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Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by Lee Iacocca, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I really hope this was some kind of joke. There is nooooooo wayyy the two compare... at allll. Speed-> it rips the viper, and its styling is unsurpassable to any american car besides the s7 (thats waht i think). In this thread in terms of looks, u're like comparing a grandma to someone like Pamela Anderson.
  2. the person created this topic is an idiot.
  3. lol that was well put. unless it was the Hennessey or Ligenfelter Viper, there isnt much comparison to a F50 against a GTS Viper. im certain the Viper will be blown outta the water. enough said.
  4. i couldnt agree more.

    ps: i love ur sig :D "up with skirts, down with panties" lol
  5. I "personaly" don't care. That's what I think. BTW: What's a Viper?
  6. the viper...u guys did not say wich viper. the viper hennessy venom 800TT would kill the F50. the 800TT as: twin turbo V10, 800hp, 378.2 kph/235 mph vs a V12, 520hp, 325.1 kph/202 mph
  7. Ferrari F50 will win against the old Viper,and evenly matched with the new one
  8. The driver sucks ass !!!
  9. That is not a very hard Question, HAHA, F50 all the way
  10. Well said...and me too Ferrari all the way!
  11. i must take the ferrari, the viper is probably front heavy because of its FATASS engine. even the Modena brakes better than the viper.
    advice - y don't u compare this to a saleen s7?
  12. i like the looks of da F50. its got betta handling and also goes faster. not forgettin its lighta too. F50 will win! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  13. lol at such a comparision
  14. Well, having read most of this thread before becoming seriously raged at the lack of real arguments here, I've the following to say:

    Yes the viper is cheaper. It's a bit like the difference between a Chinese toy car and a hand made replica model car. One is cheap and crappy, the other is close to a work of art. They both perform basically the same function, but the more expensive one is something you can take pride in. It's rarer, better made and generally nicer to have.

    Secondly, bigger displacement as you see in the viper is not used for reliability purposes as has been suggested. It's used to make up for the US car industry's sheer inability to design and make a real performance engine for a production car. The performance figures for the Viper's 8000CC+ V10 are actually pathetic when you compare them to other engines. It's made with old technology to keep costs down and is really better suited to something like a truck - isn't it used in one anyway? I mean I expect modern cars to be getting between 85 and 100hp/litre naturally aspirated if they're designed for any form of performance. The 2008 viper gets less than 75 stock.

    As for the F50, personally I'm not particularly fond of the look, but the engine in it is a work of art in itself. V12, 5 valves per cylinder producing one of the most amazing sounds any car is capable of. You pay for what you get, a wonder of automotive engineering rather than a mass produced lump of car.

    But, to point out the errors in your arguments for the viper:
    1. The 70000 mile warranty is impossible to provide on a car no longer in production. 70000 miles is also nothing to any car with an engine above the size of 1000cc, so it's actually nothing special. I'd point out that I own a 1300cc car from 1968 which has covered 95000 miles without ever having the head taken off - though other parts have been replaced.
    2. Want cheaper with more performance? Try a Skyline R35 GT-R. It'll wipe the floor with the Viper, be better on fuel economy, have more seats and probably be more reliable too.
    3. The Viper is the largest production penis extention in the world. Do you need one?
    4. No matter how much money you invest in a viper after you buy one, it will never be an F50, people will never think "damn what an amazing car" and people will not want their picture taken in it - unless they happen to live in trailers and enjoy NASCAR and left turns.
    5. Figures do not turn a car into a supercar. So the Viper gets x torque with xhp. The figures are larger than most cars. So is the engine. In my eyes, the Viper still isn't a supercar. Perhaps if they shipped the viper with 800hp stock, or 2000 with forced induction (as is possible) I'd be more inclined to respect the Viper. The reason they don't is because even with this huge displacement engine, they cannot give it power and reliability. The Viper is a very American car, and Americans always have tended to buy reliability. That's why the US car industry lost its status as the world's best at car production that it once had, the buyers only wanted cars that would keep running, not that would perform and so while the rest of the world pioneered both engine and suspension technology, America got stuck in the past with their push rod systems. Hell it surprises me America isn't still building side valve engines.

    The F50 is a supercar. You just have to hear the roar of the engine to know that.
    It's been designed and built to an exceptional level, the parts in it are of the highest quality, or close to and it is artful engineering. Comparing the viper to it is no less than an insult. The viper is better compared to the BMW 6 series and the SLKs.
  15. Why, because apparently it's working he got you reply in the first place, dude. So if that makes him an idiot, than I'm an idiot as well, too. Please spare me the details, oh btw I'd take the Ferrari anyways, see that just made me an idiot, too.......NOT!!!!
  16. I didn't read any of this

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