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  1. Forget it. No one has a 1400hp Supra. No one has a 550 Maranello. No one has a twin turbo TransAm. Please everyone read my post entitled PSYCHOPATH AT WORK. Then you'll see why.

  2. no mustang/transam/corvette can run 9 stock.i guess aporsche 996 turbo can run a 7 then. get the facts straight.
  3. -Twin Garret GT70 Turbos at 35lbs of boost
    -HKS intercooler
    -Tianium Racing Exhaust
    -Titanium Midpipe
    -Cams 272 intake and 272 exhaust
    -Cam Gears
    -super Sequential blowoff valve
    -250 shot NOS Fogger Kit
    -900cc injectors
    -AEM fuel Rail
    -Blitz Turbo Timer
    -OS Giken triple-plate clutch
    -Defi gauges with HUD
    -McPherson Strut suspention
    -AB Flug S900 aero kit

    Any thing else you wan to know
    Oh and it does have 1295hp
  4. HEY Car freek I would race you in your damn imported "ferarri"
    and i would smoke you with me daytona 700hp all boost and if i decided to go nitrious i would leave you back at the starting line....
    thats if it were a 1/4 mile if you are looking for a better race i would still kick your ass while your pulling into the first turn i would be pulling the second! you and you pussy poser car are nothing dont come onto a forum and brag about driving a 500,000 dream car and creaming everything on the road, you didnt build it and odds are you dont know a damn thing about it.

    PS i bought it for 500$$
  5. Hey everyone, I got a 550 Maranello too! Don't mess with me! I got my Ferrari at Wal-Mart!! It has a plastic engine! I bet none of your cars have a plastic engine!!! Ohhh, you should be scared!!! <IMG SRC="">
  6. I'm going to go and hide in the corner now. Your scaring me (lol).<!-- Signature -->
  7. That Nova that is running a 6 in the quarter isnt street legal. The world record for fastest "Street Legal" car is a 9.63 set by a Mazda RX-7. The video of it shows it just takin off and burnin some other car. It was great.
  8. From Japan, I think NSX is probably the cream of the crop. In all-round test, I don't think there are too many cars that can beat out the new Porsche 911 Turbo. This thing flies. I was in one a month ago... Friday night... 12:00 midnight... and we pulled off a 0-60 in under 4 seconds... the acceleration is so immense you couldn't even blink for the first few seconds... and we were throwing corners like crazy... so much fun, i'd pay to have that kinda fun again! But that's porsche...porsches are known for good balance.

    I've never been in an NSX but from videos i've seen, the NSX could probably go head to head with a 911 carrera-4 (maybe not turbo, turbo's too powerful).

    Now back to the main discussion...

    You see, fun comes with a price tag. Fun cars on my list include Lotus Elise and Esprit, ALL Porsches, Ferrari 355 F1, and NSX and Skyline. But not too many countries have the Skyline. They're all expensive, but they're worth the money. The TRANS AM is NOT on the list and will never be.

    Here's an analogy. The cars mentioned in my list are like beautiful and seductive women. They're classy and they can be WILD at times. Transamman's little "twin-turbo" TransAm is like a cheap hooker - a REALLY cheap hooker. They're cheap (price), they stink (poor combustion), they're ugly (same for car styling), and they come full of disease (American power fever).

  9. Hey if you didn't get my last message transamman, i will kick your ass any day with my Supra, I caan run 7s, street legal, I have 1295hp, 25oshot NOS I have handling that would put any american car except for the Shelby Cobra to shame, plus I can go 211mph.

    Oh and if that isn't good enough for you, i am getting a Skyline R-34 and i am planning to make it go around 235mph+ with over 1400hp, all of this in an all wheel drive car that rivals the handling of a porsche
  10. Re: 800 hp ferrari 550 maranello

    hey all you people with your little trans-ams with your little turbochargers why dont race my ferarri 550 maranello, i would smoke your car no matter of it was track or quarter mile, i definetly kill you on track id be lapping you so bad. trans-ams have there little ram air hood and there gay V8 but everything else BLOWS there suspension sucks and there handling sucks all the weight is uneven, therefore u would get tread marks on your face on a track porshces hondas bmw's they would all be lapping you so bad. so i wouldnt talk.
    get a imported car
  11. what do you think would happen if you put twin KKK turbo chargers on this NSX? The truth is that the 3.2 liter NA engine will beat your stuppid American 6.6 liter gs guzzler engine without the stupid turbochargers. wow that sucks that an engine more than half your size can still blow you out of the water.
  12. Given that Japanese cars are great at handling and semi-good at straight line, American cars are cheap. How many inexpensive Jap cars can run mid-12 times w/ just a K&N filter? You guys really stereo-type American cars to the extreme, Camaro and Trans-Am models get 30mpg. I just don't like MOST mustangs, but saying a car is ugly is totally opinionated. I think the ram air thing looks kind of gay, just like I think the tail lights on that NSX look gay.

    Night Rider: So what? I've seen a guy last weekend running 1400 on a street legal Nova w/ no NOS, showed his time in the 6's.

    carfreek897: Really, whats the 550 running?

    Bottom line is that Americans like V-8's because it's part of the American dream. Going full throttle on a big lone road :). You can make American cars go faster in a straight line for less $$$. All america is is 90% straight-aways, I guess you guys live on an autocross or something. Take my POS, I made a car for $3500 that can run low 12's.
  13. Night Rider.... yeah, youre full of shit, if you had a supra w/ that many ponys you would know that it cant handle for shit... the car is too light for that kind of power. oh yeah, and the skyline shit (great cars) but at 1400 horse even w/ AWD, there is no handling, its called point and shoot a porsche would drive circles around it. Save us the BS, some of us studied physics.
  14. Hey Burns, who cares?
    Those who run fast in the straights are useless (I'm not talking about anyone except tranamman)<!-- Signature -->
  15. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RASHID007</i>
    <b>A TransAm/Camero/Mustang could cost $5000 brand new with 400hp, it could run a 9 second quarter mile stock, it could do better lap times than a Porsche and it would still just be plain ugly and poor quality. And to top it all off, the very day the new model TransAm/Camero/Mustang comes out, you may as well go to the store and pick up a mullet wig, because you just became the biggest piece of trash on your block. Your neighbors make fun of you behind your back, women laugh at you, really you are a sad embarrasment . . . . I love cars and hence I want to "DRIVE" a car, not "CAPTAIN" a ship. I want a car that looks good inside and out, not sounds loud.

    Another thing that people always forget in this Japanese/American arguement is that driving a unique car is desirable. Every piece of trash in the U.S. has a crappy muscle car. You can't even get a mile from your house without seeing 2 or 3 dozen other trash american muscle cars go by. Why not buy a car that's a little less common? Well, I guess common people like a common car.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    RASHID007 ARE YOU FUKING STUPID??? You don't want to buy a common car yet you buy a prelude???? kind of fuking crack you smoking??? "I guess common people like a common car? man ha ha, you are fuked in the head, you see preludes everywhere you go, especially the new body ones, and especially the white ones with the clear lights with the 3 red brake lights in the back . . . . . man Preludes ARE THE most played out cars ever . . . . . guess you don't even think about what you write on here . . . . . . I like european cars, and I'm not saying nothing 'bout american, c'ept ford cuz they're SHlT, but Japanese cars are just wannabes . . . .
  16. Jeeze I should have come here to argue. RASHID007 do I detect a hint of racism or are you just one of these wannabee's that think because you drive a car that's name is more than 1 syllable that your top shit. I could imagine you driving around in your shitty arse prelude right down in your seat being barelly able to see over the steering wheel. The fact of the whole matter is that you will never be able to fix,do up, etc a jap car so forth as cheap as you can an american car. If you are stupid enough to think that its cool to pay more then you should'nt have a license. The other really big thing that you are all for getting is that in every car mag, and every car site(even this site) the biggest things that they list and headline is 0-60, 0-100 and top speed. Now if im not mistaken they time these and test these in a straight line. So that makes most of you moron's. So why don't you go and look what continent 2 out of the 3 quickest 0-60mile cars are from and then reply to that. <!-- Signature -->
  17. Once Again I have to dissagree with the Sterio Types Me and My friends drive Average - Nice Cars personally I have a problem with people labeling us as Fast And the Furious Spin off because we have been into imports since we first got into cars I live in Canada, The guy that talks about being original has no idea the most common car is a Civic, Muscle cars are a dime a dozen, and what would win a Car made up of Parts from an auto wreckers in a Hick town (Relating to Mustang / Camaro / Transam drivers) or a finely tuned import, I'm not generalising all Domestics hell I've got a Supra that was beaten by a Caviler, but the most that I have raced are infact straight 1/4mile cars, I've been racing since I got my licence (No not on the Track) and I've realized that nothing beats the imports if you are really racing off the line is only 1/1000000th of the race so plz shut up if you are compairing your cars only on acceleration, Night rider is that 35lbs of boost at the gage or straight into the engine but before you answer me know that a 2JZ GTE doesn't handle over 20lbs Boost in2 the engine but if it were the Lexus 2JZ GT it can handle a 27lbs Boost Load in2 the engine, so shut the #$%# up, the conversion to the lexus engine is worthless just to get 7lbs boost in2 the engine because then you'd have to get bigger turbo chargers and shit, O and one of my friends drives a 91 Camaro V8 and my 83 Supra I4 kills it with very few mods!<!-- Signature -->
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from RetardSearch</i>
    <b>Hey everyone, I got a 550 Maranello too! Don't mess with me! I got my Ferrari at Wal-Mart!! It has a plastic engine! I bet none of your cars have a plastic engine!!! Ohhh, you should be scared!!! <IMG SRC=""></b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Damn Retard your car must be awful lite!


  19. if anybody really had these cars wouldn't they rather be out driving instead of b.s. ing
  20. Muscle cars $V(K$! I used to have a '96 MR2 Turbo abt 240HP. I sold the baby and bought a Mustang Cobra which has abt 320HP. Man! That car isn't anywhere close w' my former mr2. I really miss her. I really do. Mustangs $V(K! Trans ams? Worse!
  21. listen u all stink because i have a Ferrari F2001 i dont care what the hell u guys have i will kill all of u! LOL i dunno why this post is still going but it is funny.

    i have a MR2 also and i sold it, it was a 89 the old body style. man i loved that car 1600CC non turbo handled like mad and was crazy fun! i wish i had it back, oh well i will get another one someday.
  22. It does have 35lbs of boost, it has reinforced pistons and rods plus a new bottom end.
  23. just raced a mclaren and smoked it in my trans am. How do ya like me now? HAHAHA
  24. Didn't you read my reply to "you guys are SUCH..."?
    I said you should bring proof withya!<!-- Signature -->
  25. Transamman or woman or whatever the hell you are. You must be smokin' weed outta your ass and both ears... first of all... I doubt you live anywhere near anyone who'd own a F1... secondly... the guy in the F1 probably didn't want to embarass you by leaving you way the hell back there... and lastly, you might want to turn your TransAm around and back track a few hundred yards, I think the fake wind from the electric fan you're using to simulate racing blew your tiny brain out a little while back...<!-- Signature -->

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