Re: vipers can waste a diablo!!!!

Discussion in '2000 Dodge TNT King Snake Viper' started by Sk8erAmar, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. it doesn't matter what you viper loving packies say, the Viper is the ASS WIPE of all cars. a lamborghini would flush it down faster than you could say, DAMN! if you like the Viper over the Lambo you can lick a can of curry you DAMN Cab driver Packy! <!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BadCrxSi89</i>
    <b>How dare you compare a Lamborghini to Viper. I have seen a Viper in action and I can tell you that it does not stand a chance against a Lamborghini. Viper Club and the Vette Club held a competition at MCClellan AFB, CA. The vipers lost all the way to the finishing line. you might ask how can that be? Well, the vipers is fast on the straight away then the Vettes. On the corners all the Vipers lost time because they ABS had the tendency to lock when the breaks was applied. For this reason all of the vipers crossed the finishing line a sec. or two after the Vettes. I do I know this? I was there and I have talked with the Viper owners. Until you have actually seen a race between a Diablo and Viper, you shouldn't jump into any conclusion. Who would believe a Viper loosing to a Vette? Not me. Autocross is the best way to go about testing the performance of a car, because here is where both acceleration and handling of a car are put through a test.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> I thought vipers did not have ABS but the 2003 viper will. The viper is a bad ass car!!!
  3. I have the movie too. Dodge needs to re-calibrate their 1st gear, the Viper is too slow at the start. The camerman said "What up Viper" he could have said something better like: "USA!" still cheesy, but better than what he said.
  4. I have respect for vipers, but not you, your an IDIOT, Vipers can never waste a European car, you pick your American car, and ill pick a European car, well see who wins, JACKASS
  5. how many lambos do u see on the road

    plus this peticular viper can kill nelambo at all i don't care cuz this viper has 770 horsepower so all the lambos can blow on this viper

    don't think that i hate all lambos cuz i don't its just that this viper got 770 horses behind it so u do the math
  6. vipers are the most overrated piece of shit on the market. It cant make turns worth crap. and that viper racing the diablo was a hennesey 800 venom. Thats 800 horsepower vs. 500. and even then the diablo wasnt too far behind.
  7. LOL okay, you get yourself a Boxter, and I'll race you in a Saleen S7.

    I think you're taking your biases just a BIT too far.
  8. straight up
  9. I'd still take a Lamborghini Diablo over a Dodge Viper any day.
  10. OK you get your saleen S7 and i'll get a MClaren F1!
    OH and I wanna see this shitty tuned viper go against a DIABLO VTTT
    or a Koenig DIABLO TT,since this POS is tuned it's not fair to compare with a stock LAMBO.
    BUT put a stock viper against a stock DIABLO or Murcielago (stock)and watch the viper get raped Drag or track,lol!
  11. You obviously didn't understand the point of my post.
  12. Oh wow a tuned viper beat a Diablo in a 1/4 mile drag race,big #$%#ing deal drag racing is not even a #$%#ing race.
    Put that viper against the Lambo at leguna seca or something and watch the viper so it's uselessness,lol!
  13. i wish lambos went 220 but they only go 208 at the most.
  14. But if the Viper beat a Diablo in two different OFFICIAL races, then why can a Viper not beat a European car?
  15. i dont know if a viper can really beat a diablo, but i sure would rather have the diablo. it is so much more of a refined car. you cant compare the two. first of all, one is a v-12 and one is a v-10. you may not think that makes a difference, but it does. second, it was a stock lambo in the vid. you can tune anything into a fire breathing monster, but its stock that counts. dont get me wrong, i love america and american cars, but i think that you really cant compare these two cars. they are in different leagues
  16. First goto school and learn how to compare,
    A Lambo has the lookds the charme, the style, the power, the handling and the history, The Viper only the power.
  17. They might be able to but they're still ugly.
  18. Please tell me what european front-engine-car for less than 80 grand will beat a Viper or a Corvette??
  19. There are none that can. I would like to see someone tell me one that can.

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