Re: um, a saab, that actually has horspower? i dont believe it!!

Discussion in '2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen Pikes Peak' started by sik14u, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. um, a saab, that actually has horspower? i dont believe it!!!!!

    it is shit, but quick i spose, i wouldnt drive it though, any saab is a shit saab
  2. har har har,
    u should've just posted that in another thread, theres plenty of others to do it in<!-- Signature -->
  3. Man, have you guys ever driven a Saab? Those cars are fast even stock!<!-- Signature -->
  4. not my personnal choice but amazing none the less, i would prefer the susuki escudo pikes peak , two motors that is cool<!-- Signature -->
  5. Respect to Saab...another awesome vehicle<!-- Signature -->
  6. Saab was a great company until GM excersized its option to buy the company in the early 90's. Up until then, they owened a miniscule amount of the company, with some Opel parts showing up here or there. I drive a 1985 Saab 900i turbo, and for under $1000 (engine mods alone mind you) I am pushing 210 wheel hp (I have the dyno sheets if any1 would like) and 235 ftlbs of torque at only 3psi over stock boost. The car had 217k on it before i rebuilt it and began the mods, so anyone who says that the Saab is not a great car, suck it. I know that they're ugly; I love it though. I'm thankful everytime I drive one that I dont drive just another civic or mustang (although I nod to both types of drivers; those cars are good in their own repects).
  7. yo, did u remove the sped limiter on the saab? cuz i thought it was limited to 155mph
  8. The Suzuki Escudo has a single engine, a 2 liter twin turbo V6 with 1,000hp. This car is cool, quick and obviously good, he took a class win in it. 42.8psi? damn
  9. reply to carguy8007:

    Saab doesn't have a speed limit for 155mph, a least not yet.<!-- Signature -->
  10. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from sik14u</i>
    <b>it is shit, but quick i spose, i wouldnt drive it though, any saab is a shit saab</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Shit? You can't just call a car company shit without any proof, so please sik enlighten us with your proof. By the way all the Saabs on this site have 225 hp+, and thats pretty damn good for a family car.
  11. Punjab is right, where's your proof?
  12. In typical fashion, as most people never do, you haven't clarified why Saabs are "shit"? Why is that exactly? They are safe, fast for what they are, reliable, and moderatly priced. Styling is all to whomever is looking at it and you can't call something "shit" because you don't like the way it looks. That's just stupidity. So, whenever you get good and ready, you just toss the factual information that makes this car "shit" right out there for the world to see. Go ahead, any time...
  13. OMG, it's a Friggen Viggen!! blech..not for me
  14. Before I post this I'll say I drive a 9-3 and it's been mad fun for me, but Saab enthusiasts have to admit that they're FWD. Yeah, it's great in the snow and in sh!t weather, but I live in California, so performance is key. A FWD car just can't compete with a RWD or AWD car. It's a fact. Understeer anybody? How about torque steer that GM has called "Saab character." Go with RWD and AWD every time
  15. This SAAB has 4WD as you would discovery if you bothered to read about it...
  16. Hey "sik14u" Your a FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!! this car is FAST!!!!!
  17. thats like saying a Suzuki Grand Vitara (Escudo) with power. 971 bhp for an SUV isn`t bad especially from a V6 althoough when it first came out it had twin V6s
  18. but a v6 is a v6 and not a 4 cylinder motor 750bhp is real #$%#in good for a four cylinder motor
  19. The only way you couldnt like Saabs is if you never owned one. Im serious, if you ever get ahold of a 900 or 9-3 then you are in for a ride. These Saabs are extremely fun to drive and have all kinds of little gadgets and stuff in them. My 900 has a load of technology in it for a '94 model.
  20. Why would sum1 botha gettin that much hp out of a saab?
  21. hmmm saabs are shit are they? i dont think so get behind the wheel of one and ur see. To say a saabs shit go look at the ugly BMW's, for what saabs are there amazing cars. In my opinion they look great, come with loads of extras, there pretty bloody fast and there cheaper than all the German cars of this class. So dont knock them till you drove 1
  22. An absoulute morron. clueless. probably owns an underpowerd japanese car. i own a '86 9000t and take it out to sears point now and then. BMWs are a joke vetts are funny, comaros dont have a chance, and dont even show up with an IROC, please have some class. the only thing with 4 wheels thats taken me is a 911 built to the hilt, he was no joke. but still there ain much that can catch a saab. not even a suzuki ninja going light to light in the city. that was fun.
  23. Saabs are not shit... oh and the new saabs dont even look ugly as the did back in early 90's

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