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  1. If trans ams handle so beautifully then why is it that pontiac has never heard of IRS?
  2. you fools keep forgeting about the Nissan Skyline GT-R(R34)
    the skyline, one of the most appealing styling, one of the best engines
    best handling
    and the best, it has 4wheel drive!
    cant get better than that

    take that *****!
  3. Spacious Mustang? Last time I looked the insides got really cramped...<!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: yea right carfreek

    carfreek, your a little kid reading motor trend arent you. why dont you pack up your little ferrari 550 model car and get the hell out of here.
  5. Very Very Well put The Sax actually I'd like to comend you on something I think that a few of us were trying to say but you made it more a nuetral arguement.

    I truly belive that the Japanese have the advantage and that most people talk about there dream cars like it was something that we actually owned, but lets bring some reality, I own a 1983 Toyota Supra with the 22R-E stock 106HP with few mods hitting 150HP, I bought the car for $1000 Canadian and I can beat 5.0L so really I don't have any reason to lie I belive that this is good enough for now since I'm still going through university getting degrees and stuff so I can get one of those huge pay check executive jobs that would allow me to aford one of these cars, somehow I'm not thinking that this will ever happen but there is the hope, if I ever get one of those checks I will get myslef an yellow NSX or a Dark Blue 94 Supra TT, hell its a dream nothing real I wish that more people would look at this and realise that they are way off topic! isn't the point of this bored is to talk about the cars on the site? not some man/boy/woman/girl's fantasy car, to all that own the cars that they speak of, please keep it off the bored it doesn't matter if your telling the truth or not people just don't belive, wont belive, and will not change there mind

    And PS TA man how did you go from a TT to a Supercharger? you change your story you are even less beliveable than your McLaren F1 race

    Thank you that is all<!-- Signature -->
  6. Daytona, I'm not dissing american cars or japanese cars, i like the 300ZX, but the american cars come first.
    AM i just out of it, or do honda and acura continue to rip each other off
  7. please tell me u are and acura are the same thing. acura is just their sales name in the US for their higher end cars.
  8. that was very uneducated there, maniak. if youll look at the top of the screen, this is a HONDA NSX. not acura. they are the same company and always will be. its just like toyota and lexus, nissan and infiniti, and GM,buick,saturn,cadillac,chevrolet,(geo),oldsmobile, etc. (that is a ridiculous amount of nameplates for a single damned company.) whew.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against American cars, though I'd only trust a Dodge. Let's just say my first encounter with a Ford didn't make it out of the dealership parking lot since it started smoking and my first encounter with a GM died a week or so later. Heh... but the Dodge Caravan my folks shelled out for still runs like a charm after 6 or so years of exceptional service... and of course our 95' Integ is still running like new...<!-- Signature -->
  10. What Year is your caravan? because if it is before the 2000 Line it is a Mistubishi, O yes they sold out the Chrysler Companie to GM, wow amazing stuff you learn<!-- Signature -->
  11. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Night Rider</i>
    <b>Hey if you didn't get my last message transamman, i will kick your ass any day with my Supra, I caan run 7s, street legal, I have 1295hp, 25oshot NOS I have handling that would put any american car except for the Shelby Cobra to shame, plus I can go 211mph.

    Oh and if that isn't good enough for you, i am getting a Skyline R-34 and i am planning to make it go around 235mph+ with over 1400hp, all of this in an all wheel drive car that rivals the handling of a porsche</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    what?.. unless ur a millionaire, or live in ur car and eat from garbage cans to pay for ur car, ur bullshitting.<!-- Signature -->
  12. What are you talking about? No Chrysler van is a Mitsubishi, and Chrysler is not owned by General Motors. Havent you ever heard of the big three " FoMoCo Mopar GM " They are 3 seperate companies that will remain that way. Plymouth is gone from the chrysler lineup. That is all thats gone recently.

    And about my S-10, it will easily beat a Carrera 4, a Vette can beat one, and I can beat a Vette with my heavier full size truck. I dont know where your getting your numbers for the Carrera 4 from, but they are dead wrong. Don't even say turbo either, because a Z-06 is .1 second off in 0-60 and .3 seconds off in Q/M. I have beaten those too, really bad. As for the Mustangs spaciousness, its tons larger than a Civic or Prelude. If ridden in all 3, mustang is the only one that i can stretch my legs out all the way in, Im '6 '4. I talking about a 90 stang also. not a newer one, i have seen a new cobra up close but the guy who owned it had the seats out so I couldnt sit in it.Ive also ridden in a 01 SS Camaro. It sounds like a frieght train. And lastly, Think about the word muscle car, Then think of how far back it goes, 1967. When was a japanese car with any power ( I'll be generous) around, 1986 maybe with the supra turbo. That is still very little power. Think about how long the Corvette, Mustang, Camaro,and Firebird have been around. They are proven masterpieces. The reason the Maro and Bird are leaving in 02 is from Mustang sales, NOT CIVIC SALES. Off the cars subject, show me one good truck or SUV from Japan with Rear Wheel Drive and V8. I can think of one, Tundra, that is it.<!-- Signature -->
  13. I've got a 94' Caravan with a 5 speed stick. Did they even offer Caravans with stick? Mine is the only I know with it...<!-- Signature -->
  14. 1. As far as I know they didn't release a Standard Trany on any of there mini Vans
    2. Actually they used to be owned by Mitsu, One of the tell tail signs is that the Dodge stealth is the same car as a 3000GT, and an Eagle Talon is an Eclipse, and the one piece of information that I used to come to the conclusion is that well in one of the C&D's that I subscribe to I read that Mitsu sold Chrysler to GM, there was quite a write up on it
    3. Whats the point in saying that your S-10 can beat a Vette no one will believe you even if it were true
    4. Congrats you have a good one! (The MiniVan guy)<!-- Signature -->
  15. I knew, i just wanted to see if anyone would argue about it
  16. C1500ZR1, I want to address your stupidity. How in the world could you possibly think your S10 handles better than a carrera 4? Its a truck moron. Its got something like a 70/30 weight distribution. Can you say oversteer? Now add to that the extra power you got from all your engine mods.

    I'll play the scenario out for you:
    Look at me! I'm kickin a Vette's A$$! Oh no! Here comes a corner! I'm slowing way down. Darn, too slow I'll give it some gas and beat the Vette out of the corner! Oops! My rear tires have lost traction and I'm spinning off the road! Crash! Boom! Darn, my sh!tty S10 is laying on the side of the road with all the other TRASH!

    I hope you get a video of it so we can laugh.
  17. I am not bullshitting about the Skyline or Supra, but I do not make $1,000,000 a year, though I am making a 6 digit salary. My family has been avid in foriegn cars since the beginning, but I have taken particular liking to Japanese cars, I have had my Supra for 7 years now and I thought I should buy a new car so I bought the Skyline, but i am now thinking about selling the Skyline back and keeping the Supra, or selling both and buying a 911 Turbo.
  18. You guys are all losers for arguing over this. My car doesn't handle that great and it's not all that fast but I'm sure I have a bigger penis than all of you.
  19. Hey Night Rider, in one post you said you planned to buy a Skyline and in the next you say you already have it. What gives?
  20. if he IS telling the truth, then he has bought a skyline, only he doesnt have it yet. what you have to do is buy a used one in japan through some company here. i cant remember the name. and then they will do all the legalizing and upgrading. they make it have like 550 hp in the hightest model. however, it is still left hand drive. and it takes a while. still though, pretty sweet deal. you can get a 550hp skyline i THINK for like 80k. not sure on that though. maybe thats for the car only.
  21. that's damn strait dabigtruck, anyone who hates a car simply for its country of origin is a biased moron.
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from buzzbomber</i>
    <b>if he IS telling the truth, then he has bought a skyline, only he doesnt have it yet. what you have to do is buy a used one in japan through some company here. i cant remember the name. and then they will do all the legalizing and upgrading. they make it have like 550 hp in the hightest model. however, it is still left hand drive. and it takes a while. still though, pretty sweet deal. you can get a 550hp skyline i THINK for like 80k. not sure on that though. maybe thats for the car only. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Yeah it's actually called motorex the company your reffering to and the model you are talking about is the GT-R 34 they only add a Turbo Timer and an aftermarket airfilter the skyline has close to 500HP stock it's just not messured the same way as it would be here so it seems much less to us<!-- Signature -->
  23. All you yanks, if you want to buy jap import cars for cheap check out the aussie market. Over here you can buy the cars cheap as chips, for instance a friend of mine just bought a Toyota soarer but the Lexus model(tv all that stuff for $25k. Now you might think that that is a rip off but just remember that your dollar is worth 2 dollars in australia. You can't drive down a main road with out seeing a import shop with all your favourite cars. I don't know how much cars are over there but I think(not 100% sure) that you can buy a R34 GTR Vspec(if that's right) for $65,000 aussie($30,000ish over there). Hope that might be of interest.<!-- Signature -->
  24. My truck will be able to out handle a carrera 4. It's gonna be on BF Goodrich drag radials. They will keep me firm to the ground concidering they are 315's. Also with the stiff suspension I will have there will be no body roll and a lot more grip in the corners. So bring your Carrera 4, it has nothing on this truck. I wont crash it either, ive driven a ranger with a 460 and it stuck to the road better than tar. There is no crashing this truck, it isnt even a possibility to concider. And about the Mitsu/Dodge thing, I remembered later that day that you were talking about the engine and that it is made by mitsu, i was thinking you said it was made entirely of mitsu parts, sorry about the false posting.<!-- Signature -->
  25. C1500 ZR1

    u obviously know nothing about the carrera 4 or any other porsche for that matter. u dont even deserve to look at this site. u should be banned from driving cars entirely. i wouldnt even let u have a civic which would be embarrasing enough. ur a stupid, ignorant moron that doesnt understand a thing about power to weight ratio. i dont care what u say...ur S10 will never outperform a carrera 4. may god have mercy on your soul.

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