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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello' started by luekevin, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What kind of garbage have you idiots mustered up now. First, it was the Supra being better than a Porsche and now some bum said the Ferrari is ugly. What are you smoking (the chronic)? The Ferrari has to be one of the best looking supercars ever made. Which one is ugly please tell me. Look at the 360, what about the F50, or the 550, or 456. You mean to tell me that these cars are ugly? Then what are you driving? Have you seen these cars up close in person? The only reason someone said that a Lambo or Vanquish looks better is because they were just redesigned. The Lambo just got goodlooking, because the one before was just a wedge with headlights. Ferrari is soon to remake all their models and the one here the 575 is not the true redesign morons. How bout' you wait till' 2004 for that. And whats this I here about the F60 being like a duck. Are you serious? There are no pictures of the F60 expect ones with heavy camouflage and of course then it would be ugly. The only pictures are computer generated ones of what the artist thinks it will look like and that means nothing. Whoever these people are on this forum really need help or needs to give them insight.
  2. You are right on. I've seen and driven Ferraris (including the Testarossa) and they are dreams. I'm going to give credit to the Japanese too, for those of you that don't know how important reliability is, and I'm going to say that I love this car. It is easily up to par with all other Ferraris and anyone who doesn't agree needs to learn a little, or a lot. There are cars that are faster and there are cars that are sexier too, but there isn't an automaker in the world that can compete with the Legacy of prestige and performance that Enzo Ferrari left behind. Period.<!-- Signature -->
  3. i think that only oz has made sense in this forum so far, peace<!-- Signature -->
  4. Y dont u guys open yr dame eyes and read whats there?? I never said the 360 and the 355 were ugly....i said this one looks nothing special and the f-60 looks crap. Wait till 2004?? why not 2006? 2008 and counting??
    By the time its 2004, how do u know other companies wont have new models??

    The f-60 is computer generated and computer generations are as close as the real thing. Since one of u guys have drivern a ferrari b4, ofcourse u'll say its mad!! if i did i'd say the same thing, because it is a supercar!!!.....but have u driven a lambo? Vanquish? SLR??

    Only the rich that will buy this is to spoil their sons....they prob drive other REAl rare exotics like bently, rolls, aston martin.
    The f-60, i can design a better looking car using paintbrush.
  5. Ugly????? I don't think so. Don't say shit about a car which first of all is not true, and second of all that you don't know what you r talking about. Ferrari's are expensive i'll agree with that, but they are certainly not ugly an certainly not shit. Ive been to a Ferrari dealership, the one in Toronto(Ferrari of Ontario) and they let you go inside and look at the cars, so retard who started this foum.
    I suggest if u could go to a ferrari dealership and look at the cars for yourself, closeup and personnel. And believe me afe that you wont say that ferraris are shit ever again.
  7. 575 a grand tourer?....thats y its got bucket seats and race harnesses, right?...thats y its got a 7500rpm redline?....thats y it'll do 60 in 4.1s?

    as for the dumbass who said aston martins cant handle and lamborghinis would get beaten round corners, what a joke, the Vanquish is said to be almost as good as the admittedly fabulous 550 maranello, and the murcielago would absolutely thrash any current ferrari, and could easily keep up with an F50, if not an F60

    and ferrari r the only company that make 'f1 cars for the road' ?...somebody better tell ferrari of a little company called McLaren, who 8yrs ago made a car that even the new F60 STILL wont be able to beat

    even so, the porsche 911 gt2 would beat this any day, and its cheaper aswell, ferraris arent all theyre supposed 2b, they rely 2 much on the badge, ppl will buy them even if theyre rubbish, whereas other car companies have to make good products just 2b in with a chance
  8. Ugly?

    This forum is full of dumb persons.
    If you own a Ferrari, Lsmborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Austin Martin etc.
    Raise your hand.
    Let's see, none of you!
    Ether your like me, 17 years old, saving up to by a VW Corrado, or you are lazy grown men spending all your time at this forum, when you should in fact be working!

    What is the point of bitching about how much faster the new Ferrari is then the new Lamborghini? There is no way in hell you are going to get to drive/own one if you sit here all day.
    Second. Throwing shit about cars only going 325 kmh, not 400 kmh is just dumb; most of you had killed yourself long before reaching 300.

    Most of you drive a Civic, Passat, Mondeo, 406, etc., And if you can save 1500$ in one year just on fuel, you can buy new fat alloy rims, and maybe low profile tires. And that's not bad.

    OzyF1, snyper, luekevin, JapCarsSuck. NO!
    Nobody like you, your only making this forum a little bit more #$%#ed up every day. Go away.<!-- Signature -->
  9. hey welle i will admit that i dont drive a Ferrar, Aston Martin, Porsche or a Lambo, but i will admit to driving a Lotus Turbo Esprit, i think the reason why u r so upset with the world is beacause u have just come to the realisation that u will never drive anything remotely as nice as what some of us here have the privellage of owning and driving, my other car is not all that, it is a 1978 Ford Fairmont, with the 7.5l twin turbo V8 that is my other car, but it honestly has very little "punch" but its pupose suits me fine, a rolling couch on wheels, but i can also say that alot more ppl on this site drive some type of supercar, anyway i know i will hear a whinny response from u soon so i will respond accordingly, peace<!-- Signature -->
  10. ch1c4n what the #$%# is wrong with you, i think you might have been drunk when you wrote that nonsense, otherwise i couldn't explain your stupidity. Ferrari is and will always be the first and the best in making formula1 cars for the road. McLaren was only succesful thanks to the bmw engine. Ferrari makes engine and chassis whilst McLaren did not make the engine for the road car. And...yeah..can you remind me why are we talking about of a car that isn't even in production any more!!!! And regarding the lamborghini murcielago. You are a retard by saying that it can keep up with the F50. that just means that you are comparing a 2002 car to a 1995 car. that is not acceptable. and by the way i doubt that it'll keep up with the F60 on a race track.
  11. still not ugly

    No, I’m not "upset with the world", but I don't like people like you.
    You drive a $40k car, but still you call a $400k car "a shit car I won't take, even if someone throws it at me"
    And i quote;
    "u will never drive anything remotely as nice as what some of us here have the privellage of owning and driving"

    Any man with an education can easily make $100k a year. And you still think of yourself lucky to drive your car?
    Not meaning to upset you, i love that car, but my dad drives a car that costs more than yours, a #$%#ing VW Caravelle, that large thing.
    If i begged enough, he would probably kick in some money, so that i can buy a Lotus, but of practical reasons, I’m not.

    I don't know how it's where you live, but in Norway i see people driving expensive cars all the time. It's not that they can't afford a lotus esprit/elise, a boxter, or some "not so expensive stortscar", but if you got a sedan with some good wheels a V6 and manual transmission, you can have fun if you want to. And you can buy a cabin or a boat.<!-- Signature -->
  12. im sorry i upset u, r u really from Norway, that is really cool, i went there once and had a blast whilst i was there, i thought it was great, and mu car is not that expensive but it sure as hell is fun to drive, and about that person with the average intelligence can get a job paying 100K u r nuts, i have an IQ slightly higher than average, not going to say beacasue that would be chauvenistic, and i only make 40,000 and that is as a computing consulting, but i am doing fine with the car i have!!! peace<!-- Signature -->
  13. This got a bit out of hand; I’m just so feed up with people complaining about how much the new Bugatti/Ferrari/Lamborghini suck.
    (F KOENIG550, 94FORMULA....)
    Well, you can make that kind of money here, but then again, Norway is an expensive country to live in. Where are you from?

    Btw. Lamborghini Murcielago GTR, is that even a car?<!-- Signature -->
  14. FIRST off, this is for Welle *raising my hand* I do have a ferrari in my garrage, a 360 spider, which is ferrari number 9 for my household.
    i have driven MANY fast cars, ranging from M5's to lambo 6.0's to Masserati 3200gt's, to 911 twin turbo's 360's, 550's, etc. and i have been in an F40 as well. but at least you like the cars!

    For ALL the ppl that say ferrari sucks, i want them to save up the money go buy one, and drive one, then say how much it sucks! Ferrari incorporates incredible technology which is origionally bred for racing ex. f1 TRANSMISSION! take the 360 for example, made BY HAND, and ALL aluminum Chassis, weighing just over 3000 pounds for a big car by dimesensions with a 3.6 8 cylinder is an accomplishemnt in itself! Not to mention the 5000 hours the car spent in the F1 WIND TUNNEL to maximize the aerodynamics and each one is built by HAND. I HAVE been to the ferrari factory in Maranello and it's an incredible site. the new 575m, isn't that great an accomplishment, because it hasn't been changed drastically enough from the 550 to be called a "NEW" car. but the addition of the F1 shifter and 515 horse is still acceptable. and to those who complained about the f60!?! don't even open your mouths anymore, because you have not SEEN the car, you have seen SPY pics, and computer generated images, you don't REALLY know what it looks like, AND that car is made to go fast, not to look good, ferrari will compromise looks for aerodynamics, to make that the fastest road car on the planet and it WILL be. as for ferrari's engine, nobody can build em better so don't even try to compare. 360..... 3.6 liter 8 cylinder. 400 horse... and the new F60???? 6.0 liter V12 (Sound familiar hint hint Lambo) however instead of the 585 that lambo can muster.. Ferrari will have 650, that's significant.

    so don't bash what you don't know
    thank you.
    <!-- Signature -->
  15. Ferraris are made mainly for speed?? Then u must be a big fan for those rocket cars that goes faster than a sonic boom. The computer generated f-60 is pretty much as close as it gets. And its pretty shocking...i can prob design a better looking car using paintbrush.

    And Welle, i like how u r a vw supporter, coze i am too but an avergae man earning 100K is out of the question. U saving up for a Colorado...u'd b saving for a while, unless u r one of those "Dad can i have $50K please?" "Sure son, here u go" type of spoiled rats. And u've barely got yr Drivers license so what r u talking about?? Y dont u finish high school before u start talking some sense?

    Lotus is not a very exp supercars but it cost heaps to maintain, thats y u dont see many on the road, depending on what country.

    Ofcourse if u go to a Ferrari dealership u would b amazed, coze they r Ferraris!! The name says it all...but if Ferraris made cars that r really ugly and retro (like the f-60), u will still like it coze its a Ferrari. Most of u have been brain washed man.....

    If u went to an Aston Martin/lambo dealership u'd be even more amazed.
    Somebody mentioned looking at Ferraris in person up close...Well any of u ever been the the motorshow?? U'd see practically ever car there is on the market, and Ferrarr 550 and 456 doesnt look all flashy.

    The only surviving ferraris are the 355 and the 36o mondena....and ppl stop mentioning how good Ferrari F-1s are....I kno they r good but they r completely different platforms than road cars.
  16. Hey retards, Ferrari is the top company in the world. Fact, not opinion. And to whoever said that front engine is crap is terribly wrong i'm afraid. True power can only be realized in a front engine car. Other drivetrains come second and third.
  17. Well of course retards in here are gonna post and criticize this car. The truth is they can't afford it and will never be able to afford it. That's why you insult it you penniless #$%#s.

    PS. The Viper has to be THE worst piece of shit ever.
  18. I agree Comptech, Ferrari provides both quality and performance in one package. Plus, there's the added bonus of receiving attention and turning heads.
  19. hey Welle i am from the Bahamas but i have travelled quite alot, i have the Lotus in Scotland, i spend alot of time there, my family there is really cool and they let me keep my car on the estate, and dont think of me as a spoilt rich kid cause i aint, i am a regular guy, u know the one that spends all his time drinking beer and trying to screw every fine women, i know, kinda shallow, but as for the Lotus being alot to keep up, it hasnt been so far for me, it is actually pretty cheap, of course i only put a few hundred miles on it each year, but still i hope u get ur car, what ever it maybe, i know my dream is the Murc GTR, and it is real, just not as of yet, they will make it soon, till then peace<!-- Signature -->
  20. beautiful as usual

    "luekevin": i said VW Corrado, not Colorado.
    "Evo7dawg": Can you please tell me your name?<!-- Signature -->
  21. ozyf1, regardless of whether BMW made the F1 engine or not, the McLaren F1 is still by FAR the best grand prix cars for the road

    as for the Murcielago, of course it could keep up with an F50, certainly in a straight line if not round a race track, F50 does 0-120 in 11.8s, even the Diablo GT can beat that, and no doubt the 580hp Murcielago, with 4WD, will be quicker off the mark, or equal to, the Diablo GT

    and as for the F60, ok it will b faster than the Murcielago, but much more expensive, and every single computer-generated image of the F60 that ive seen has been absolutely hideous, admittedly u shouldnt judge a car on spyshots, but i dont expect the car 2b pretty

    mayb u should compare the 'grand prix car for the road' F60 with the 'Le Mans car for the road' Porsche Carrera GT and see who wins, my moneys on the Porsche...and looks-wise, the Merc SLR thrashes everything
  22. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Evo7dawg</i>
    <b>shit Ckris, my bad, Twin turbo 911, 360, got a big dick now, whoops. I thought you were one of those asshole sho figured they'd take a dump on all the components of a Ferrari that makes it a Ferrari for the sake of all out speed. Good lineup of cars, again, my bad. Dont want to come off as the asshole new guy</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    well so much for that, you come across as the DUMBass new guy that you ARE. so kudos and mad props to ya. next time you wanna talk sh1t about a company, provide some substantial EVIDENCE. all u can give is something about STYLE? son, your style is the smelliest in here. so your style can eat my ass, buddy boy. now quit acting like a retard and admit you cant scratch anything up on ferrari (not that i care, you're one of the plebians that will never truly experience one of these cars, no matter how much you lie, cuz you're too fukcin stupid to notice!<!-- Signature -->
  23. Finally somebody agrees with me that F-60 looks crap!!!!
    And Welle, u know what i'm talking about even if i typed a typo..

    The Porsche GT will kick this cars ass, well alot of other exotics will too...Just because its Ferrari doesnt mean its good!!

    Have u guys ever seent e family car wagon that they made by Ferrari??
    Now u cant say thats good!!!
  24. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bowtieordie</i>
    <b>#$%#in A, ferraris are ***** cars, if youre gonna spend that kind of money on an "exotic" car, which is a massive #$%#in waste to begin with, save your money, or assuming your ass is rich to have the money for this ugly pos, get a #$%#in lamborghini and blow the doors off #%$got ass ferraris.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

  25. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Evo7dawg</i>
    <b>Oh, and Welle, my name is Justin</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    ok, you said you drove the Ferrari in "The Family Man"
    But the man who did is named "Jeffrey Lee Gibson", and that's not you.<!-- Signature -->

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