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Discussion in '2002 Lotus Elise Type 72' started by dejan556, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. "Get your name down"

    He means get down to your nearest Lotus dealer and sogn on the dotted line because these little rockets are gonna fly off the shelf when they enter the US market.

    Although I'm still worried that they may ruin all what the Elise stands for......meaning they may may it too soft for the Americans!<!-- Signature -->
  2. I have to go with Carrera26 on this one, if u want to take a shit on eachother go do it somewhere else.
    I'm not a real fan of the Elise btw (its looks bother me in some way I can't explain), but I do like Lotus. The restyled Esprit is a mean car I would love to own. But I do agrea with the fact that the British make crap cars in general, for the simpel reason that they manage to f*ck up Opel's. They call em Vauxhalls, they look the same but when it comes to quality u just can't compare a Vauxhall to an Opel. Strange no? Certainly when u take into account that the Australians are doing the same thing (Holden) but they are doing a good job, they actualy make them better. Why can't the British do that??
    Fortunatly they have Lotus & Aston Martin to change that image. They were already great quality cars before they were bought by foreign companies.
    Anywayz, peace to u all and have a nice motoring day where ever u are!

  3. You're absolutely righ, whoever you are that started this. But to generalize, all of N. America cannot understand that a light car does not need to have 400hp/420tq to haul its fat ass around(I hate american muscle). The point is that these cars are too good for our market because most people are too ignorant to see how good they are. For all its worth, I'd buy one if I had more money! They're nice, quick, and nobody will ever pull up beside you in the same car!!!!!!

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