Re: Ugliest BMW ever

Discussion in '2001 BMW M Coupe' started by IvanKaramazov, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Nah, not that ugly, but its what I would class as a womans car, like the Z3.

    I wouldnt want either, rather go for a good manly BMW like the Z4 / M3.
  2. Id just like to tell you all once and for all this would have to be by far the best beema to date. As an owner of one i know from experience. It cant be beat for value for money, it i believe is still the fastest beema to come out of the factory with no tuning!!
  3. Someone is on some hectic drugs,because this car is damn beautiful and i think that it isd the most beautiful car ever.And the performance is briliant for the engine it has iwnt to see mercedes or audi make a naturally aspirated inline six with more power than this.BMW RULES!!!!!!!!!
  4. I honestly thought BMW had lost the plot when I first saw a pic of the M Coupe in a trade mag. I had a change of heart when I saw one, and when I drove it I bought it without a seconds thought! It must have something going for it cos I've had it for 4 and a half years now and still love it. It handles superbly and goes like a rocket. The interior is like a proper sports car - and there's no traction control! This is the only car I've ever had that I can't imagine selling.
  5. don't drive this car under the grip..otherwise great power even for the 3l not the finally you'd better buy this than a z3 cab, at least you can put 3 golf bags and 2 suitcase, and that #$%#ing cool for a sport car no??

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