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  1. It is funny because these just happen to be my 3 favorite cars ever. At first I wanted to get the rx7 but after realizing that they have short lifes due to heating problems and high matenince I went looking for a supra but the only ones that I could find were expensive and out of my range.So I was going to settle for a second gen rx7 until I found a great deal on my 300 zx so naturally I took it but if I had the cash I would have gotten a supra because of there potintial. I love the hell out of my zx but have trouble trying to find parts, good msg boards and shops that cater only to my car. All three are beutiful cars if you have the cash get the supra.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Ok from my experience in these three of my favorite cars are.............. First of all hands off for the supra, however it is the most expencive of the three, but has the best handeling and speed...............Rx7's hella fast!!!!! just as fast as the supra however not as reliable, reason for that is because these cars (rx7's) need to be pampered, (its a love hate relationship). Oil change on this car is a mandatory every 1500 miles. Most people are not use to this. You have to drive it right. You can abuse it and then you have to let it rest. There is a very long list of mandatory maitanance for this car. (all i have to say about that is Mazda sucks and Rx7 rocks....whatta f#ck up Mazda). For example, if you check the recalls on this car for some reason they are not fixed in the continuing years of production. if you wanna check it out, heres the web site you can, its kinda funny to see how crappy mazda is. Check out rx7 1993-1995. Third is the beutiful 300zx. Great car. In 1990 this car was named the greatest sportscar for your buck ever. In my opinion what ever problems this car supposedly has are due to there being so many of them. They are the most popular and most common out of the three. However it is the slowest. (this car does not need to have a lot of money put in, inorder to give it 400 horse). I think it is very reliable. All of these three cars are classics, I own an Rx7 and so far have not had any none standard problems with Mazda. anyways good luck finding the rx7 and the supra even for sale (good luck on finding a good one). the 300z's i have seen with more then 250,000 miles on. I have seen that on a supra but never on a 1993 and up rx7. (although i did on a 1981 rx7 with 320,000 miles with no problems, that was my first car.)
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  4. If you have money to spend on maintanence the RX7 might be the best choice. But for me I would still rather have a 300ZX. The Supra is definatly my least favorite (No real reason except for styling). <!-- Signature -->
  5. If money's not an issue than the supra is definitely your best choice. I've been looking into buying one of these three cars and the zx costs right around $8,000-15,000 where as a supra or rx7 that are in about the same shape cost around $15,000-30,000 (+$5000 for the TT supra or zx)
  6. i like 3 of the cars...but since im a drifter...i choose the rx7 because its not as heavy as the other two and it is easily tossable around turns in the mountains<!-- Signature -->
  8. What is better?

    Vielside, Stillen, AB-Flug, you name it.

    The 300zx, the Rx-7, the Supra are all in the same class.

    What do you think is the better car???<!-- Signature -->
  9. i'd have to go with the 300ZX
  10. The 300ZX is the best looking car, but the Supra can out perform it, only because the V6 is pretty crambed under the hood, hard to do much with it... The 2JZ in the supra can put out some pretty awe inspiring numbers when tuned.

    RX-7's are nice, but for them to look their best, some modifcations have to be made, like getting rid of the pop up headlights. The rotary engine in them also has a tendency to overheat
  11. The Z for me! The TT are untouchable, especially with a few mods. $1500 in mods and 400HP. hell yeah!
    The Supras are slightly faster, cuz their inline 6's can handle a lot.
    The RX-7's are incredible cars, but slightly unreliable(those rotary engines are crazy)
    The handling is up in the air, they are all world class handlers.
    but i'de take the Z, just wish I could sell my modded NA for a TT. Any TT owners wanna trade?<!-- Signature -->
  12. aaah yes good points.
    but which car can you find??
    supras and RX-7's are rare cars
  13. As a Z owner, and a Z forums participant. i;ll tell u the reason Z's get a bad rep for breaking down is cuz many are 10 yrs old. Most supras are newer, and less mileage. also, the Z's are mostly troublesome in maintenance, at 10 yrs old, and 120k miles, these are are worn out, turbos need rebuilding, trannys are failing from constant redline shifts, etc. Most supras will have the same problems at this age and mileage. However, i will say the Z's are quite hard to work on. it's harder to access various parts, and labor is a pain whether u pay to have someone do it or do it urself. i will also say the supra's have stronger bottom end on the I6, which means easier to mod, so it mostly comes down to money, cuz turbo cars are easy to mod. it comes down to what u like better, and mostly a style issue, since their handling is about even, and performance is very close, depends on money put in. Supra's are slightly faster stock, but its pretty close, however, supras are hard to find. U can't go wrong either way, but i'll tell u this much the Z is a sweet car, with unlimited potential and its very rewarding with some time and money spent. <!-- Signature -->
  14. Good Point Buuuuuuuuuuuut!

    Good Point But in my Expierence I have noticed that the Supra's will out preform the Same year Z, and Rx7, take the 93.5 (This was the late Production Model with the TT) Model Supra V the 93 Rx7, and the 93 Z, Yes these are all amazing Machines and I would sell my soul for any of them, but the Supra has I belive Stiffer Handeling a Higher top end Curve and the 2JZ GTE in it is well one of the undesputed best I6's Ever produced! so if your looking for a car I say if you are lucky enough to find one of these rare cars take your pick they all out preform each other in certain areas but my choice is the Supra, and about the reliability issue I find that the Rotary Engines are the most common to break down<!-- Signature -->
  15. I agree totally with the last post,

    and that orange supra in ur pic is for sale right now is it not ?

    anyways, ya I choose the supra over 300zx or rx7 any day!!!

    the 300zx is nice don't get me wrong but for similar prices i could get a supra and for performance/speed/styling and designing i find no car better than the supra TT, and i've seen a TTT supra which scares the crap out of me

    as for the rx7 its nice and the overheating thing and all that u just need proper cooling items, for the things u add under the hood.

    sound quality is very nice in rx7's. (interior design)

    all in all they all have good looks and nice engines, all u need to do is spend time and $ and your car will run nicely. performance parts for the 3 are easy to find!
  16. I'm going to have to disagree with the last 2 posts. I have a 94 300 zx twin turbo that I have dumped a lot of money into but if you look at prices for tt supras and tt z's you'll see that tt z's are a lot less expensive. but it costs a little more money to modify z's, because for 1 the supra's come with forged pistons, the z's do not, which can determine how much boost you can pump into these engines, and also with z's you need 2 of everything since it's a v engine with 2 tb's and etc. In the end I think Z's and Supra's are dead even in cost handling and just about every other catergory, if they've been tuned. But I still to this day have not been beat by a supra, just haven't met any supra's with as much money into thier car.

    And I've raced about 9 Supra TT's
    The closest happened to be my best ever time at Bandimere speedway, he ran an 11.79<!-- Signature -->
  17. I Will Eat This Car For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner..anytime...just Bring It!!<!-- Signature -->
  18. Stock... the zx is the worst.. i mean the quatermile is is right near that of slightly modded preludes!!!

    I have to say im a supra man!!! you can pump those badboys up to ridiculous amouts of HP relative to the zx and rx-7's!!!

    looks wise i love the supra and rx-7 equally!!! Now i dont think that the zx is a bad car but i really feel is comes up a bit short when comparing to the other two cars here!

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