, so to live comfortably you have to pull in at least $10,000 to $12,000 a month, all net. That's over $240,000 a year in gross income!!! The owner of our company makes 2 times more than that, has an $8,000 mortgage, and drives a Ford. So WTF? But how did carfreak become so sucessful with a vocabulary of a thrid grader? Does he sell drugs or is he a whore? Or is he a wounder kid?

    I think he works at some speed shop selling clear corners, and side markers, and drives a Corrola, with a touring spoiler. And I think he has a small wee wee too, which would explain his need to be great.<!-- Signature -->

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