Re: venom800TT owned by john hennessey does 2.4secs......

Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by dodgedude, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. venom800TT owned by john hennessey does 2.4secs......

    the venom800TT owned by john hennessey has 833hp and 902ft lbs. toqure and does 0-60 in 2.4secs along with the 1/4mile in 9.99secs.
  2. What color would you get yours in?<!-- Signature -->
  3. I'd get somethin' like my dads freind's 750r, the blue W/ white stripes but I'm still deciding (ha...ha). Damn the pics didn't show up...gonna have to fix that...<!-- Signature -->
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    if u want proof this car is top for 0-60 go to this site, is even has the video of it doin 0-60 in 2.4 and 1/4 in 10.1 for that matter(in the rain) this is not even a concept car, no NOS, and street legal found at motortrend which is linked in the hennessey site
  5. it's nice but the 427TT is better.<!-- Signature -->
  6. A little update on the 427TT Vette, Motor Trend tested one with an additional LPE GT2 Hydraulic roller cam and what MT refered to as a heavily massaged z06 LS6 cylinder heads. As a further note on the engine the two Garret Turbo's where pushing 14 psi each. The price as tested bt MT was $165,000 (est).

    Now for the #'s:

    HP: 802 @ 4600
    Lbs./FT: 866 @ 3600
    0-60: 1.97 sec (that is no BS)
    0-100: 4.33 sec
    1/4 Mile: 9.24 sec @ 150.27 mph
    Top Speed: 240 mph (est)
    Lat Accel: 1.01g

    That is some very mean performance out of the old push rod v8. Now all there is to wait for is the C6 Corvette and the SRT-10 Viper. I am giddy to see what Lingenfelter and Hennessey will do with them. <!-- Signature -->
  7. yeah I saw it on motor trend TV on speed, car VS. jet, kind of absurd.<!-- Signature -->

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