Re: vipers r cool so stop dissin them

Discussion in '2002 Dodge Viper GTS Final Edition' started by Linchpin, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Viper = 8 Litre V-10 Pushrod valve train 2v /Cylinder
    Civic = 1.6Litre l-4 Twin Overhead camshaft 4v / Cylinder VTEC

    Why is everyone comparing the 8 litre Viper to the 1.6 Civic. The fact that the Viper fans are even discussing this gives credibility to the fact that these cars are an even match which says alot about Technology vs Cubes
  2. Now you can see how many people think that Civics are the best cars in the world. Yeah...right...

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again: GET ALL THIS HONDA SHIT OUTTA A DODGE FORUM!!

    Oh, and by the way, the video of a Civic beating a Viper was mentioned somewhere. The Civic only thought he won - I saw the video. The Viper won in the end because of a Civic's shitty pick-up. And don't argue with me. The guy that taped it is an acquaintance of mine. Keep surfing KaZaA and you'll find a video of a Viper smoking a Lamborghini or something in the 1/4Mile. A good 2 seconds ahead. So how could a lowly Civic beat a Viper?
  3. IGHT man, about a Civic beating a viper....look..and read this carefully, the Civic HAD TO BE modified to beat it and the viper most litely was stock cause if it were modified it would leave the civic standing right there. OF COURSE a weaker car could win, IT HAD TO BE a modified civic.
  4. Yep Vipers are cool in fact They are sweet but I've got to admit that a Ferrari F50 is cooler.
  5. I would have to agree with certain people on this thread. Why can Dodge not make an efficient engine like most european cars? Why does it need 8 litres to put out 450 bhp? I wouldnt complain too much about the price difference between european cars and american cars, when you think about how much more refinement and technology goes into making the european ones. Just my 2 cents, and feel free to diss it as much as you want.
  6. wanna talk modified? lets see any civic beat a 1700hp viper...
  7. i definately am in favor of the viper here, but i can appretiate what he is saying about fwd and making turns. the only problem is, in fwd, you go over 90 mph, and still have power steering connected, your ass is off the road, guarenteed.
  8. u obviously have no idea about engines. ooo, 120 hp/L, unfortuantely, thats pretty close to the s2ooo top speed. u take the government mandated regulater on the m3, it can go over 180 mph, with less hp/L...damn thats a paradox!!!!! LOL, dumbass
  9. not to make an arguement, but the reason why the viper "only" has 450 hp is because they wouldnt be able to sell it otherwise due to the crappy US regulations on factory specs

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